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  • Want to Eliminate Odours fast? ODORCIDE is the one that works!


    Eliminate Odours fast!

    ODORCIDE is a safe, economical and effective.  It is a deodorizing product that leads to the complete elimination of odours.   When carpet cleaning, it can be used at any stage of the cleaning process to eliminate all types of odours at their source.

    Frequently asked questions-

    Can I  eliminate urine odour on first application?

    vomitand-urine-trail Vomit and urine trail

    Yes, you can eliminate Odours first time!  Locate the source of the odour.  You can use your nose however it is far more ideal to use a florescent black UV light in dim light to find the urine deposits.   A Hydrosensor can also be a handy tool.  It can detect the alkaline salts associated with urine.  Thoroughly dry vacuum and then apply the diluted Odorcide treatment.  Mix concentrate at a ratio of 1:16 (on dry carpet) and saturate 50% beyond the affected area.  Extract the excess liquid and leave to dry.   Note: no dwell time is required.  On freshly cleaned carpet with strong odour, it is advised to pre-treat the affected area using Powerclean Urine Decon Ultra and post treat with Odorcide at between 1:8 and 1:12 for a more effective treatment.


    On what surfaces will Odorcide  work?

    Odorcide 210 will eliminate odours on many surfaces and is safe on all wet cleanable surfaces.  These include:  carpets, rugs, curtains, tiles, wood, rubbish bins, plastic, vinyl, clothing, mattresses, upholstery, concrete, vehicle interiors, boats and various fabrics including nylon, cotton, acrylic, rayon, olefin, polyester as well as leather.

    Is Ordorcide affected by other carpet cleaning pre-sprays, shampoos, rinses?

    No, it is not affected by other common cleaning solutions or shampoos.

    Is Odorcide 210 safe?

    Yes, Odorcide 210 is safe to use. Odorcide 210 is nontoxic, nonirritating, non carcinogenic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-staining and biodegradable. It is recommended to make the area treated inaccessible to pets and children so as to prevent direct contact with the solution while wet.

    Will Odorcide 210 remove urine stains?

    Odorcide 210 is designed to eliminate odours and not a stain remover. For treating pet stains we recommend using Powerclean Oxy Spot as a post spray treatment to effectively fade urine stains.

    Call us today 1300 276 937  for more information or to order!

  • Why Use Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines ?

    Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines

    What would a carpet cleaning business be without a great machine? Building a successful carpet cleaning business is incredibly reliant on generating repeat customers. To do this effectively, you really have to do a great job every time. To impress customers, whether residential or commercial, you need the best equipment in the industry. There really is no question that having the best gear is a cornerstone to building a profitable long term carpet cleaning business.

    Why Should You Choose A Portable Machine?

    Portable carpet cleaning machines, as opposed to truck mounted machines, are incredibly easy to use. Because they can be wheeled around, they are the perfect solution for carpet cleaning in apartments, high-rise buildings and commercial developments. Some contractors even prefer portable machines over truck mounted machines for simple residential jobs, as it saves the time and hassle involved in running extraction and water hoses all the way back to the truck.

    We stock a comprehensive range of portable machines for professional carpet cleaning use. Whether it is smaller spot extractor your are after, or a powerful high capacity extractor that you need, we can help! We have spent a lot of time and done plenty of research to ensure that we only stock and supply the best machines in the industry.

    Why Choose PowerClean?

    Industry Experience

    We have been in the carpet cleaning sector for many years, and know what it takes to create a successful business. Not only does this mean we know what we are talking about, but all of our machines have been hand-picked as the best in the industry.

    Contractor Training

    PowerClean goes a step further than others, and offers hands on training and workshops for prospective and active carpet cleaners. We can show you our own tips and tricks for getting the job done effectively and efficiently. We would also be happy to walk you through the best practice use and functions of any machine that you are interested in purchasing.

    Competitive Prices

    PowerClean stocks and supplies a comprehensive range of commercial portable cleaning machines at very competitive prices. We continually monitor the market to ensure that we deliver great value to each and every one of our clients. Get in touch to find out more about our prices and our price match promise.

    Genuine Willingness To Help

    We strive to assist you in building and maintaining a profitable carpet cleaning business. We can assist you in doing this by providing the most up to date and reliable equipment, cleaning chemicals, accessories and training.

    After Sales Support

    Should you have and questions or concerns after you purchase any equipment or accessories from PowerClean, we are only a phone call away. We offer second to none Australia wide after sales and technical support for all of our clients.

    If you would like more information about our portable carpet cleaning machines, please contact us on 1300 276 937 or to speak to one of our specialists. Get in touch with us today and let us show you why we are the best in the business!

  • A carpet and upholstery spotting machine with full size performance

    Looking for a small carpet and upholstery spotting machine with full size performance

    This month we introduce the S-300H Tempo heated portable extractor !  For all those who are serious about auto detailing or carpet and upholstery spotting cleaning.  This amazingly versatile portable extractor comes with a powerful 600 watt heater.  It is light weight at only 12 kgs but fitted with one of the most powerful vacuum motors delivers 85” of water lift for maximum extraction.

    When you need a small machine that is easy to transport, easy to carry and easy to use - the Tempo Spotter portable extractor really is the machine of choice.  It features a convenient transport handle and wheels and has a durable roto-molded body.

    The Tempo Spotter has a powerful two stage vacuum motor which reduces drying times.

    The S-300 H Tempo heated portable extractor represents excellent value!  Give one of our expert team a ring to get more information on 1300 276 937

    carpet & upholstery spotter Carpet and Upholstery Spotting machine
  • Tile and grout cleaning equipment

    Tile Cleaning Equipment

    Tile and grout cleaning can be a lucrative service for professional carpet cleaners to add to their existing carpet cleaning business or many other cleaning service related businesses. At Powerclean Industries Australia, we carry a broad range of portable cleaning machines specifically manufactured to clean tiles, tile cleaning tools, cleaning chemicals and numerous accessories for the tile cleaning industry.

    Powerclean Industries Australia is currently providing special package discounts on our high pressure portable extractors. In addition to providing all of the cleaning products needed to venture into tile and grout cleaning, we can guide business owners or cleaning technicians through the processes involved in professionally cleaning tiles and grout as well as other hard surface cleaning options.

    The advantages of using a purpose built portable cleaning machine in conjunction with a spray and capture tile spinner include benefits such as-

    -being able to provide more efficient and superior cleaning results to almost any other tile cleaningprocedure. Conventional tile cleaning are traditionally far more labour intensive and typically won’t leave tiles and grout as clean or anywhere near as chemical free.

    -encompassing all of the features required to efficiently clean tiles in one compact portable cleaning machine. Our high pressure carpet cleaning portable extractors have an inbuilt pressure pump capable of 1200 psi, automatic fill and waste pump out and ample vacuum to effectively recover water.

    -using a portable cleaning machine means exactly that, you can easily manoeuvre our machines directly into the job site rather than in the case of larger truckmount machinery, having to find parking within close proximity of the area being cleaned. Our portable extractors have large semi pneumatic wheels to enable transporting the cleaning machine up stairwell and other challenging obstacles much easier.

    - These versatile cleaning machines can also be used at lower pressures to clean upholstery or be used for professional carpet cleaning.

    The two packages we have on offer are our new Floormaster HP portable cleaning machine and theVersaclean 1200MS high pressure portable extractor package. In both cases, our portable tile cleaningmachine packages include the high pressure portable extractor, a stainless steel 12” 2 jet carpet cleaningwand, a Turbo Hybrid 12” tile spinner, a Mytee Dry upholstery tool, a 7.5m hose set as well as a diverse range of carpet cleaning and tile cleaning chemicals. Each of our high pressure portable cleaning machines have unique features and benefits that would appeal to a range of professional cleaners who wish to undertake tile and grout cleaning in either residential or commercial work environments.


    For more information regarding our high pressure portable cleaning machines or anything else related to carpet cleaning or tile cleaning, please contact Powerclean Industries Australia on 1300276 937


    Great reviews and feedback from all who attended our training workshops in Perth. 

    David Oakes our guest presenter from Restoration Science Academy provided up to date, practical tips over the 2 day workshops.

    Day One highlights included introduction to the developments in fibres in carpet & fabric manufacture, the latest trends and effective carpet cleaning techniques as well as some practical tips on identifying potential problems & simple solutions.  It was an interactive session with hands-on, practical training with interactive demonstrations.

    Day Two focused on Restoration – how to remove water fast – the right tools & techniques.  Determining when materials are truly dry, understanding problematic odour damage and remedies.

    Thanks to all those who attended – hope to see you back in 2017!Training Perth Perth 2016 Demo SOS Pro

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