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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • Commercial Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine

    A Portable carpet cleaner reduces any health risks that lurk in floor surfaces and produce healthy carpets that look great. Sounds good, right? Let us introduce ourselves properly. Our portable carpet cleaning machine utilizes the latest technology so you can clean carpets without breaking a sweat. If you own a cleaning business and want to professionally clean carpets, we have products that suit your circumstances. Looking for steaming cleaning machines? Or industrial-strength cleaning equipment that does the job? You've come to the right place. Read on to find out more about the many benefits of a portable carpet cleaning machine and the importance of finding the right product for your business.

    portable carpet cleaning machine


    Sometimes carpets just can't be cleaned by hand. Perhaps dust has built up over several years on a floor surface, making it difficult to remove, or you come across stains that have become ingrained in the floor surface. Instead of cleaning by hand, a portable carpet cleaning machine does all the hard work for you. What's more, it's a lot cheaper than you think. Investing in a carpet cleaning machine can save you money when cleaning, and once you've given floor surfaces a deep clean with a machine, carpets will look great for years to come. Here are some of the benefits of using a portable carpet cleaning machine.

    + It's a lot easier to use than you think: While people think that using a carpet cleaning machines requires specialist knowledge, this couldn't be further from the truth. All our machines are ready to use and require little in the way of set-up or assembly. Get stuck? That's fine. Just contact us and we'll talk through everything with you, including tips on how to use your machine to remove stubborn stains that have built up over several years.

    + Streamline the carpet cleaning process: Bending down and cleaning carpets manually can be a chore, and over time, may take its toll on your shoulders or back. With a professional cleaning machine, the equipment does all the hard work for you. The result? You get a professional-looking clean without any of the stress. A commercial portable carpet cleaning machine often comes with various settings so you can customize the cleaning process to suit your needs. A portable cleaning device can do all that and then some.

    + Impress clients: If you own a cleaning business, you likely have clients that you work with who expect the best quality cleaning service from you. Our portable cleaning machine ensures that dirt, dust, grime and any nasty toxins are removed from their carpets. Clients will be impressed by the appearance of their new carpets and are more likely to place an order with you again in the future.

    + Easy to store: A portable cleaning machine can be stored easily when it's no longer being used. Modern equipment is quick to transport so you won't have to worry about a bulky machine taking up too much space.

    Different types of portable machine

    Portable cleaning machines come in various shapes and sizes. You'll need to choose one that suits your cleaning project. The most popular types are hot water extraction machines, which use steam to quickly remove stains and dust on floor surfaces. Dry cleaning machines are another popular type of product that are becoming increasingly popular among cleaning franchise owners and cleaners. Although these products will vary in specification and price, you'll need to choose a product that best suits your circumstances. A good place to start is a price comparison website, where you can compare various devices in one place, saving you having to scour the internet for the best machines. A price comparison website lets you see the cheapest prices and which machines are best for your requirements. You should also refer to third-party review websites when determining the best products for cleaning carpets. These sites include reviews left by people who have purchased a portable cleaning machine, such as a dry cleaner or steam cleaner, in the past, providing you with all the info you need.

    Difference between automatic and manual cleaners

    When it comes to portable cleaners, there are two main types. Manual cleaners will require you to fill and empty water from the machine and are often cheaper than automatic cleaners. Many people prefer using automatic cleaners because they connect to a tap and streamline the water filling and emptying process. Decide on which features you need when selecting a cleaner.

    Different portable cleaner parts

    You'll also need to consider all the moving parts that help you get the clean you want. For example, modern machines come with equipment such as vacuum cleaners, mitts, brushes, pads, brooms and hard surface tools. Finding out more about these components will help you in your search for the perfect portable cleaner. Not sure which parts you need for your cleaner? Contact us and we'll provide you with all the info you need!


    Still confused? Here's a recap of everything you need to know when choosing a commercial portable carpet cleaning machine.

    + Portable carpet cleaners are available in various types. Among the most popular include dry cleaning machines and steam machines, both of which are effective at dust and grime removal.

    + Decide whether you want an automatic or manual machine for your cleaning business. Although automatic devices can work out to be more expensive, they can provide you wth various benefits over manual machines. You might find that these machines are a worthwhile investment and pay for themselves in the long run!

    + Factor in the cost of additional carpet cleaning equipment, like brushes and brooms, when choosing a portable cleaner. There are many spare parts that can make a portable device more effective; however, these come at a price.

    What to do next

    Looking for professional carpet cleaning equipment that automates the cleaning process? A machine that provides you with cleaner carpets? Cleaner flooring surfaces? Contact us today and we'll help you find a portable carpet cleaner that ticks every box. If you own a cleaning business, we can help. When you contact us, we won't waste your time. In fact, we'll determine the best portable products based on your needs. We look forward to receiving your call!

  • Floormaster - portable carpet cleaning extractor

    Floormaster portable extractor is one of the commercial carpet cleaning machines available in the Australian market. It is manufactured in the United States but sold in several parts of the world. It comes with a five-year warranty.
    *Large wheel's that make it possible to wheel the machine up the stairs with ease.*The body is made of molded polyethylene material that can withstand scratches and hence lasts longer than fiberglass.*Better performance. This extractor has two airflow 3-stage vacuum motors where others have one. These motors run parallel with twin tubes that feed the waste reservoir. This characteristic is superior in that it supplies a high level of airflow. *It has a capacity of 45 liters of solution and a similar waste recovery capacity. *It weighs 62 kgs.
    The floormaster portable extractor islight and easy to haul around. The increased airflow capablities give it and edge over most of the extractors in the market. Even though it is manufactured in the US, the specifications have been customized to cater to the Australian market.

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