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VersaClean Portable carpet cleaning machine


When looking for a machine that has over years recorded the best outcome in the market and at home; then the search is over for VersaClean Portables are the machine for your carpet both at home and in the office. The machine offers high performance in cleaning services both for domestic and commercial use. That is not all, the VersaClean cleaning machine are the only machines currently in the market of superior quality with higher mobility.

Why is it the most preferred carpet cleaning machine?

· They are easy to carry along with you as they can easily fit into the car.

· VersaCleaning machines have the longest durability period than any other carpet cleaning machines in the market thus minimizing the daily maintenance operation to the user.

· In our stores, you will never miss your most preferred one from the wide variety of our VersaCleaning machines; heated and unheated PSI units not forgetting the 1200MS all surface cleaner with out-fill and auto-pumpout.

· The machine provides deep restoring cleaning; a feature that helps you save more time in doing the cleaning.

· They are also easy to use and no special training might be required.

· Due to their sizes, one is able to reach the critical corners of the floor during cleaning without straining. Such areas may include the beneath of furniture, storage areas and other less frequently cleaned spots.

· The machine is also safer to user considering the environment of application.

· A variety of VersaClean cleaning machines have considerably lighter weights making them ideal and multipurpose.

Portable carpet cleaning machine Features

Versacleaning machine has been modeled to fit all floors, hard, tiles and carpet. The results will automatically show the engineering behind it.

· It has deep soil and dirt extractor that leaves your carpet clean and drier within the shortest time possible.

· It is also fitted with onboard prespray wand that if convenient for any floor.

· The auto-fill and auto-pumpout system offers a continuous flow technology and the user do not need to stop to do the filling every time the detergents run out.

· In addition to the auto-fill auto-pumpout, VersaCleaning machine also has an automatic chemical dispenser –no mixing, no waste.

· It also has a multi-jet rotary cleaning head which provides the best agitation to the loose and suspended soil on your carpet.

· The other feature that makes this machine outstanding is its ability to record high performance, get deep as it restores the carpets original state.

· It is also fitted with noise suppressor and perfect housing to reduce the sound produced during operation.

· Its clamshell construction offers an easy access to its components for maintenance.

· It is well designed with switches at its sides and for safety reasons, protective caps are fitted on the switches.

VersaClean VC700 Carpet cleaning system.

VersaClean Carpet cleaner vary in sizes and technological advancement. Let us take this one as an example of one of the perfect appliance.

· This is one of the most powerful cleaning machines with the best features suitable for vast purposes.

· It is fitted with a powerful rotary head with the capacity to make700- pass per minute rotary.

· With this there is no need to constantly add water to the system as it has 0.6GPM water flow and high flow vacuum system.

· In addition, it has a continuous flow system and no tank for pumping

· Other amazing features include onboard prepray wand and an enormous non-marking semi-pneumatic wheels which makes it easy to handle and less weight.

· No fear for corrosion from interior as it has powder coated steel frame and rotomolded housing and tanks.

· This wonderful and powerfully engineered machine is a ginormous time saver.

Other VersaClean Carpet cleaners and accessories

· Versaclean 50’ horse and power Cord Kit- this is found wrapped on your machine. The set include 1 fresh water and another one waste water horse. Added too are two power cords which will only be needed during replacement.

· VersaClean AirPath Floor- this appliance is used to uniformly direct air across the floor during cleaning. It has a powerful horsepower velocity of 40mph airflow. In addition to outlet velocity, it has 360 outlet drill design, 1mph motor with 2-speed switch. The wide surface is fitted with 8 blades and a cord length of 25 ft.

· VersaClean Dri-Pod Floor Fan- To increase the evaporation rate on the floor, this device produces a high velocity.

· VersaClean Cobra hand Detail tool- However small the machine, the output is amazing like for this machine. It can handle up to 2500 PSI and has a high strength ST. The machine is ideal for hard to reach area.

VersaClean also comes with other amazing products that work together with the VersaClean machines in order to produce the best desired cleaning both at home and in the office. Such products include;

· Hard surface facelift- This product works like a detergent on the VersaClean cleaning machine. It removes the scam and scales on the surface that might be as a result of hard water thus leaving the surface brightened.

· Kill odor plus- this is specifically meant to be used in cleaning the carpets. The specified amount is fed into the VersaClean machine. It removes stains, soil leaving the carpet brighter than before. In addition, it also removes the bad smell from the carpet leaving it fresh smelling. It acts as a traffic cleaner and deodorizer.

· If your brightly colored carpet is browning and you are wondering of what to do, then your worries are sorted with Optimal Rinse. The product has the best chemical additive that is capable preventing carpet browning.

· Cleaning during the rainy season is always very tiresome because of the tough soil and mud. However, traffic lane cleaner called Fission has the technology to separate the soil in your carpet leaving it cleaner.

· DynaForce77-Biosolv is an in-built tank detergent that works perfectly well leaving the fibers of your carpet clean and brighter.

Cleaning has been made easier, more effective and faster with the invention of the VersaClean cleaning machine especially for carpet cleaning. With this product one is guaranteed a noiseless cleaning, faster cleaning and sparkling carpets in the household or in the office.