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  • Carpet Cleaning Machines - Professional VS DIY

    Carpet Cleaning Machines - Professional VS DIY

    As a professional carpet cleaner, many of the questions you may get from your customers will be related to DIY cleaning machines. “Why go professional in the first place?”, they may ask. “Why can’t I just go and hire a DIY cleaning machine from my local store?”. “Won’t this be cheaper and clean just as good?”.  Many of them may have heard from a friend, or read online that DIY is the way to go. As trained and experienced carpet cleaners, we already know that DIY simply can’t match a professional clean. Answering questions such as these in a confident and concise manner can help you convince these customers to choose the best option for them and their carpets.

    No matter what you say or how you say it, there are people who of course opt to procure their own carpet cleaning supplies and hunt down their nearest DIY carpet cleaning machine. Some may even look for home remedies online. Most of them will be trying to save money and many of them end up regretting that decision. There are of course some benefits of cleaning one's own carpets, so let’s take a closer look at the good, bad and ugly of DIY carpet cleaning.

    The Good

    Small Areas
    If someone has a very small area of carpet, that is kept reasonably clean (pet-free etc); then a DIY machine may be all that is required to give this area a superficial clean.

    A Sense Of Accomplishment

    For the average DIY guy (or girl), there can be an immense sense of accomplishment in being self sufficient. Without a financial or other obvious motive, these individuals simply enjoy maintaining their own house without involving professionals unless absolutely necessary. In these cases, the purchase of a DIY carpet cleaning machines may be self justified. If they are planning on using the machine regularly, it could possibly become cost effective but it’s unlikely they will ever achieve the same standard of clean that a professional can.


    Another benefit of a DIY machine is the privacy that it offers its users. Some people may feel uneasy having a ‘stranger’ moving about their house and therefore prefer to hire their own machine. This also allows them to work at their own pace (although DIY machine hire is usually charged by the day or weekend).

    The Bad


    Many opt for DIY carpet cleaning machines to save money. The truth is, after you have hired the machine and purchased the chemicals that are required; the cost does not fall much short of a professional clean. People also fail to consider the cost of collecting the machine and transporting it back home. It will then need to be returned to the place of hire when the job is finished.

    And what about the old saying, ‘time is money’. If someone ends up spending two days cleaning the carpets in their house, they could have probably spent that time more effectively making money to pay for a professional cleaner and had spare change left over.

    An Untrained Clean

    A novice will NEVER get the carpets as clean as a professional.  Does the user know how to operate the carpet cleaning machine?  Do they know how much cleaning solution to add? Do they know how fast to move the wand over the carpet?

    A less effective clean from a DIY machine is not only due to a lack of refined skill, but also because a hired or domestic machine will never match a heavy duty professional carpet cleaning machine. The DIY machines do not generally heat the water as high as professional machines, which results in poorer cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners will also have access to commercial strength carpet cleaning supplies and cleaners which are more effective in cleaning the carpet.

    Carpet Stains & Odours

    When it comes to stains and odours, DIY machines may not have what it takes to get rid of them. Only the most superficial stains and smells will be removed by a basic machine like this. Deeply engrained stains and smells, particularly pet stains, will require a deeper more thorough professional clean. Only the techniques, chemicals, and equipment that a professional such as yourself provides will be able to restore the carpet to it’s former glory.  In some cases, even a professional clean will not be enough to completely remove the unfortunate happenings of life.

    Moving Furniture

    Let’s not forget (and how could we), cleaning carpets is not all about pushing the wand back and forth. Furniture must be moved around to ensure all spots are cleaned well. Many people do not realise how much work goes into getting carpets clean throughout a house.

    Inadequate Aeration

    Most DIY machines will use a steam cleaning function. Will the user make the carpet too wet? Will they be able to suck the water back from the fibres effectively enough to prevent mould growth? In the case of inadequate water extraction, does this person have access to fans that will be strong enough for the area?

    The Ugly

    Mistakes Happen

    Anyone who is not properly trained in using a machine, domestic or commercial, can easily make mistakes. Perhaps the most often is causing damage to skirting boards, door frames and walls from careless movement of the wand or machine itself; but it doesn’t stop there. We at PowerClean have heard of countless events of water damage from untrained users of DIY machines. Whether it's from poorly connected pipes, or leaving the machine running whilst attending to other things. How about self-inflicted injury (particularly back and shoulder injury) from the incorrect use of a machine (or moving furniture in preparation for a clean).  The list goes on.

    Whilst there are some benefits to DIY carpet cleaning machines in select circumstances, it's easy to say that a professional clean beats DIY in almost all scenarios. After all, a professional carpet cleaner doesn't just clean carpets; they do so in a way that doesn’t cause injury, damage or deterioration of the carpet itself. They provide individualised stain solutions, move furniture, provide adequate drying solutions and most of all they give carpet care advice. So next time your customer asks you about DIY machines, be confident in giving them clear and concise advice that YOU are the better choice!

  • Encapsulation - Where did the dirt go?


     Have you wondered when using encapsulation - "how does the appearance of the carpet change before the encapsulation takes place? "

     We referred it back to The EncapMan - Rick Gelinas from Excellent Supply.

    To put it very simply... What we see as we look at the carpet is a reflection of light; that's what reaches our eyes.  Our eyes perceive what's on the surface of the carpet fibre.   But keep in mind, carpet fibre is made up of thousands of tiny fibres.  In addition to all that carpet fibre, there's also a lot of space surrounding the individual carpet fibres.

    What we're accomplishing through encap shampooing is to displace the soil from the visible surface of the fibre. The soil that's been scrubbed free from the fibre is now held in suspension in the encap solution.  Since that fluid is surrounding the fibres, the majority of the soil that had formerly been on the visible surface of the fibre is greatly reduced. So at the point that the carpet is scrubbed, the appearance immediately looks clean. Of course all of the soil that was originally in the carpet is still there, waiting to be extracted from the carpet during the post-vacuuming process.

    Realistically we can expect to see a pretty major improvement in the overall appearance of the carpet right off the bat, immediately after it has been scrubbed, and before it gets vacuumed.   It is not actually a trick we do with smoke and mirrors, but sometimes the results sure do look that way!

    Call on our expert team today on 1300 276 937 to take advantage of our January 2017 special offers on our premier Encap Range of products!


  • Want to Eliminate Odours fast? ODORCIDE is the one that works!


    Eliminate Odours fast!

    ODORCIDE is a safe, economical and effective.  It is a deodorizing product that leads to the complete elimination of odours.   When carpet cleaning, it can be used at any stage of the cleaning process to eliminate all types of odours at their source.

    Frequently asked questions-

    Can I  eliminate urine odour on first application?

    vomitand-urine-trail Vomit and urine trail

    Yes, you can eliminate Odours first time!  Locate the source of the odour.  You can use your nose however it is far more ideal to use a florescent black UV light in dim light to find the urine deposits.   A Hydrosensor can also be a handy tool.  It can detect the alkaline salts associated with urine.  Thoroughly dry vacuum and then apply the diluted Odorcide treatment.  Mix concentrate at a ratio of 1:16 (on dry carpet) and saturate 50% beyond the affected area.  Extract the excess liquid and leave to dry.   Note: no dwell time is required.  On freshly cleaned carpet with strong odour, it is advised to pre-treat the affected area using Powerclean Urine Decon Ultra and post treat with Odorcide at between 1:8 and 1:12 for a more effective treatment.


    On what surfaces will Odorcide  work?

    Odorcide 210 will eliminate odours on many surfaces and is safe on all wet cleanable surfaces.  These include:  carpets, rugs, curtains, tiles, wood, rubbish bins, plastic, vinyl, clothing, mattresses, upholstery, concrete, vehicle interiors, boats and various fabrics including nylon, cotton, acrylic, rayon, olefin, polyester as well as leather.

    Is Ordorcide affected by other carpet cleaning pre-sprays, shampoos, rinses?

    No, it is not affected by other common cleaning solutions or shampoos.

    Is Odorcide 210 safe?

    Yes, Odorcide 210 is safe to use. Odorcide 210 is nontoxic, nonirritating, non carcinogenic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-staining and biodegradable. It is recommended to make the area treated inaccessible to pets and children so as to prevent direct contact with the solution while wet.

    Will Odorcide 210 remove urine stains?

    Odorcide 210 is designed to eliminate odours and not a stain remover. For treating pet stains we recommend using Powerclean Oxy Spot as a post spray treatment to effectively fade urine stains.

    Call us today 1300 276 937  for more information or to order!


    Great reviews and feedback from all who attended our training workshops in Perth. 

    David Oakes our guest presenter from Restoration Science Academy provided up to date, practical tips over the 2 day workshops.

    Day One highlights included introduction to the developments in fibres in carpet & fabric manufacture, the latest trends and effective carpet cleaning techniques as well as some practical tips on identifying potential problems & simple solutions.  It was an interactive session with hands-on, practical training with interactive demonstrations.

    Day Two focused on Restoration – how to remove water fast – the right tools & techniques.  Determining when materials are truly dry, understanding problematic odour damage and remedies.

    Thanks to all those who attended – hope to see you back in 2017!Training Perth Perth 2016 Demo SOS Pro


    Technical Tips to help you get the maximize life of your vacuum motors in your portable carpet cleaning machine.

    We have recently received more than the average number of inquiries about vacuum motors “blowing up” and not going the distance.  Vacuum motors are a costly part of your carpet cleaning portable extractor – so what can be done??

    Defoam!     Always use defoamer.   By using a defoaming solution you will stop foam building up in the waste tank which can subsequently be drawn through the vacuum motors.  Foam will dramatically reduce the life of a vacuum motor if it continually passes through the motor windings.  Foam settles in the vacuum motor and converts to water and may cause an electrical short. In the event that foam has entered a vacuum motor, immediately power down the extractor, drain the waste tank and then run the vacuum motors for at least five minutes to allow hot air to expel any liquid and dry out the motor.

    Power Clean offers defoaming solutions (liquid and powder) that are easy and effective to use.  Our range of chemical has been designed with the care of your portable carpet cleaning machine in mind.  Give one of our friendly, expert team a ring for more information on this range.

    Power Leads!    Check that you are using the length of power cord that is recommended in the operating manual for your portable extractor.  Most carpet cleaning machines are rated for amperage (current draw) based on the length of cord the machine comes with.  There is a reason why the cord does not exceed 15 metres.  The longer the cord, the greater the voltage drop and the greater the amperage.

    Maintenance!    Have one of your service team inspect vacuum motors after approximately 400 hrs of use for wear of the motor carbon brushes.  Replacing carbon brushes at the right interval can dramatically extend the life of your motor.

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