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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • Australia-wide Sapphire Scientific Service Network Delivers!

    Power Clean Industries is proud to offer a comprehensive nationwide Service and Technical Support network for your carpet cleaning equipment & hard surface cleaning equipment needs.

    Our committed Australia-wide dealers and service agents are able to provide equipment installation, service and repair, planned maintenance and technical support.

    WA Dealer, WA Cleaning Equipment & Repair (WACER) has just completed this Sapphire Scientific 370 truckmount installation for a first time truck mounted carpet cleaning machine owner.

    Rodolfa - Klass A Carpet Cleaning Rodolfa - Klass A Carpet Cleaning

    WACER were able to assist the customer through the complete purchasing process.   Their extensive knowledge of the equipment, gained through their service based business background,  allowed them to evaluate the client’s needs and assist in selecting the right equipment for their business.

    They were able to refer the client to other professionals in the industry who have chosen a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to get feedback from those in the field.  Overwhelmingly the Sapphire Scientific truckmount came back as the No 1 choose.  Customers continually comment on its reliability and performance.  They were also extremely happy with the small footprint of the console.

    Of course with the team at WACER as the WA service agents, the client also felt confident that should there be a breakdown, the friendly and experienced team, would get him back on the road in the minimal amount of time.  WACER are renowned for their outstanding customer service.

    Rodolfa from Klass A Carpet Cleaning chose the Sapphire Scientific 370 and installed by WACER and we welcome him to the Sapphire Scientific truckmount family!

  • Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Machine – the Sapphire Scientific 370 wins recognition!

    The Sapphire Scientific 370 builds on its reputation as the No 1 selling truck mounted carpet cleaning machine in its class with recognition from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) being awarded the prestigious “GOLD SEAL OF APPROVAL”

    Put under external testing the Sapphire 370 demonstrated it was a truckmount built for cleaning success.

    As Ron Britton, Director of Cleaning Products at Legend Brands noted, "When looking for a superior truckmount, you want the best quality components with a high-performing heat source. Our patented heat exchange system not only heats water to an optimal temperature for cleaning, but also maintains a consistent temperature from start to finish. The 370 is proof that you don't have to spend a ton of money to get an exceptionally built, single wand truckmount and the CRI Gold Seal of Approval confirms that!"

    What the CRI Seal of Approval Means

    Attaining Gold Seal Approval gives confidence to end users that the Sapphire 370 is of the highest quality, has outstanding cleaning ability combined with low impact on carpets.

    The truckmount has been tested for effectiveness without the use of chemicals to ensure that the deep cleaning extraction removes soil effectively without damage to the carpet.  Laboratory testing uses a method called XRF, which uses X Ray fluorescence to detect elements of each compound used to soil a controlled carpet and determine their concentration after a cleaning process.

    CRI also notes that to qualify for the Seal, extractors must meet stringent standards in all three test categories:
    * Amount of residual moisture removed from the carpet from a wet cleaning process
    * Amount of soil removed from the carpet
    * Impact of the equipment on carpet fibres and appearance

    Features of the Sapphire Scientific 370 that make it the industry's top choice

    Sapphire Scientific is renowned for innovative and the response to the release of the Sapphire Scientific 370 truckmount, when released in 2009 was unanimous.   It won over the marketplace by introducing a slimline footprint that was almost half the size of similar truckmounts while featuring all the power, advanced features and premium components of much larger units.   Its compact size and power countered the industry trend to build ever-larger truckmounts and anticipated the dramatic shift to smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.   The 370 has become an industry leader as a compact truckmount and a consistently preferred machine with cleaners who value its performance and compact size.

    The CRI Gold Seal of Approval is one more way that Sapphire Scientific is being recognized for its ongoing commitment to produce great equipment that exceed customers' expectations.


    Legend Brands are always striving to innovate and improve technology, performance and user experience.  The Velo airmover brings better drying results, better portability, safety and sound levels!

    Earlier this month Legend Brand engineers did controlled performance testing of the Dri-eaz Velo airmover – putting it head to head with the Phoenix AirMax. Click on this link to see the impressive drying results.

    Performance however is only the beginning of Dri-eaz’s commitment to their product – the Velo airmover features portability, safety and sound levels which make a big difference in usability and satisfaction over time.

    Check out the video link to see how the Dri-eaz Velo Airmover compared against its nearest competitor.

    Here’s a summary of the test results:

    • Sound tests of the Dri-Eaz Velo vs. Phoenix AirMax show that the Velo has a lower decibel level and sounds quieter.   As a restoration professional, you will have experienced the irritation homeowners frequently experience by higher-pitched fan noise (as with the AirMax) and turn off the airmovers, extending the drying process.
    • The Dri-eaz Velo air mover is also more portable for hand-carrying – a technician can easily carry two in one hand – which isn’t possible with the AirMax. There are many situations where airmovers cannot be transported on a handtruck, and when that’s the case, the Velo is the best choice since technicians can carry up to 4 per trip – no issue!
    • Both the inlet and outlet grills of AirMax units allowed fingers to be inserted far enough to touch and even move impeller blades!  This should be of significant concern to restoration companies that bear the safety liability for the equipment they use on jobs.
    • Engineers tested both units for safety based on requirements for ETL certification to UL and CSA standards. Engineers noted that the outlet grill of the AirMax was easily removed without tools, allowing unobstructed access to the impeller.
    • The Velo air mover was stable when operated vertically on a standard 10% tip test platform, but an AirMax flipped over while running in the same position. This required test for ETL certification exists to ensure that airmovers are stable when operated in all recommended positions. The Velo is stable in a vertical position no matter how it's oriented - the proof is in the video.

    To find out more, call our expert team on 1300 276 937

  • Buying Second Hand Carpet Cleaning Equipment

    Purchasing second hand carpet cleaning equipment when you are starting a business or expanding your existing business can seem like the best way to get ‘bang for your buck’.

    Certainly this can be a cost effective way of getting carpet cleaning equipment at a fraction of the cost however buyers need to beware!!

    Last week we had a customer who purchased a second hand truck mounted carpet cleaning machine – a Prochem Legend XL.   It only had 1600 hrs of use and he was told the machine was only 4 years old –  it seemed like a great buy – except .............

    He has just had to outlay an additional $3,500 in repair costs and the machine still does not heat!

    Purchasing second hand carpet cleaning equipment does make sense in some cases but the buyer needs to be vigilant and check thoroughly that the machine is in good working condition – ideally request that the seller take you on a job with them using the machine.   Request all maintenance records, if not available request information on mechanic who carries out repair, service  and contact them – this particular machine was at least 10 years old not 4 – the mechanic who serviced the machine would clearly be able to advise on this.

    Obviously hands-on with the machine is the best way to ensure that your purchase of second hand equipment is not going to cost you a lot more than the purchase price but this is not always possible.

    Deciding to buy a Second Hand Truck mount? Deciding to buy a Second Hand Truck mount?

    The following are some essential checks that you should carry out:

    1. Run the machine – don’t just turn it on – let it run for a good length of time to see if it runs smoothly, test that the machine is producing sufficient heat, look for potential leaks from heat exchangers, hoses and hose fittings
    2. Listen for rattles, squeaks or other irregular operating noises
    3. Check condition of the air filter
    4. Check belts for wear
    5. Check pressure hose
    6. Check machine under full load to ensure it can maintain engine RPM
    7. Check for condition of motor, vacuum blower and pressure pump oil
    8. Check Spark Plugs
    Check to ensure clean! Check to ensure clean!
    Oil should be honey colour! Oil should be honey colour!
    Look for condition of spark plug! Look for condition of spark plug!

    If our customer had of checked - they would have found the air filter completely blocked, the oils dis-coloured and the spark plugs in very poor condition as shown above.

    There will always be those that are not honest when selling, it is not our intention however to tar all sellers with this label.  There are many good quality machines on the market that can offer great value and be an excellent way to get into the industry without a large capital outlay.

    Our expert team are always willing to give advice and assist with your decision making process, so that you are able to select the right carpet cleaning equipment for your needs.

    Power Clean does assist customers with the sale of their second hand truck mounted carpet cleaning machines and have a number of machines currently listed on our website.  Some of these are almost brand new (we have a Rage truckmount with only 328 hrs) have been serviced regularly and we are happy to recommend customers to consider these as an alternative to new equipment purchase.  Please call us on 1300 276 937 if you would like any information.

  • Carpet Cleaning Equipment – Making the right decisions!

    Making the right decisions on the carpet cleaning equipment you purchase when setting up a new business is essential to your business success.

    Today we had a customer visit our showroom who really highlighted how a business can grow and prosper within as little as a year.

    Just over a year ago he came to us looking at starting a new carpet cleaning business and was deciding on whether to purchase a second hand truck mounted carpet cleaning machine or a portable extractor.   Based on his initial budget and combined with the fact that he had no previous experience in carpet cleaning,  the first decision made was to purchase carpet cleaning equipment that would provide him the best possible machine but at entry level into the industry.

    He purchased a Power Clean Floormaster Portable extractor.  This upgraded portable machine was released by Mytee Products in 2014 and is ideal for carpet cleaning as well as upholstery cleaning.  Carpet Cleaners using the machine have given it excellent reviews based on the performance and versatility of the machine.

    It comes with 2 x 3 stage vac motors, automatic fill and automatic empty,  features an external metered chemical injection, oil free pressure pump technology and many user friendly features including a wash down hose which is unique to the Floormaster.


    Purchasing a portable extractor over a truckmounted carpet cleaning machine provided him with the financial capacity to invest in the most important asset of the new business – himself!!

    He attended both IICRC courses as well as other industry training courses, which provided knowledge and practical experience.   This decision proved invaluable and allowed him to have the confidence to deal with customer queries and tackle carpet cleaning jobs from small to the larger commercial cleans.

    A year later his business has grown organically and he is now ready to expand his business and is looking to be more competitive in the industry by offering a wider range of services.

    The options available are wide and varied but before making any decision on which to add to his business he understands the importance of having a business plan.  This is vital to ensure that the business goals are clear and focused.    There are numerous websites that can assist you in developing and documenting your business plan here are a few:

    Services that our customer considered adding on include:  tile & grout cleaning, restoration, airconditioning cleaning, external high pressure cleaning, shower & window cleaning

    Based on his long term vision of moving into a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine, he has chosen to add on tile & grout cleaning by purchasing additional cleaning equipment that can be retrofit to the Floormaster Portable carpet cleaning machine.

    For a relatively small capital outlay he is ready to offer his customers even better service!  To find out more on the range of carpet cleaning equipment available visit our website or give us a call 1300 276 937 to assist with your decision making when buying new carpet cleaning equipment.

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