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Monthly Archives: March 2016


    Technical Tips to help you get the maximize life of your vacuum motors in your portable carpet cleaning machine.

    We have recently received more than the average number of inquiries about vacuum motors “blowing up” and not going the distance.  Vacuum motors are a costly part of your carpet cleaning portable extractor – so what can be done??

    Defoam!     Always use defoamer.   By using a defoaming solution you will stop foam building up in the waste tank which can subsequently be drawn through the vacuum motors.  Foam will dramatically reduce the life of a vacuum motor if it continually passes through the motor windings.  Foam settles in the vacuum motor and converts to water and may cause an electrical short. In the event that foam has entered a vacuum motor, immediately power down the extractor, drain the waste tank and then run the vacuum motors for at least five minutes to allow hot air to expel any liquid and dry out the motor.

    Power Clean offers defoaming solutions (liquid and powder) that are easy and effective to use.  Our range of chemical has been designed with the care of your portable carpet cleaning machine in mind.  Give one of our friendly, expert team a ring for more information on this range.

    Power Leads!    Check that you are using the length of power cord that is recommended in the operating manual for your portable extractor.  Most carpet cleaning machines are rated for amperage (current draw) based on the length of cord the machine comes with.  There is a reason why the cord does not exceed 15 metres.  The longer the cord, the greater the voltage drop and the greater the amperage.

    Maintenance!    Have one of your service team inspect vacuum motors after approximately 400 hrs of use for wear of the motor carbon brushes.  Replacing carbon brushes at the right interval can dramatically extend the life of your motor.

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