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10 Secrets Of Success In Carpet Cleaning Business

If you are a professional carpet cleaning company, you’d probably know that good techniques are important not only to market but also to increase your carpet cleaning business.

Here are 10 secrets of success in carpet cleaning business which will help you grow your business and earn more:

Tip#1. Always do something extra: You can also call it “value addition” free of cost service. It is not necessary that you do some extra cleaning of the carpet; rather, you can clean some machinery base or door entrance mat. Always take permission before performing this free service.

Tip#2. Technicians should wear gloves: Don’t make the customer get afraid with your dirty hands. Wear gloves before moving the furniture or touching the upholstery. The customer must be satisfied that you are not going to make the furniture dirty. It is also a safety concern so us as technicians to have to worry about the Threshold Limit Value of the solutions that we are using.

Tip#3. For pre-spray applications: You can use hydro force injection sprayer. Hydroforce Injection Sprayer is unique and simple to use because it makes complex function such as setting dilution ratios easy by simply turning a knob. The best part is that it can be used at high pressures such as 1000 PSI as well as low pressures such as 50 PSI. Hydroforce Injection Sprayer guarantees productivity and efficiency not seen in other products of the type.

Tip#4. Use a rotary extractor: A rotary extractor such as the Sapphire Scientific Hoss 700 will help to achieve consistency in the performance. When a technician is tired, the performance goes down. The rotary extractor will always give the same results, and also provides a great marketing advantage over your competitors.

Tip#5. Prepare a regular schedule and convince your customer to buy that plan: Study the area, size, workload, requirements and needs of the customer and make a comprehensive regular cleaning schedule at discounted rate. Propose the plan to the customer and convince to implement. This will be good for both of you as a regular cleaning plan ensures better cleaning, regular income for you and less charges for the customer. The scheduled plan is especially good for the industrial and large area customers.

Tip#6. For restaurants, use enzyme pre-sprays: The places where food is served have the dirtiest and greasy carpets. Use enzyme pre-sprays before cleaning.

Tip#7. Adopt new advertising concepts: Using yellow pages for marketing is an old method and is less effective now. Adopt new marketing techniques and methods. One such method is use of websites and that is highly rewarding and effective.

Tip#8. Give customer a free carpet spotter bottle having your contact information: This is the best way to make customer remember you and call you next time. Get your company’s logo and complete contact details printed on the bottle.

Tip#9. Meet your staff regularly: An owner who does not meet with the staff and technicians is always a looser. I always say what if you don’t meet your family regularly and do not listen to their problems and do not find solutions. Will they be happy or angry? Same way, your business will prosper if you meet your staff regularly and listen to their problems and suggestions. These meeting will also provide you an opportunity to equip them with new techniques to grow your business.

Tip#10. Staff should use door mats before entering the house and shoe covers: This is self-explanatory. You should buy few re-washable door mats and keep those in the transport. And when you put the disposable shoe covers on when entering the clients house, it is a very visual statement that you are professional and will look after your clients furnishings.

Remember, through these silent messages, you are conveying your customers that you care for them and you are the best. These value added secrets will not cost you much but will definitely bring you more business, regular customers and good name in the market.

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