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    With the specialized approach to carpet and upholstery cleaning, Sapphire Scientific Carpet Cleaning truckmount is a renowned name in the industry. The brand has been introducing a vast range of powerful carpet cleaning truckmounts for a long time now. The state-of-the-art and pioneering truckmount machines introduced by Sapphire Scientific offer high-level performance in cleaning carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces.


    Sapphire Scientific has recently launched the stunning VersaClean Portable Extractors’. These portable extractors are compact in their size but offer the same power as that of a truck mount. This mobile inventory allows the expansion of business accommodations with its professional-quality application. The compact build-up of the extractor fits easily in any van for its transportation and storage. The following reasons make this VersaClean a must have: -


    The amazing features and technicalities along with its portable size make this splendid machine reachable to almost all the nooks and corners of the place. It easily outspreads to the small and congested places. A wide range of carpet types and smeared conditions are covered with this easy-going machine.

    DIMENSION: The overall size of 100.3 × 81.2 × 50.2 cm (or 39.5 ×32 ×19.75 in) gives this exclusive unit a compact structure. The build-up of extractor is designed in an exceptional way to provide easy-handling.

    AMP DRAW: The unit is aimed to draw 15 amps from the circuits. It enhances its working potential and also makes it energy proficient.

    HIGH-DURABILITY: The components that are employed in the construction of the extractor are of highest excellence. These are imported from the prominent brands of U.S. The application of such best quality material gives high sustainability and durability to the product.

    SIMPLE OPERATING SYSTEM: The operation of the unit involves no complexities. The functioning is kept easy so that even a beginner has no issues while using it. The switches provided at the sides are also covered with protective caps to prevent any accidental jolt.

    QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The apt and handy construction of the portable extractor is grounded on the clamshell technique. This mode of construction has greatly reduced the effort of extra care. All the added mechanisms are kept within the reach of operator.


    Each and every intricate component employed in the manufacture of VersaClean Portable Extractor is immensely unconventional and inventive. The technical specifications of this unit are unmatched by any of its competitor. All the parts from the vacuum motor to power cord are of utmost superiority.


    AMETEK VACUUM MOTOR: The power of the machine is backed by 6.6 Ametek vacuum motor. When the machine inducts the operation of the extractor it produces 659 peak air watts. The effective motor makes the functioning of the unit really smooth.

    HUGE CAPACITY: Two tanks of enormous capacity are provided to the unit. These tanks are- Solution Tank and Recovery Tank. The capacity of holding water for Solution Tank is 12 gallons|37.9| and for Recovery Tank is 10 gallons|37.9|.

    ROBUST MATERIAL: The material involved in the manufacturing of the appliance is Rotomolded Polyethylene. It marks the high sustaining power of the extractor. The sturdy semi-pneumatic material is used to construct the wheels of the apparatus of 10 inch diameter. It makes the wheel strong and assists in the smooth steering of the entire product.

    WATER LIFT: Closed water lift of 137 in (348cm) in size is an additional advantage of the appliance. It gives high level of performance to the working of the extractor.

    RESILIENT POWER CORDS: Highly effective power cords efficiently supply power to the cleaner. For non-heated units, the main power cord is 25 ft. long. Two external cords of 14/3 25 ft. in length are also attached to the apparatus. And two small cords each 1 ft. long is provided with only selected units.

    VALVE AND SHUT-OFF: To achieve an effective drainage system, the device has an operational Gate-Type drain valve. A well-designed in-built Ball-Type float shut-off is available in the extractor.


    Two 200 PSI heated/unheated models, two 500 PSI heated/unheated models and one 1200MS all-surface cleaner are the total five breathtaking versions of VersaClean Portable Extractor developed by Sapphire Scientific. None of the model lacks in its prominent design and portability.

    200 F439/78-001 VersaClean Portable Extractor- It is the 200 PSI unheated model of the Sapphire Scientific Portable Extractors. The unit provides a professional attitude with its light weight of 73 lbs. (33 kg) of weight. A circuit of 13.5 A draws very low amp.

    200H F440/78-002 VersaClean Portable Extractor- This 200 PSI heated model features a heater of 1750 watts to ensure the proper cleaning of carpets and upholstery. The weight of the unit is 80 lbs. (36 kg) and has two applicable circuits- circuit 1 and circuit 2 of 14.2A and 12.5 A respectively.

    500 F441/78-003 VersaClean Portable Extractor- This unheated model of the VersaClean has a regulating pump of 500 PSI. The design of the model with 94 lbs. (43 kg) weight is highly effective in cleaning even the hardest of the smeared carpets and surfaces. The machine draws low amp from its one circuit of 13.5 A.

    500H F442/78-004 VersaClean Portable Extractor- 500 PSI adjustable pump and 1750 watt inline heater are the remarkable features of this model. The entire weight of the unit is 102 lbs. and it has two in-built circuits. Circuit 1 of 14.2 A and Circuit 2 of 12.5 A.

    1200MS F443/78-005 VersaClean Portable Extractor- Adjustable high pressure pump with an attached pressure gauge supports the auto-fill and auto-pump out of water. Bigger than other models it owns a weight of 111 lbs. (50 kg). Circuit 1 of 12.5 A and Circuit 2 of 13.0 A are the two incorporated circuits.


    The extractor can be filled with water and driven to the desired place effortlessly. It adeptly wipes the heavy stained carpet and booms away the uninvited dirt. This specially engineered and portable extractor provides cost-effective and time-consuming cleaning.

    The eloquent but not-so-heavy erection of the machine simplifies its transportation and storage.

    • A little keep up of the machine impedes it from wearing out for long duration.
    • All protective measures are taken care of while designing the extractor.
    • It has powerful and deep cleaning abilities.
    • Inline heating technology gives a fast and restorative cleaning.
    • VersaClean loosens dirt and grime from the individual carpet strands.
    • Low flow technology ensures the minimum use of water.

    VersaClean Portable Extractor is a completely adaptable and useful product developed by Sapphire Scientific Carpet Cleaning truckmount.


    Technical Tips to help you get the maximize life of your vacuum motors in your portable carpet cleaning machine.

    We have recently received more than the average number of inquiries about vacuum motors “blowing up” and not going the distance.  Vacuum motors are a costly part of your carpet cleaning portable extractor – so what can be done??

    Defoam!     Always use defoamer.   By using a defoaming solution you will stop foam building up in the waste tank which can subsequently be drawn through the vacuum motors.  Foam will dramatically reduce the life of a vacuum motor if it continually passes through the motor windings.  Foam settles in the vacuum motor and converts to water and may cause an electrical short. In the event that foam has entered a vacuum motor, immediately power down the extractor, drain the waste tank and then run the vacuum motors for at least five minutes to allow hot air to expel any liquid and dry out the motor.

    Power Clean offers defoaming solutions (liquid and powder) that are easy and effective to use.  Our range of chemical has been designed with the care of your portable carpet cleaning machine in mind.  Give one of our friendly, expert team a ring for more information on this range.

    Power Leads!    Check that you are using the length of power cord that is recommended in the operating manual for your portable extractor.  Most carpet cleaning machines are rated for amperage (current draw) based on the length of cord the machine comes with.  There is a reason why the cord does not exceed 15 metres.  The longer the cord, the greater the voltage drop and the greater the amperage.

    Maintenance!    Have one of your service team inspect vacuum motors after approximately 400 hrs of use for wear of the motor carbon brushes.  Replacing carbon brushes at the right interval can dramatically extend the life of your motor.

  • Sapphire Scientific carpet cleaning truckmounts

  • Sapphire Scientific line of carpet cleaning truckmounts

    carpet cleaning truckmount: The Sapphire Scientific line of carpet cleaning truckmounts

    In the world of professional cleaning systems the Sapphire Scientific carpet cleaning truckmount is the preferred choice of business owners. A truckmount carpet cleaning unit is just what it sounds like. Instead of having a small electric unit that the operator takes out of the truck and into the job venue with him, the operator has a total cleaning plant inside his truck or work van. From the van a hose takes the hot water and cleaning solution into the building for the operator to use while at the same time suctioning away the waste water. These truckmounts are generally self-powered and work off of a water source at the job site – usually an outdoor water tap.

    The Sapphire Scientific carpet cleaning truckmount gives a wide range of versatility and power. Because the truckmount unit allows for this level of flexibility the operator is able to spend less time on the job site while still getting the cleaning done to a high level of customer satisfaction.

    Truckmount units have been in use for decades and have proven to be reliable and effective at getting a superior cleaning job done without sacrificing time wasted in going over the surface to be cleaned time and time again.

    The Sapphire Scientific line of carpet cleaning truckmounts are superior in their power.

    There really is not a contest in power when it comes to a matchup between a truckmount system and the portable carpet cleaning machines. The truckmount systems are generally powered by petrol engines although there are some models that step up the power by making use of diesel engines. These engines deliver anywhere between eighteen and sixty-eight horsepower. The engines that put out the higher ranges of horsepower are used to clean many types of surfaces.

    · Power makes a difference when it comes to water pressure.

    The Sapphire Scientific line of carpet cleaning truckmounts outshine the competition in this area. While other truck mounted units produce a water pressure that rates somewhere between 800 and 1000 psi, the Sapphire Scientific line has the ability to produce between 1,200 to 3,000 psi. This means that by using the Sapphire Scientific carpet cleaning truckmount the operator has all of the pressure that he needs for any job required of him.

    · Power makes a difference in the area of suction.

    The makers of the Sapphire Scientific line of carpet cleaning truckmounts undertand that it is not enough to get the water to the surface being cleaned, but that the water also must be suctioned away taking the dirt and grime with it. In order to give the operators of their truckmount the best advantage in suction, the manufacturers of the Sapphire Scientific have equipped their units with vacuum blowers that that have a capacity that ranges from 270 CFM in the smaller units up to 850 CFM in the larger units. Because the water is more thoroughly vacuumed out of the surface to be cleaned, both job time and drying time is effectively and substantially reduced.

    · Power produces heat.

    More power produces more heat. The Sapphire Scientific line of carpet cleaning truckmounts has the ability to not only produce the heat that is vital to an effective and efficient cleaning, but they also are equipped with a heat exchange system that makes the units themselves more efficient. In this system, fresh water runs through the heat exchanger and draws heat from the waste water as it is expelled. This means that that the temperature of the water going out of the unit to the operator can be maintained at a steady and predictable level of heat.

    The Sapphire Scientific line of carpet cleaning truckmounts are superior in their versatility.

    Every business owner wants to expand their opportunity to make more money with the investments that they make in equipment. The Sapphire Scientific carpet cleaning truckmount systems will allow the business owner to do just that. The Sapphire Scientific’s powerful design allows it to be extremely versatile. This versatility is achieved through the use of different cleaning heads attached to the machine by means of the water hoses. These varied cleaning heads allow the operator to effectively clean surfaces that he wasn’t capable of cleaning before with a standard portable commercial carpet cleaner. Some of the new surface cleaning (and therefore money making) opportunities that open up to the owner of one of the higher end Sapphire Scientific units are:

    · Tile and Grout

    The tile and grout cleaning head for the carpet cleaning truckmount units opens up an income stream that was before unavailable to the carpet cleaning professional. The tile and grout head allows the operator to thoroughly clean everything from a tile floor to a tub and shower surround.

    · Roof and Gutters

    Without the exceptional power of a Sapphire Scientific unit, the idea of a carpet cleaning company also having the ability to clean roofs and gutters would have been laughable. However, it is now a viable reality and opens up a door of opportunity for the business owner. The cleaning of roofs and gutters is now made possible by the power of the Sapphire Scientific carpet cleaning truckmount. A roof and gutter cleaning wand allows the operator to clean the gutters of a one story house while standing on the ground.

    · Pressure Washing

    Here again is an area where the carpet cleaning truckmount’s power stands head and shoulders above a portable commercial carpet cleaner. With a pressure washing wand attachment the unit is capable of power washing practically anything from a car to a whole house.

    · Concrete Cleaning

    Utilizing the concrete cleaning attachment head, the Sapphire Scientific’s carpet cleaning truckmount allows the business owner to branch out into cleaning concrete and stone patios, walkways, driveways, and pool decks. The advantage of this system is both the thorough clean that the truckmount unit allows the operator to affect and the extraction of the dirt and grime that is pulled away by the powerful vacuum blowers. This leaves the surface clean and free from debris and particles.

  • 6 Steps to Choosing Good Carpet Cleaning Equipment

    When starting a commercial carpet cleaning business, you
    need to know the type of equipment you should be acquiring right from the start.
    Yes, you can wing it and learn from your mistakes but times are hard and it’s a
    really competitive world out there. Why waste time and money when you can get
    it right the first time? This is why we wrote this guide to help you choose the
    best equipment for your business.

    How to Choose Carpet Cleaning Equipment

    1. What Cleaning Services Do You Plan To Offer?

    Would you like to include hard surface cleaning, rug and
    upholstery cleaning to the list of services you plan to offer to your potential

    If you are going to focus on cleaning hard surfaces, you
    need to find out how hard surface floor cleaning systems work. In essence, a
    hard surface floor cleaning system is a carpet exterior attachment, making it a
    dual surface cleaner. Hard surfaces are essentially pressure cleaned so you
    need to choose a machine that can generate a powerful blast of water. Water pressure,
    in this case is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). So when choosing your
    cleaning equipment, you should at least choose one with 800PSI although an
    extractor that can generate 1200PSI will be most ideal.

    If you prefer to focus on carpet cleaning only, machines
    with 200+ PSI will be fine. The reason why you should avoid carpet cleaning
    equipment with a low PSI is because it will slow you down. You will clean and
    rinse at a much slower rate.

    For upholstery, you need to be careful about the PSI. The
    last thing you want is to ruin delicate fabric by using a machine with a high

    2. Which Vehicle Do You Plan To Buy?

    You need to buy a van that can fit as much carpet cleaning
    equipment as possible. Most machines, like our Floormaster Portable Extractor,
    can easily fit into a smaller van. But if you plan to carry other accessories
    like drying equipment including air movers and dehumidifiers, scrubbers and sweepers and cleaning solutions such as air conditioning cleaning equipment, you’ll
    need a larger van. It might be a bit expensive at first but since you are
    working towards acquiring a more stable client base (at least that’s what we
    hope you want), you won’t have to worry about setting aside a chunk of cash to
    buy another van. Besides, wouldn’t it cost you more money and waste a lot of
    time making several trips just to get all your equipment to your working

    3. Maneuverability

    At one point, you’ll get clients who need areas with lots of
    stairs and no elevator access to be cleaned. In such a situation, you will need
    to equip yourself with a lightweight machine that can be easily lifted or a
    high PSI machine that can run a longer hose.

    4. High Heat and Airflow

    High heat is important for jobs where there is no heat such
    as at the end of a tenancy. In this case, you need a machine with in-line heat.
    Not only will this reduce set up time but you will also get better results when
    cleaning because the machine produces almost instant heat.

    As for airflow, you need to choose a machine with twin or
    triple vacuums. Airflow is created from the suction of the vacuum motors. The greater
    the airflow, the more hoses you’ll be able to run and the faster the carpets
    will dry.

    5. Easy to Clean Carpet Cleaning Equipment

    Considering you’ll be using your equipment 5 days a week for
    the next 5 to 10 years, you’ll want to be able to maintain its appearance. Your
    customers will judge you by how you look and by how your equipment looks so
    make sure it looks presentable.

    6. Budget for your Carpet Cleaning Business

    Most people put money first when considering what type of
    carpet cleaning equipment to buy but we put this last because of one simple

    If it has all the qualities that make it efficient and
    durable, then you can make your money work. We are not suggesting that you go
    above your budget but there are other options to consider that will help you
    acquire the equipment you need.

    For instance, some startups consider leasing to finance
    their carpet cleaning equipment. This way, their money is not tied up in equipment and they can use it to expand other areas of their business such as training and marketing. And
    with leasing, you can always discuss a payment plan where at the end of the
    lease period, you acquire full ownership of the equipment. The greatest
    advantage of all is that, you get to acquire new and advanced equipment without
    breaking the bank.

    If leasing doesn’t sound like an option, you can always opt
    to purchase second hand equipment. The reason why most people hesitate to buy
    second hand equipment is because they imagine it’s equipment that has been
    misused and is dilapidated. This is not usually the case because you can get
    carpet cleaning equipment that’s been used for 10+ years and still performs as
    good as brand new equipment. It all comes down to how well the equipment was
    maintained during the time it was in service.

    One Last Thing

    It’s always a good idea to get you and your staff trained on
    how to use the carpet cleaning machines before acquiring them. We emphasize
    this because:

    1. You Will Learn How to Handle Various Types of Carpet
    Cleaning Equipment

    At the end of your training, you’ll be an expert at handling
    various equipment like carpet extractors, vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners.
    You’ll also learn how to:

    • Achieve full potential from your carpet cleaning equipment
    • How to prepare it for work
    • How to keep it in tip-top operating condition

    2. Training helps you secure specific skills fit for your

    You need to know how to remove different types of stains on
    different types of carpet material and the right method to use. You can only
    make these decisions if you are equipped with the right skill set.

    3. You Will Increase productivity

    You tend to work much faster when you know what you are supposed
    to do as opposed to poking around, looking for what works and what doesn’t.
    Moreover, you will get the job done to your clients’ satisfaction.

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