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Are You Using Facebook Advertising For Your Cleaning Business?

Facebook and Google get compared a lot these days, but with its new advertising strategy, Facebook is adapting Google’s ad strategy to its social media.

Think about it. Tens of thousands of people in your market base use Facebook on a daily basis. Think about targeting a select group of these consumers with a carefully prepared message selling your cleaning services?

That is precisely what advertising on Facebook can offer you!

So how can you put targeted Facebook advertising to work for your company?

Advertising is critical to every business. How you choose to advertise and market your business, product or services decides the fate of company in terms of profit and overall branding. One small slip can cost heavily because it takes lot of time, money and effort to build reputation and only one wrong stroke to spoil it all.

Creating Facebook fan page is simple and cheap. If you have some budget allotted, then do two things –

1.   Hire a person dedicated to manage Facebook fan page

Facebook page’s potential can be tapped only with some manual effort, which means you should be well connected with your fans on the page. First you should publicize your fan page by sparingly using the like button directed towards your fan page and secondly keep updating your members with some news of their interest or simply a teaser to start the communication. Once an effective communication begins, you simply spread your legs and see the numbers counting and more.

2.   Get some ad for your fan page

Facebook doesn’t make a dime on any of the Pages set up by advertisers. As a marketer, you could do quite well for yourself by running a brand Page and never buying a single ad. But you could only do so well. The reason you will have to buy ads on Facebook goes to the heart of why you need to advertise in the first place.

Make Sure You Do It Right!

You don’t have much space to grab someone’s attention on Facebook ads. You have a 25-character headline, 90 characters in the body and a small 110 x 80 pixel picture (in reality it displays as a 100 x 65 pixel photo). The best chance you have to grab -someone’s attention is with the photo.

As with everything, it’s the return on your investment that matters. Watch how much it costs you to achieve your objective and make sure you have realistic expectations. The ads that perform the best on Facebook typically are either promoting a Facebook page or advertising something free.

Advertising something free that requires an email opt-in can be a great strategy. You can then start connecting with those people via email and social media!

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