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  • How To Get More Water Damage Restoration Jobs?

    waterdamage2There is no question the water damage market and especially the residential sector has gotten more competitive in recent years.  Why?  Very simple. In most areas of the country the entry level is low and the potential profits are big!

    There are primarily 3 categories of Water Damage Restoration Jobs:

    Category 1: Category one, or clean-water floods originate from sources that do not contain harmful bacteria or pathogens that pose a substantial threat to humans. These sources may be from broken pipes or appliances, falling rain or melting snow, or sink or tub overflows that do not hold contaminants. It is important to remove the water as quickly as possible.

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  • How To Rank Your Carpet Cleaning Website On Google’s Local Listing?

    google-placesGoogle Local Listings have become more important ever since Google started displaying results based on where you are located. They can get your exact location by your IP address and display search results based on your location.

    That is why, Google Local Listing has become very important for many businesses that are trying to reach out to their local audiences. This is especially true for service businesses such as carpet cleaning. A lot of carpet cleaning customers don’t even make it to the organic listings. They just use the local listings as they would a phonebook and pick a company from there. Usually starting at the top and just working down the page until someone answers the phone. You’d be surprised how many carpet cleaners don’t answer their phone!

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  • What Are The 5 Main Problems In Carpet Fabric Cleaning?

    carpet-cleaning-in-deptfordAre you facing problems in cleaning the different kinds of carpet fabrics? All professional cleaners encounter some or the other problems and this part of the carpet cleaning business. Dealing with these problems, however, is very crucial and at Powerclean, we provide you the tools to do just that.

    Here are the 5 main problems that cleaners come across most frequently:

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  • Top Methods To Control Urine Odour

    Urine in carpets is probably one of the more common issues faced on a daily basis for carpet cleaners. When faced with this issue it is advisable to clarify with the home owner as to what their expectations are in regards to the urine issue in their carpets. Is the home owner asking for the removal of the urine odor or is the removal of the stain for appearance reasons the most important thing to them?

    The reason we ask this is because on certain wools, especially wool Berber if stained for concentrated yellow urine, it may never fully come out. The odor can be removed but the staining may never fully be removed. On most other carpets the staining can be removed relatively easy. So this needs to be explained to the home owner.

    How we handle the different situations will vary. But basically it comes down to four situations.

    Let me clarify.

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