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  • Top Methods To Control Urine Odour

    Urine in carpets is probably one of the more common issues faced on a daily basis for carpet cleaners. When faced with this issue it is advisable to clarify with the home owner as to what their expectations are in regards to the urine issue in their carpets. Is the home owner asking for the removal of the urine odor or is the removal of the stain for appearance reasons the most important thing to them?

    The reason we ask this is because on certain wools, especially wool Berber if stained for concentrated yellow urine, it may never fully come out. The odor can be removed but the staining may never fully be removed. On most other carpets the staining can be removed relatively easy. So this needs to be explained to the home owner.

    How we handle the different situations will vary. But basically it comes down to four situations.

    Let me clarify.

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  • Switching To Enzymes for Cleaning Jobs

    Cleaning detergents were once known to be the best solution to all cleaning issues such as grease, soil, odour problems, etc. but they’re old story now.

    However, today, the new and definitely more reliable solution for your cleaning jobs is enzyme based solutions. Enzyme digesters are gaining popularity and are viewed by some as a possible replacement for other types of formulations in certain cleaning situations. Enzyme digesters work by eating (digesting) protein matter in organic soil or waste. Their enzymes are especially effective in controlling odours caused by a build-up of organic soils in restrooms, plumbing, carpets and floors.

    What Are Enzyme Based Cleaning Solutions?

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  • Facebook Advertising For Carpet Cleaners

    facebookCurrently Facebook boasts somewhere in excess of 400 million users and growing. More than 50% of all users log into this service every day and about 25% Facebook users engage with Facebook on other websites each month.

    You’ve probably heard this by now, but if Facebook was a country it would be the third largest in the world behind China and India only. So, there’s a pretty good chance that some members of your cleaning carpet customers reside in and visit the Facebook land, but the trick is to find them and connect with them.

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  • Hydroforce Injection Sprayer Can Make You Money

    For a professional cleaning company, it is a matter of cost vs. chemicals, right?

    Maintaining a good balance between the two is always a challenge because proper cleaning requires good amount of chemicals but using large quantities of chemicals can come out to be quite costly for regular cleaning jobs. In fact, when more quantities of chemicals are used, the profit margins are automatically reduced.

    What can you do to save money on chemicals?

    You need an effective way of using chemicals and reducing wastage. By using just the optimum quantity of chemicals for your cleaning jobs, you can save a lot of money.

    How can you reduce wastage of chemicals?

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  • 10 Secrets Of Success In Carpet Cleaning Business

    If you are a professional carpet cleaning company, you’d probably know that good techniques are important not only to market but also to increase your carpet cleaning business.

    Here are 10 secrets of success in carpet cleaning business which will help you grow your business and earn more:

    Tip#1. Always do something extra: You can also call it “value addition” free of cost service. It is not necessary that you do some extra cleaning of the carpet; rather, you can clean some machinery base or door entrance mat. Always take permission before performing this free service.

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