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Monthly Archives: July 2017

  • CleanScene in September 2017

    The Cleaning Industry’s Hottest Trade Fair, CleanScene, Happening September 2017

    While CleanScene 2017 event coordinators are busy pulling together details concerning the venue, workshop presenters and product exhibitions, you may be wondering if attending the event is really a value-added experience for your company. After all, attending the event involves travel, time away from your regular business operations and likely a nominal registration fee. CleanScene, which is held annually at various locations throughout Australia, attracts all types of cleaning industry stakeholders, who want to increase their knowledge and expand their networks. As a cleaning company operator, here are some reasons why you should consider attending CleanScene 2017 and a few tips on getting the most out of the event.

    Reasons to Attend CleanScene 2017

    Continuing Education

    Workshops and seminars at events such as CleanScene can offer in-depth training on cleaning topics or short overviews about what’s going on in the industry. For example, if you were to attend a presentation about key issues and trends in the cleaning and hygiene industry, you would inevitably hear about the increasing demand by end users and other cleaning companies for more environmentally friendly carpet cleaning chemicals.

    Evaluate Competing Products in Real Time

    While the internet is a great tool to use when conducting preliminary research about products and services, there’s nothing like getting first-hand experience using a product or talking with a vendor representative. When you’re looking for appropriate carpet cleaning equipment, you can usually try out different brands of portable carpet cleaning machines or even a truckmount carpet cleaning machine that appeals to you right there at the event. You can compare competing products’ features such as ease of use, speed and job quality in one place, which can save you time during the procurement process.

    Network With Vendors

    Whether your company needs carpet cleaning chemicals or a new truckmount carpet cleaning machine, you can often find the best products and customer service from supply companies of which you’ve built professional relationships. A great way to expand your network of suppliers and to keep up with their latest offerings is to meet vendor representatives in-person at events like CleanScene 2017.

    Prospect for New Customers

    CleanScene brings together professionals in facility management, property management and procurement who work in private and public agencies. Needless to say, some of these people are your potential customers. After introducing yourself and commenting on the workshop topics, you should be prepared to hand them your business card.

    Ways to Get the Most out of the CleanScene 2017 Event


    Research Brands of Interest Before the Event

    The number of vendors and exhibits at events like CleanScene can be overwhelming. That is why you need to narrow your focus before you get to the venue. When the event organisers post information online about the brands that will have CleanScene exhibit stations, you can do some cursory research to find the ones that best meet your carpet cleaning equipment needs. During the event, you can conduct product reviews that are based on actual, demonstrated use and not just on a comparison of written product specifications.

    Prepare a List of Your Must-Have Product Requirements

    During a CleanScene event, you can get answers on the spot about vendors’ products, which are often demonstrated at the show. This is especially beneficial if you came prepared with your own wish list of requirements for your portable or truckmount carpet cleaning machine.

    Bring Your Tablet to Take Notes

    When it comes to investing in carpet cleaning equipment, it’s wise to get input from several knowledgeable sources within your organisation. Even if your colleagues can’t attend the CleanScene trade show and see the exhibits in person, you can take detailed notes that will help them during the procurement process. While plain paper and pen notes are fine, you could step into the 21st century and use your tablet to provide notes in text, picture and video formats.

    Get in the Mood to Socialise

    By talking to local Australian event attendees, you can often find out from them about the products that you are considering for your carpet cleaning company. If they had a problem with the product’s performance or the supplier’s customer service, you will likely hear about it without much prompting. Likewise, if they had a good experience using the truckmount carpet cleaning machine that interested you or had a great professional relationship with the product’s supplier, you’ll probably hear about that too.

  • Ways to Improve Your Carpet Cleaning Business

    Differentiating Your Carpet Cleaning Business for Continued Success

    Cleaning businesses have experienced moderate growth over the last several years. As the nation’s overall economy recovers, consumers have more discretionary income to spend on professional carpet cleaning versus do-it-yourself attempts. A study that was published by Reserve Bank Australia indicates that this is especially true for households that are led by seniors. Also, increases in commercial real estate development often equate to greater demands for commercial carpet cleaning. However, this modest growth is tempered by fierce competition.

    Besides a myriad of unscrupulous cleaning outfits that have popped up to make a quick dollar, you also have legitimate contenders in the market. According to industry insiders, the main ways to differentiate your services in this type of market are through service specialisation, top-notch job performance and updated credentials.

    Market Rewards for Being the Best at Specialised Cleaning Services and Methods

    The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), which creates standards for the international cleaning community, encourages consumers and businesses to choose carpet cleaning companies that can sufficiently inform them about the carpet cleaning methods that they employ. While this helps to reduce the cases of fraud and damage done by unqualified cleaners, it is also a wake-up call for legitimate carpet cleaners to specialise their services and be the best at their chosen carpet cleaning techniques.

    Hot water extraction (HWE) and encapsulation are the two most common carpet cleaning methods performed in the industry today. HWE is used for heavily soiled carpets and is the most common carpet cleaning technique used on residential carpets.

    Most residential carpets are cleaned less often than ones in commercial settings, and they usually take more abuse, which is why HWE cleaning is most appropriate. During this type of carpet cleaning session, a technician would vacuum the floors to pick up loose debris and then spray the carpet with carpet cleaning chemicals that are designed to loosen embedded soil and oils in carpets.

    Powerful carpet cleaning equipment such as truckmount carpet cleaning machines are used to agitate the chemicals, spray heated water for rinsing and extract dirty water into reservoir tanks.

    The encapsulation method is categorised as a low moisture cleaning technique that is used for low-pile carpets that are not heavily soiled. This method involves spraying a chemical that captures dirt in a crystalline form, working the solution into carpet fibres and vacuuming up the encapsulated dirt with a vacuum.

    This technique is great for commercial office spaces because the encapsulation solution keeps working long after the initial application. Therefore, regular housekeeping crews can keep these spaces cleaner for longer periods of time by simply vacuuming the carpets.

    Quality Performance Achieved With Premium Carpet Cleaning Equipment

    While it is fairly easy to start a general cleaning business, professional carpet cleaning requires specialised equipment and skilled techniques. These are moderate barriers to entry that can mean plenty of opportunities for properly-positioned carpet cleaning businesses that are competing for cleaning contracts.

    The two basic types of carpet cleaning machines are portable cleaners and truckmount carpet cleaning machines.

    Your choice of machines depends upon the needs of your chosen target market. If your company specialises in cleaning carpets in single-family homes, you might opt for a powerful truckmount carpet cleaning machine.

    If you service commercial office spaces that require carpet cleaning in high rise buildings, you will probably consider investing in one of the high-quality portable carpet cleaning machines on the market.

    Whether you choose a portable or a truckmount carpet cleaning machine, you’ll want carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning chemicals that are:

    - High Performance
    - Easy to Use
    - Simple to Maintain
    - Cost Effective
    - Environmentally Friendly

    Competitive Advantages of Certifications and Continued Education

    IICRC offers certifications that are very valuable for attracting new business. If you are a certified carpet cleaner through its organisation, your firm will be listed in the IICRC database of certified professionals, which is a great marketing tool.

    Training your staff is a key variable of winning and maintaining commercial cleaning contracts, and companies that want to do business with the government find that it is a requirement. IICRC offers continuing education, but technicians who want to get the most out of their carpet cleaning equipment such as a truckmount carpet cleaning machine can take specialised training from equipment dealers and manufacturers.

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