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Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • Safety & Your Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment

    Recently we have been reminded of how important it is to ensure that any truckmounted carpet cleaning equipment is chosen with safety in mind and then installed correctly into your vehicle.  You and your workers safety are paramount!

    2 of the most important factors that determine this are:


    The GVM (Gross vehicle Mass) of your vehicle must be considered when determining the model of Sapphire Scientific truckmount purchased.   Be aware of the total weight of the console, waste tank, hoses, APO and then consider what else you normally carry in your van.

    Vehicle Fitout

    The weight of truckmounted carpet cleaning machines ranging from 696 kgs to 1220 kgs with full waste tanks means that correct installation is essential.  Not only will this assist with ease of maintenance but should your vehicle be involved in an accident you can be confident that the machine is secured to the highest possible standard.

    We also recommend the following:

    • A  cargo barrier be installed
    • All loose equipment should be tied and secured with anchor points bolted not screwed.

    At Power Clean we are thinking about your safety.  We are happy to say that no corners are cut in order to give you a cheaper install.   We obviously don’t want our installs to be ‘crash tested’ but this recent accident shows that even under extreme conditions the truckmount (and even the chemical shelf!) remained secured in the installed position.

    Mahon accident shot 1 Mahon accident shot 2 Mahon accident shot 3 Mahon

    We are very happy to report that the customer walked away unharmed and was back in business with the truckmount repaired and mounted in a new van within the month!

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