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  • Safety & Your Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment

    Recently we have been reminded of how important it is to ensure that any truckmounted carpet cleaning equipment is chosen with safety in mind and then installed correctly into your vehicle.  You and your workers safety are paramount!

    2 of the most important factors that determine this are:


    The GVM (Gross vehicle Mass) of your vehicle must be considered when determining the model of Sapphire Scientific truckmount purchased.   Be aware of the total weight of the console, waste tank, hoses, APO and then consider what else you normally carry in your van.

    Vehicle Fitout

    The weight of truckmounted carpet cleaning machines ranging from 696 kgs to 1220 kgs with full waste tanks means that correct installation is essential.  Not only will this assist with ease of maintenance but should your vehicle be involved in an accident you can be confident that the machine is secured to the highest possible standard.

    We also recommend the following:

    • A  cargo barrier be installed
    • All loose equipment should be tied and secured with anchor points bolted not screwed.

    At Power Clean we are thinking about your safety.  We are happy to say that no corners are cut in order to give you a cheaper install.   We obviously don’t want our installs to be ‘crash tested’ but this recent accident shows that even under extreme conditions the truckmount (and even the chemical shelf!) remained secured in the installed position.

    Mahon accident shot 1 Mahon accident shot 2 Mahon accident shot 3 Mahon

    We are very happy to report that the customer walked away unharmed and was back in business with the truckmount repaired and mounted in a new van within the month!


    Whether buying second hand hand carpet cleaning equipment or new,  the No 1 rule in any purchase should be:

    You want to make sure the equipment you purchase is good quality and that should a breakdown occur spare parts are readily available.

    If the decision is made to purchase used carpet cleaning equipment, the following checklist will assist with your purchasing and help protect your investment.

    A visual inspection of the equipment often gives clues as to how well the carpet cleaning machine has been maintained.   Make sure the machine is clean internally as well as externally.

    Check all filters, pump and waste tank.

    Run the carpet cleaning machine through all operating functions.  Check auto fill and auto pump out.  Ideally use the machine on a small job.

    While in operation, check for noises from the vacuum motors as these regularly suck in foam which caused damage.

    If the machine has tile and grout cleaning capabilities, test with the tile spinner that you will be using.  If the tile spinner is also second hand, check the jets.  Jets can be maintained but still need to be replaced on a regular basis.   Brass every 6 months, stainless steel every 12 months.

    Check whether the carpet cleaning machine has been regularly serviced by a professional repair company.  If so, it is well worth a phone call to them to check on the machine.

    Obviously buying a second hand carpet cleaning machine does not mean you have the 12 month Manufacturer’s warranty and the comfort of knowing that there are no ‘hidden’ surprises but there are advantages.  If the machine is a good quality brand, has Australian customer support, including fully stocked spare parts and has been well maintained the cost saving is well worth it.

    If you are interested in second hand equipment, check out our website or give us a call on 1300 276 937 for a comprehensive list of what is currently available.

  • 5 Great Reasons to Start your Carpet Cleaning Business with Powerclean products:

    5 Great Reasons to Start your Carpet Cleaning Business with Powerclean products:

    1. Professional products that produce quality results every time
    2. Versatile equipment that cleans carpet & upholstery & upgrade option for tile cleaning
    3. Easy to operate – reducing operator fatigue
    4. Low capital investment – quick return on investment
    5. Fast set up/pack up times leaves more time for other jobs.
    Start up Carpet Cleaning Portable Package Start up Carpet Cleaning Portable Package

    When starting a carpet cleaning business we want you to feel confident that you are starting with the best possible carpet cleaning equipment, the best backup and support and the best advice.  Our start-up packages offer you everything that you need to get started.  The Number One reason however that customers choose Power Clean is our outstanding customer service.   Our expert & friendly staff are here to help and we offer a 24 hour technical support hotline – 1300276937!  Give us a call to see how we can get your business in carpet cleaning started.

  • Sapphire Scientific Truckmounts & their competitive edge Heat Exchanger


    Those who own and operate a Sapphire Scientific truckmount will already swear by the competitive edge the “fin tubing” heat exchanger makes!   Why?  It both captures and dissipates heat far more efficiently than other truckmount heat exchangers.

    Sapphire Scientific revolutionary heat exchanger

    Some of the differences Sapphire Scientific Truckmount owners benefit from:

    Superior Performance.  Coils don’t clog even when water or foam is pumped into the heat exchanger system.  Compare the truckmount heat exchangers above – note the build up of dirt and grime on the competitor’s heat exchanger.  Build up which causes reduced airflow or ‘back pressure’. 

    Heat generated from the Sapphire Scientific heat exchanger actually increases the water temperature by several degrees over and above that of traditional heat exchangers, raising cleaning effectiveness.

    Reliability that you can depend on, Sapphire Scientific heat exchangers produce consistent heat – every time!

    Extended truckmount life due to precision engineering and superior design.

    To find out more information on the Sapphire Scientific truckmounted carpet cleaning machines ring on our our expert team on 1300 276 937

  • Australia-wide Sapphire Scientific Service Network Delivers!

    Power Clean Industries is proud to offer a comprehensive nationwide Service and Technical Support network for your carpet cleaning equipment & hard surface cleaning equipment needs.

    Our committed Australia-wide dealers and service agents are able to provide equipment installation, service and repair, planned maintenance and technical support.

    WA Dealer, WA Cleaning Equipment & Repair (WACER) has just completed this Sapphire Scientific 370 truckmount installation for a first time truck mounted carpet cleaning machine owner.

    Rodolfa - Klass A Carpet Cleaning Rodolfa - Klass A Carpet Cleaning

    WACER were able to assist the customer through the complete purchasing process.   Their extensive knowledge of the equipment, gained through their service based business background,  allowed them to evaluate the client’s needs and assist in selecting the right equipment for their business.

    They were able to refer the client to other professionals in the industry who have chosen a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to get feedback from those in the field.  Overwhelmingly the Sapphire Scientific truckmount came back as the No 1 choose.  Customers continually comment on its reliability and performance.  They were also extremely happy with the small footprint of the console.

    Of course with the team at WACER as the WA service agents, the client also felt confident that should there be a breakdown, the friendly and experienced team, would get him back on the road in the minimal amount of time.  WACER are renowned for their outstanding customer service.

    Rodolfa from Klass A Carpet Cleaning chose the Sapphire Scientific 370 and installed by WACER and we welcome him to the Sapphire Scientific truckmount family!

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