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  • Tile and grout cleaning equipment

    Tile Cleaning Equipment

    Tile and grout cleaning can be a lucrative service for professional carpet cleaners to add to their existing carpet cleaning business or many other cleaning service related businesses. At Powerclean Industries Australia, we carry a broad range of portable cleaning machines specifically manufactured to clean tiles, tile cleaning tools, cleaning chemicals and numerous accessories for the tile cleaning industry.

    Powerclean Industries Australia is currently providing special package discounts on our high pressure portable extractors. In addition to providing all of the cleaning products needed to venture into tile and grout cleaning, we can guide business owners or cleaning technicians through the processes involved in professionally cleaning tiles and grout as well as other hard surface cleaning options.

    The advantages of using a purpose built portable cleaning machine in conjunction with a spray and capture tile spinner include benefits such as-

    -being able to provide more efficient and superior cleaning results to almost any other tile cleaningprocedure. Conventional tile cleaning are traditionally far more labour intensive and typically won’t leave tiles and grout as clean or anywhere near as chemical free.

    -encompassing all of the features required to efficiently clean tiles in one compact portable cleaning machine. Our high pressure carpet cleaning portable extractors have an inbuilt pressure pump capable of 1200 psi, automatic fill and waste pump out and ample vacuum to effectively recover water.

    -using a portable cleaning machine means exactly that, you can easily manoeuvre our machines directly into the job site rather than in the case of larger truckmount machinery, having to find parking within close proximity of the area being cleaned. Our portable extractors have large semi pneumatic wheels to enable transporting the cleaning machine up stairwell and other challenging obstacles much easier.

    - These versatile cleaning machines can also be used at lower pressures to clean upholstery or be used for professional carpet cleaning.

    The two packages we have on offer are our new Floormaster HP portable cleaning machine and theVersaclean 1200MS high pressure portable extractor package. In both cases, our portable tile cleaningmachine packages include the high pressure portable extractor, a stainless steel 12” 2 jet carpet cleaningwand, a Turbo Hybrid 12” tile spinner, a Mytee Dry upholstery tool, a 7.5m hose set as well as a diverse range of carpet cleaning and tile cleaning chemicals. Each of our high pressure portable cleaning machines have unique features and benefits that would appeal to a range of professional cleaners who wish to undertake tile and grout cleaning in either residential or commercial work environments.


    For more information regarding our high pressure portable cleaning machines or anything else related to carpet cleaning or tile cleaning, please contact Powerclean Industries Australia on 1300276 937


    Great reviews and feedback from all who attended our training workshops in Perth. 

    David Oakes our guest presenter from Restoration Science Academy provided up to date, practical tips over the 2 day workshops.

    Day One highlights included introduction to the developments in fibres in carpet & fabric manufacture, the latest trends and effective carpet cleaning techniques as well as some practical tips on identifying potential problems & simple solutions.  It was an interactive session with hands-on, practical training with interactive demonstrations.

    Day Two focused on Restoration – how to remove water fast – the right tools & techniques.  Determining when materials are truly dry, understanding problematic odour damage and remedies.

    Thanks to all those who attended – hope to see you back in 2017!Training Perth Perth 2016 Demo SOS Pro

  • Commercial/Industrial Carpet Cleaning Machines

    Carpets are extensively used in homes and to ensure that a healthy living environment exists in the home, it is essential that the carpet be cleaned and that stains and dirt is removed from them on a regular basis.  Carpet cleaners need to be able to identify the variety of carpet fibres so that damage is not caused when they are cleaned.  Once the carpet fibre is identified cleaners have a choice of methods, equipment and chemicals.

    clean carpet machine

    Several commercial carpet cleaning  services are there to assist in such situations. There carpet cleaning system can be classified into different equipment categories. Each of the categories is applied for different kind of cleaning for remarkable results. There are truckmount extractions, portable extraction equipment and extraction cleaners for residential use. Therefore, owning right equipment for similar kind of carpets to match its fabric and size is of utmost importance.

    Depending on the extensiveness of the job undertaken, the machinery used in the cleaning differs from mobile truck mounted extractors to simple rotary scrubber.
    Professional carpet cleaners or various companies dealing in carpet cleaning own a huge assortment of carpet cleaning equipment. These machines are specifically designed so as to clean carpets skillfully and efficiently.
    Powerclean Industries deals in innovative and state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment. We have a wide array of machines for different purposes along with cleaning products and other necessary accessories.
    Types of Carpet Cleaning Equipment


    Carpet cleaning truckmount equipment plays a major role in carpet and upholstery cleaning with its hot water extraction cleaning method.   These machines are varied in power and suction available to clean but all use a unique heat exchanger to offer high temperature water cleaning methods.   Sapphire Scientific Carpet Cleaning truckmount is the most powerful and space-saving truckmount to come under this category.  The truckmount range available under the leading brand name have set new standards for performance and quality.

    Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines:

    These extractors are more compact.   Their compact size makes their handling and transportation very easy and comfortable. They fit in the vans of almost all sizes and are stress-free in their storage. These Portable Extractors have newfangled and pioneering features that add to the smooth operation of the machines. These machines are versatile and top of the line in cleaning carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces.

    Rotary Scrubbers:

    Rotary scrubbers are remarkably efficient and immensely sturdy. These machines effectively remove the sticky or argillaceous substances from the carpets. Equipped with solution tank and shower brush for carpet and hard floor use. The operation of rotary scrubbers is very simple even for a novice. This range of cleaning machinery is available in various makes and models. This versatile and compact system makes floor and carpet scrubbing handy and efficacious.

    Cimex-Planetary Scrubber:

    Cimex-Planetary Scrubber unveils high performance owing to its state-of-the-art technical specifications. All the parts and components utilized in the cleaner are specifically designed to enhance the functioning and operation of the system. This unsurpassed technical approach of the unit is not only to make it the best but it also emphasizes on putting you at the top of the competition. It provides deep cleaning for all the sides of fiber.

    Orbot Cleaning Systems:

    The unit delivers deep and restorative cleaning of the carpets and upholstery in less time than other systems. It has the ability to power in the tough conditions. It easily captures soil off the carpet and makes them residue-free. It is automatic and operates simply that makes the extractor a must have to save costs and time. The machine is ideal for encapsulation cleaning of carpets. You can polish, wax and strip your hardwood floors, stone, bricks and concrete.
    Twin Cylindrical Scrubbers: This patented cleaning system uses twin cylindrical brushes for more thorough and effectual cleaning of structured floors. The ergonomic design of these machines provides high quality and optimal cleaning in single pass. It is very efficient in daily maintenance operations and is accessible to the critically tight spaces. It has in-built wheels for effortless movements and easy maneuverability in both directions. The scrubber ensures deep cleaning and proficient performance.

    Rotary Extractor:

    These highly efficient portable extractors reach those places with their cleaning capabilities that were unreachable before with the truckmount. Application of these powerful and flexible Rotary Extractors can
    boost your business accommodations by delivering professional quality work. The mobility of the extractor is a must have in your inventory to expand your business and reach cleaning service requests in almost any environment.


    Encapsulation is the latest technology in the carpet cleaning industry for more amazing results. This is a low moisture system for leaving the carpets dry and free from all the sticky residues. The process is simple and does not involve high-end trainings. It is a cost-effective way that covers large surfaces quickly and cleans them in minimal downtime. This advancement in the carpet cleaning equipment has grown in leaps and bounds for extraordinary cleaning.
    Commercial Vacuum Cleaners: Our commercial vacuum cleaners are intently devised for everyday use in a commercial environment. There are several brands and models of vacuum cleaners for different cleaning purposes. They are immensely efficient in coping with every kind of dirt whether damp, dry or wet. They are versatile, compact and highly portable. From small-sized industrial vacuum cleaners to stationary extraction systems, we have all the high-quality products to offer.

    Hard Surface Cleaning:

    Hard surface cleaning is one of the most vital cleaning requirements for every home. Surfaces and preferences vary a lot across customers and homes. Therefore, using a pioneering surface cleaning system is the only way to meet all the expectations of variety of floos. It needs high pressure cleaning for a deep clean and capture. We have right machinery and equipment for every particular need of surface and flooring. We specialize in all areas of tiles, stones and concrete.

    Carpet Cleaning Accessories:

    Specific tools for every different job saves you a lot of time and money. Bearing this in mind, we hold an extensive range of commercial cleaning accessories for carpets and hard surfaces. We provide all the carpet cleaning accessories from spray jets to connectors and wands for assisting in deep restoration of wide variety of carpets.
    Importance of investing in the right equipment cannot be denied especially if you are in the cleaning industry. With the ever-increasing and growing technology, the advent of new systems has made it easier to provide deep and effective cleaning to all the customers out there.

  • Commercial Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine

    A Portable carpet cleaner reduces any health risks that lurk in floor surfaces and produce healthy carpets that look great. Sounds good, right? Let us introduce ourselves properly. Our portable carpet cleaning machine utilizes the latest technology so you can clean carpets without breaking a sweat. If you own a cleaning business and want to professionally clean carpets, we have products that suit your circumstances. Looking for steaming cleaning machines? Or industrial-strength cleaning equipment that does the job? You've come to the right place. Read on to find out more about the many benefits of a portable carpet cleaning machine and the importance of finding the right product for your business.

    portable carpet cleaning machine


    Sometimes carpets just can't be cleaned by hand. Perhaps dust has built up over several years on a floor surface, making it difficult to remove, or you come across stains that have become ingrained in the floor surface. Instead of cleaning by hand, a portable carpet cleaning machine does all the hard work for you. What's more, it's a lot cheaper than you think. Investing in a carpet cleaning machine can save you money when cleaning, and once you've given floor surfaces a deep clean with a machine, carpets will look great for years to come. Here are some of the benefits of using a portable carpet cleaning machine.

    + It's a lot easier to use than you think: While people think that using a carpet cleaning machines requires specialist knowledge, this couldn't be further from the truth. All our machines are ready to use and require little in the way of set-up or assembly. Get stuck? That's fine. Just contact us and we'll talk through everything with you, including tips on how to use your machine to remove stubborn stains that have built up over several years.

    + Streamline the carpet cleaning process: Bending down and cleaning carpets manually can be a chore, and over time, may take its toll on your shoulders or back. With a professional cleaning machine, the equipment does all the hard work for you. The result? You get a professional-looking clean without any of the stress. A commercial portable carpet cleaning machine often comes with various settings so you can customize the cleaning process to suit your needs. A portable cleaning device can do all that and then some.

    + Impress clients: If you own a cleaning business, you likely have clients that you work with who expect the best quality cleaning service from you. Our portable cleaning machine ensures that dirt, dust, grime and any nasty toxins are removed from their carpets. Clients will be impressed by the appearance of their new carpets and are more likely to place an order with you again in the future.

    + Easy to store: A portable cleaning machine can be stored easily when it's no longer being used. Modern equipment is quick to transport so you won't have to worry about a bulky machine taking up too much space.

    Different types of portable machine

    Portable cleaning machines come in various shapes and sizes. You'll need to choose one that suits your cleaning project. The most popular types are hot water extraction machines, which use steam to quickly remove stains and dust on floor surfaces. Dry cleaning machines are another popular type of product that are becoming increasingly popular among cleaning franchise owners and cleaners. Although these products will vary in specification and price, you'll need to choose a product that best suits your circumstances. A good place to start is a price comparison website, where you can compare various devices in one place, saving you having to scour the internet for the best machines. A price comparison website lets you see the cheapest prices and which machines are best for your requirements. You should also refer to third-party review websites when determining the best products for cleaning carpets. These sites include reviews left by people who have purchased a portable cleaning machine, such as a dry cleaner or steam cleaner, in the past, providing you with all the info you need.

    Difference between automatic and manual cleaners

    When it comes to portable cleaners, there are two main types. Manual cleaners will require you to fill and empty water from the machine and are often cheaper than automatic cleaners. Many people prefer using automatic cleaners because they connect to a tap and streamline the water filling and emptying process. Decide on which features you need when selecting a cleaner.

    Different portable cleaner parts

    You'll also need to consider all the moving parts that help you get the clean you want. For example, modern machines come with equipment such as vacuum cleaners, mitts, brushes, pads, brooms and hard surface tools. Finding out more about these components will help you in your search for the perfect portable cleaner. Not sure which parts you need for your cleaner? Contact us and we'll provide you with all the info you need!


    Still confused? Here's a recap of everything you need to know when choosing a commercial portable carpet cleaning machine.

    + Portable carpet cleaners are available in various types. Among the most popular include dry cleaning machines and steam machines, both of which are effective at dust and grime removal.

    + Decide whether you want an automatic or manual machine for your cleaning business. Although automatic devices can work out to be more expensive, they can provide you wth various benefits over manual machines. You might find that these machines are a worthwhile investment and pay for themselves in the long run!

    + Factor in the cost of additional carpet cleaning equipment, like brushes and brooms, when choosing a portable cleaner. There are many spare parts that can make a portable device more effective; however, these come at a price.

    What to do next

    Looking for professional carpet cleaning equipment that automates the cleaning process? A machine that provides you with cleaner carpets? Cleaner flooring surfaces? Contact us today and we'll help you find a portable carpet cleaner that ticks every box. If you own a cleaning business, we can help. When you contact us, we won't waste your time. In fact, we'll determine the best portable products based on your needs. We look forward to receiving your call!

  • Floormaster - portable carpet cleaning extractor

    Floormaster portable extractor is one of the commercial carpet cleaning machines available in the Australian market. It is manufactured in the United States but sold in several parts of the world. It comes with a five-year warranty.
    *Large wheel's that make it possible to wheel the machine up the stairs with ease.*The body is made of molded polyethylene material that can withstand scratches and hence lasts longer than fiberglass.*Better performance. This extractor has two airflow 3-stage vacuum motors where others have one. These motors run parallel with twin tubes that feed the waste reservoir. This characteristic is superior in that it supplies a high level of airflow. *It has a capacity of 45 liters of solution and a similar waste recovery capacity. *It weighs 62 kgs.
    The floormaster portable extractor islight and easy to haul around. The increased airflow capablities give it and edge over most of the extractors in the market. Even though it is manufactured in the US, the specifications have been customized to cater to the Australian market.

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