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  • CleanScene in September 2017

    The Cleaning Industry’s Hottest Trade Fair, CleanScene, Happening September 2017

    While CleanScene 2017 event coordinators are busy pulling together details concerning the venue, workshop presenters and product exhibitions, you may be wondering if attending the event is really a value-added experience for your company. After all, attending the event involves travel, time away from your regular business operations and likely a nominal registration fee. CleanScene, which is held annually at various locations throughout Australia, attracts all types of cleaning industry stakeholders, who want to increase their knowledge and expand their networks. As a cleaning company operator, here are some reasons why you should consider attending CleanScene 2017 and a few tips on getting the most out of the event.

    Reasons to Attend CleanScene 2017

    Continuing Education

    Workshops and seminars at events such as CleanScene can offer in-depth training on cleaning topics or short overviews about what’s going on in the industry. For example, if you were to attend a presentation about key issues and trends in the cleaning and hygiene industry, you would inevitably hear about the increasing demand by end users and other cleaning companies for more environmentally friendly carpet cleaning chemicals.

    Evaluate Competing Products in Real Time

    While the internet is a great tool to use when conducting preliminary research about products and services, there’s nothing like getting first-hand experience using a product or talking with a vendor representative. When you’re looking for appropriate carpet cleaning equipment, you can usually try out different brands of portable carpet cleaning machines or even a truckmount carpet cleaning machine that appeals to you right there at the event. You can compare competing products’ features such as ease of use, speed and job quality in one place, which can save you time during the procurement process.

    Network With Vendors

    Whether your company needs carpet cleaning chemicals or a new truckmount carpet cleaning machine, you can often find the best products and customer service from supply companies of which you’ve built professional relationships. A great way to expand your network of suppliers and to keep up with their latest offerings is to meet vendor representatives in-person at events like CleanScene 2017.

    Prospect for New Customers

    CleanScene brings together professionals in facility management, property management and procurement who work in private and public agencies. Needless to say, some of these people are your potential customers. After introducing yourself and commenting on the workshop topics, you should be prepared to hand them your business card.

    Ways to Get the Most out of the CleanScene 2017 Event


    Research Brands of Interest Before the Event

    The number of vendors and exhibits at events like CleanScene can be overwhelming. That is why you need to narrow your focus before you get to the venue. When the event organisers post information online about the brands that will have CleanScene exhibit stations, you can do some cursory research to find the ones that best meet your carpet cleaning equipment needs. During the event, you can conduct product reviews that are based on actual, demonstrated use and not just on a comparison of written product specifications.

    Prepare a List of Your Must-Have Product Requirements

    During a CleanScene event, you can get answers on the spot about vendors’ products, which are often demonstrated at the show. This is especially beneficial if you came prepared with your own wish list of requirements for your portable or truckmount carpet cleaning machine.

    Bring Your Tablet to Take Notes

    When it comes to investing in carpet cleaning equipment, it’s wise to get input from several knowledgeable sources within your organisation. Even if your colleagues can’t attend the CleanScene trade show and see the exhibits in person, you can take detailed notes that will help them during the procurement process. While plain paper and pen notes are fine, you could step into the 21st century and use your tablet to provide notes in text, picture and video formats.

    Get in the Mood to Socialise

    By talking to local Australian event attendees, you can often find out from them about the products that you are considering for your carpet cleaning company. If they had a problem with the product’s performance or the supplier’s customer service, you will likely hear about it without much prompting. Likewise, if they had a good experience using the truckmount carpet cleaning machine that interested you or had a great professional relationship with the product’s supplier, you’ll probably hear about that too.

  • Ways to Improve Your Carpet Cleaning Business

    Differentiating Your Carpet Cleaning Business for Continued Success

    Cleaning businesses have experienced moderate growth over the last several years. As the nation’s overall economy recovers, consumers have more discretionary income to spend on professional carpet cleaning versus do-it-yourself attempts. A study that was published by Reserve Bank Australia indicates that this is especially true for households that are led by seniors. Also, increases in commercial real estate development often equate to greater demands for commercial carpet cleaning. However, this modest growth is tempered by fierce competition.

    Besides a myriad of unscrupulous cleaning outfits that have popped up to make a quick dollar, you also have legitimate contenders in the market. According to industry insiders, the main ways to differentiate your services in this type of market are through service specialisation, top-notch job performance and updated credentials.

    Market Rewards for Being the Best at Specialised Cleaning Services and Methods

    The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), which creates standards for the international cleaning community, encourages consumers and businesses to choose carpet cleaning companies that can sufficiently inform them about the carpet cleaning methods that they employ. While this helps to reduce the cases of fraud and damage done by unqualified cleaners, it is also a wake-up call for legitimate carpet cleaners to specialise their services and be the best at their chosen carpet cleaning techniques.

    Hot water extraction (HWE) and encapsulation are the two most common carpet cleaning methods performed in the industry today. HWE is used for heavily soiled carpets and is the most common carpet cleaning technique used on residential carpets.

    Most residential carpets are cleaned less often than ones in commercial settings, and they usually take more abuse, which is why HWE cleaning is most appropriate. During this type of carpet cleaning session, a technician would vacuum the floors to pick up loose debris and then spray the carpet with carpet cleaning chemicals that are designed to loosen embedded soil and oils in carpets.

    Powerful carpet cleaning equipment such as truckmount carpet cleaning machines are used to agitate the chemicals, spray heated water for rinsing and extract dirty water into reservoir tanks.

    The encapsulation method is categorised as a low moisture cleaning technique that is used for low-pile carpets that are not heavily soiled. This method involves spraying a chemical that captures dirt in a crystalline form, working the solution into carpet fibres and vacuuming up the encapsulated dirt with a vacuum.

    This technique is great for commercial office spaces because the encapsulation solution keeps working long after the initial application. Therefore, regular housekeeping crews can keep these spaces cleaner for longer periods of time by simply vacuuming the carpets.

    Quality Performance Achieved With Premium Carpet Cleaning Equipment

    While it is fairly easy to start a general cleaning business, professional carpet cleaning requires specialised equipment and skilled techniques. These are moderate barriers to entry that can mean plenty of opportunities for properly-positioned carpet cleaning businesses that are competing for cleaning contracts.

    The two basic types of carpet cleaning machines are portable cleaners and truckmount carpet cleaning machines.

    Your choice of machines depends upon the needs of your chosen target market. If your company specialises in cleaning carpets in single-family homes, you might opt for a powerful truckmount carpet cleaning machine.

    If you service commercial office spaces that require carpet cleaning in high rise buildings, you will probably consider investing in one of the high-quality portable carpet cleaning machines on the market.

    Whether you choose a portable or a truckmount carpet cleaning machine, you’ll want carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning chemicals that are:

    - High Performance
    - Easy to Use
    - Simple to Maintain
    - Cost Effective
    - Environmentally Friendly

    Competitive Advantages of Certifications and Continued Education

    IICRC offers certifications that are very valuable for attracting new business. If you are a certified carpet cleaner through its organisation, your firm will be listed in the IICRC database of certified professionals, which is a great marketing tool.

    Training your staff is a key variable of winning and maintaining commercial cleaning contracts, and companies that want to do business with the government find that it is a requirement. IICRC offers continuing education, but technicians who want to get the most out of their carpet cleaning equipment such as a truckmount carpet cleaning machine can take specialised training from equipment dealers and manufacturers.

  • Mould Remediation in Carpets

    Why Carpet Cleaning Equipment Is Essential for Mould Remediation

    Are you prepared to put your professional carpet cleaning skills to the test? Dealing with mould and water damage is one of the toughest career challenges you'll ever face.

    Aussies are rightfully concerned about eliminating mould and mildew from their living and working spaces. No matter whether you're cleaning up after a flood or a mere spill, you'd do well to be as thorough as possible. Here's why carpet cleaning machines from Powerclean Industries are your most reliable ally in the fight against fungal contamination.

    Understanding Mould

    You may be most familiar with mould as leftover food waste or rot. In reality, however, it takes thousands of different forms.

    Like other fungi, mould replicates itself by emitting spores. These microscopic bodies float on air currents, latch onto clothing and hair and travel around living spaces with complete abandon. When they find moist locations to settle down, such as cracks in basement walls or damp carpet fibres, they begin growing new cells, and the process starts all over again.

    Some of the typical hallmarks of mould include

    • Persistent foul, sour odours,
    • Discoloured spots on carpets, walls, furniture and clothing,
    • Water damage abnormalities, like bubbling wallpaper or warped building materials,
    • Excessive levels of condensation and humidity, or
    • Persistent signs of exposure, such as dizziness or headaches.

    Why Is Remediation So Important?

    Some moulds, like those in the Aspergillus and Geotrichum families, have useful functions. For instance, people use them to produce foods like soy sauce and cheese. The vast majority of species, however, have the potential to harm humans and even pets.

    The Health Hazards

    From exacerbating breathing problems to inducing toxicity reactions and diseases, mould and mildew are prime targets for removal from homes, offices and other facilities. Some consumers are more sensitive to these organisms, so they're at higher risk. Such groups include

    • Elderly people,
    • Children and babies,
    • Sufferers of skin conditions like eczema,
    • Individuals who have allergies, asthma or other respiratory ailments, or
    • People who have compromised immune systems due to other ongoing illnesses.

    Powerful Carpet Cleaning Solutions

    Although mould is a definite issue when it takes up residence in households and offices, not all removal techniques are equally effective. The one concept that you need to bear in mind as a carpet cleaning service is that although mould and mildew can thrive without sunlight or ample nutrients, these organisms must have moisture to survive. If your carpet cleaning methods leave damp conditions after you leave, they'll probably worsen the problem.

    Invest in Low-moisture Cleaning Solutions

    How can you become known as a carpet expert who helps consumers fight mould more effectively? You'll need to provide services that employ minimal moisture and leave absolutely none in their wake.

    You can't just get away with dry vacuuming, however. Such methods may fail to extract all of the fungal bodies or spores from the deepest layers and nap of the carpet, so you require something more powerful.

    Common Low-moisture Techniques

    Fortunately, carpet cleaning machines that perform very low moisture, or VLM, cleaning come in diverse forms that employ distinct purification methods. For instance, encapsulation involves the use of polymer cleaning compounds that crystallise, or encapsulate, dirt particles. Then, you simply vacuum away the resulting dry residues. When combined with other methodologies, this technique may be an effective means of removing soil that would otherwise hold moisture and serve as a substrate for mould growth.

    It's also important to sanitise existing mildew colonies. Solvent extraction machines help you perform this task by spraying cleaners into carpets and removing them with hot water. This deep-cleaning ability is vital to remediation because mould can repopulate from small leftover remnants or just a few spores. Accessories like Powerclean Industries carpet cleaning truck mounts may make it easier to transport the high-powered equipment you need to do a good job.

    Provide a Comprehensive Removal Service

    Carpet cleaning equipment is just one critical aspect of mould removal. Because these fungi can also grow on wood, plastics, stone, metal and other surfaces, you'll also need to sanitise common items like furniture, walls, air conditioning units and flooring.

    Remember that the signs of infestation that you and your client observe are just the tip of the iceberg. Visible mildew is indicative of deep-seated problems in spaces that you can't see, so be as meticulous as possible. As Australian mould experts note, fighting fungi is a multi-part task that should also involve effectiveness testing after the fact.

    Take a Stronger Stance Against Mould

    Do you want to play a critical role in helping private property owners and facilities provide better living conditions for their families and occupants? Then work hard to create a comprehensive remediation service menu, and always use the proper carpet cleaning machines for each job.

    Want to learn more about arming yourself to become an effective mould remover? Talk to a Powerclean Industries specialist about the best portable carpet cleaning equipment for your business.

  • Finding the right Carpet Cleaning Machine for your Company

    Finding the Right Machines for Your Niche Carpet Cleaning Service

    We know that you love what you do, but you will need more than just a passion for cleaning to keep up with growing competition in the carpet cleaning sector. You will need the right carpet cleaning machine! Here is a look at some popular carpet cleaning niche categories and some examples of carpet cleaning machines that work best in those areas.

    Residential Carpet Cleaning Machines

    Tough economic times equate to busy households that strive to make their investments last. Many consumers understand that keeping their carpets clean can extend the life of their flooring as well as promote a healthier living environment for their families. Time constraints and concerns about damaging their carpets lead them to professional carpet cleaning services like yours. Since residential customers usually have their carpets cleaned less often than businesses, you have a very narrow window of opportunity to make a great impression on them. This is important to consider when you want to grow your business through repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising.

    Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning Machines

    The type of carpet cleaning machines that you should evaluate for residential carpet cleaning are truck-mounted steam cleaners. Truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines eliminate the need for transporting machinery and cleaning solutions into homes for cleaning. These machines offer a considerable amount more power than a portable carpet cleaning extractor as well as hotter water, vacuum and suction, ensuring that the carpets are left dry. Since most homes consist of only two stories, truck-mounted machines usually offer the fastest, most effective and convenient cleaning for residential property.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines

    There is a high demand for professional carpet cleaning in commercial environments such as:

    • Restaurant Carpets
    • Carpets in Malls and Retail Shops
    • Carpets in Hospitals
    • Church Carpets
    • Hotel Carpets

    Your business clients that operate hotels, restaurants or retail stores will likely want you to clean their carpets several times a week and deep clean them periodically. For frequent carpet cleaning, you need carpet cleaning machines that offer effective, fast-drying results like the ones found at Powerclean Industries. After all, most businesses cannot afford to turn away foot traffic while waiting for their carpets to dry.

    Dry Cleaning Machines and Steam Cleaning Extractors

    Dry cleaning carpet machines rely on powerful chemicals to break down dirt on carpet fibres combined with the orbital action of encapsulation machines. Dry cleaning uses less water than steam cleaning, and drying time is significantly reduced. According to carpet industry experts, dry cleaning doesn’t reach into the carpet’s padding like steam cleaning does. This method of carpet cleaning called encapsulation is excellent for maintenance cleaning. Steam cleaning extractors are still the go-to machines for deep cleaning sessions.


    Carpet and Rug Stain Removal Services

    Carpet cleaning experts who can effectively remove stains from carpets and rugs are hired all the time by residential as well as business customers. Whether its stains from wine spilled on a hotel lobby rug or discolouration from a greasy meatball that dropped at a home that hosted an AFL Grand Final party, you need to be prepared with the right carpet cleaning machine and techniques.

    Rotary Scrubbers and Extractors

    After spot treating stains with the appropriate chemicals, deep steam cleaning with a rotary scrubber or extraction carpet cleaning equipment can give floors a uniformly clean look. Powerclean Industries carries an extensive line up of these carpet cleaning machines featuring user friendly upright control handles and a cleaning base that rotates at varying speeds to break up dirt on carpets. Many rotary scrubbers and extraction machines can be used with truck-mounted and portable cleaning systems.

    Carpet Restoration

    When it makes good financial sense to restore instead of replace carpets and rugs, residential and business property owners call the experts to make their floors look like new again. Here are several instances where carpet restoration specialists are needed:

    • Natural disaster such as a flood
    • Man-made flood from leaking or burst pipes
    • Pet odours 
    • Party stains
    • Neglected antique

    Truck-Mounted Steam Clean Extractors

    For many carpet restoration jobs, you need a carpet cleaning machine that is a heavy-weight when it comes to power. You’ll need a truckmounted Carpet Cleaning machine, which has enough power to maintain high water temperatures for thorough cleaning as well as to extract excess water to prevent mould issues. Powerclean Industries offers high-powered, truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment that is designed to specifically for this task.

  • Carpet Cleaning Machines - Professional VS DIY

    Carpet Cleaning Machines - Professional VS DIY

    As a professional carpet cleaner, many of the questions you may get from your customers will be related to DIY cleaning machines. “Why go professional in the first place?”, they may ask. “Why can’t I just go and hire a DIY cleaning machine from my local store?”. “Won’t this be cheaper and clean just as good?”.  Many of them may have heard from a friend, or read online that DIY is the way to go. As trained and experienced carpet cleaners, we already know that DIY simply can’t match a professional clean. Answering questions such as these in a confident and concise manner can help you convince these customers to choose the best option for them and their carpets.

    No matter what you say or how you say it, there are people who of course opt to procure their own carpet cleaning supplies and hunt down their nearest DIY carpet cleaning machine. Some may even look for home remedies online. Most of them will be trying to save money and many of them end up regretting that decision. There are of course some benefits of cleaning one's own carpets, so let’s take a closer look at the good, bad and ugly of DIY carpet cleaning.

    The Good

    Small Areas
    If someone has a very small area of carpet, that is kept reasonably clean (pet-free etc); then a DIY machine may be all that is required to give this area a superficial clean.

    A Sense Of Accomplishment

    For the average DIY guy (or girl), there can be an immense sense of accomplishment in being self sufficient. Without a financial or other obvious motive, these individuals simply enjoy maintaining their own house without involving professionals unless absolutely necessary. In these cases, the purchase of a DIY carpet cleaning machines may be self justified. If they are planning on using the machine regularly, it could possibly become cost effective but it’s unlikely they will ever achieve the same standard of clean that a professional can.


    Another benefit of a DIY machine is the privacy that it offers its users. Some people may feel uneasy having a ‘stranger’ moving about their house and therefore prefer to hire their own machine. This also allows them to work at their own pace (although DIY machine hire is usually charged by the day or weekend).

    The Bad


    Many opt for DIY carpet cleaning machines to save money. The truth is, after you have hired the machine and purchased the chemicals that are required; the cost does not fall much short of a professional clean. People also fail to consider the cost of collecting the machine and transporting it back home. It will then need to be returned to the place of hire when the job is finished.

    And what about the old saying, ‘time is money’. If someone ends up spending two days cleaning the carpets in their house, they could have probably spent that time more effectively making money to pay for a professional cleaner and had spare change left over.

    An Untrained Clean

    A novice will NEVER get the carpets as clean as a professional.  Does the user know how to operate the carpet cleaning machine?  Do they know how much cleaning solution to add? Do they know how fast to move the wand over the carpet?

    A less effective clean from a DIY machine is not only due to a lack of refined skill, but also because a hired or domestic machine will never match a heavy duty professional carpet cleaning machine. The DIY machines do not generally heat the water as high as professional machines, which results in poorer cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners will also have access to commercial strength carpet cleaning supplies and cleaners which are more effective in cleaning the carpet.

    Carpet Stains & Odours

    When it comes to stains and odours, DIY machines may not have what it takes to get rid of them. Only the most superficial stains and smells will be removed by a basic machine like this. Deeply engrained stains and smells, particularly pet stains, will require a deeper more thorough professional clean. Only the techniques, chemicals, and equipment that a professional such as yourself provides will be able to restore the carpet to it’s former glory.  In some cases, even a professional clean will not be enough to completely remove the unfortunate happenings of life.

    Moving Furniture

    Let’s not forget (and how could we), cleaning carpets is not all about pushing the wand back and forth. Furniture must be moved around to ensure all spots are cleaned well. Many people do not realise how much work goes into getting carpets clean throughout a house.

    Inadequate Aeration

    Most DIY machines will use a steam cleaning function. Will the user make the carpet too wet? Will they be able to suck the water back from the fibres effectively enough to prevent mould growth? In the case of inadequate water extraction, does this person have access to fans that will be strong enough for the area?

    The Ugly

    Mistakes Happen

    Anyone who is not properly trained in using a machine, domestic or commercial, can easily make mistakes. Perhaps the most often is causing damage to skirting boards, door frames and walls from careless movement of the wand or machine itself; but it doesn’t stop there. We at PowerClean have heard of countless events of water damage from untrained users of DIY machines. Whether it's from poorly connected pipes, or leaving the machine running whilst attending to other things. How about self-inflicted injury (particularly back and shoulder injury) from the incorrect use of a machine (or moving furniture in preparation for a clean).  The list goes on.

    Whilst there are some benefits to DIY carpet cleaning machines in select circumstances, it's easy to say that a professional clean beats DIY in almost all scenarios. After all, a professional carpet cleaner doesn't just clean carpets; they do so in a way that doesn’t cause injury, damage or deterioration of the carpet itself. They provide individualised stain solutions, move furniture, provide adequate drying solutions and most of all they give carpet care advice. So next time your customer asks you about DIY machines, be confident in giving them clear and concise advice that YOU are the better choice!

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