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5 Important Tips for Carpet Protection

Carpet_Protector_2When homeowners hire professional carpet cleaners, they are looking for a clean, stain-free carpet that will stay clean for as long as possible. The key to a clean carpet lasting longer is carpet protection. In fact most people are aware of the advantages of a protector, but they do not have the inclination to buy one and clean their carpets themselves. Thus professional cleaners must ensure that they use good quality carpet protectors such as Fibre Guard protector in order to ensure a better cleaning experience for the client and one that will result in cleaner carpets for the future.

Here are five essential tips to bear in mind for carpet protection.

1.      Demonstrate!

Certain customers may have had a prior experience that clouds their judgment about carpet protection. A poor fabric protection product and ineffective application techniques can tarnish the reputation of carpet protectors. A great way to make a believer out of clients who have had such experiences is to demonstrate carpet protection. Fabric protection demos can be done on more traditional surfaces such as cushions or cloth or you can use facial tissues or cardboard to drive your point home. The important thing is to apply fabric protector on half the surface. That way, you can illustrate an untreated and treated result.

2.      Give customers incentives:

If your client is hesitant to purchase carpet protection services even after watching a demo, then present them with enticing offers. Deals such as “2 seats protected for the price of 1” and “50% off today!” can seriously motivate a client to buy carpet protection services.

3.      Bundle services

When services are packaged together, clients save money and all clients love that. Bundle your services together in order to encourage more carpet protection sales. Mattress sanitisation, specialty odour control and leather cleaning are three such services that can be used to form bundles that will attract customers.

4.      Attend to spills and high traffic areas – pronto!

It is wise to clean up fresh spills and stains first before they soak in deeper into the fibre. These are easier to remove and stains left unattended for long can become permanent.

Similarly, tackling high traffic areas is essential for ultimate carpet protection. Apply one coat of a product such as Rhino Shield Gold first to high traffic areas before application to the entire area.

5.      Life Expectancy:

For best results that last, Fibre Guard Protector must be applied after every second clean. If the surface is cleaned once a year, life expectancy will be 2 years. Similarly, if it is cleans every 6 months, life expectancy would be one year.

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