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Monthly Archives: January 2017

  • Encapsulation - Where did the dirt go?


     Have you wondered when using encapsulation - "how does the appearance of the carpet change before the encapsulation takes place? "

     We referred it back to The EncapMan - Rick Gelinas from Excellent Supply.

    To put it very simply... What we see as we look at the carpet is a reflection of light; that's what reaches our eyes.  Our eyes perceive what's on the surface of the carpet fibre.   But keep in mind, carpet fibre is made up of thousands of tiny fibres.  In addition to all that carpet fibre, there's also a lot of space surrounding the individual carpet fibres.

    What we're accomplishing through encap shampooing is to displace the soil from the visible surface of the fibre. The soil that's been scrubbed free from the fibre is now held in suspension in the encap solution.  Since that fluid is surrounding the fibres, the majority of the soil that had formerly been on the visible surface of the fibre is greatly reduced. So at the point that the carpet is scrubbed, the appearance immediately looks clean. Of course all of the soil that was originally in the carpet is still there, waiting to be extracted from the carpet during the post-vacuuming process.

    Realistically we can expect to see a pretty major improvement in the overall appearance of the carpet right off the bat, immediately after it has been scrubbed, and before it gets vacuumed.   It is not actually a trick we do with smoke and mirrors, but sometimes the results sure do look that way!

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