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Are You Watching Your Website Traffic?

The Importance of Keeping Track of Visitors to your Website

Anyone who has ever been part of an online marketing campaign will tell you that tracking the traffic to your site is the basic step towards generating more income from the site. It is very important to keep track of exact statistics for your site and then use this data professionally to further your business. The number, quality, and value of the visitors to a site determine the business prospects for the venture.

Tracking the traffic to your website is not difficult at all and there are numerous software, tools, and applications that help you do just that; the more important thing however is to be able to use this analysis to your benefit, and that’s the harder part of the equation.

Tools to Track Traffic to Your Website

integrate-google-analytics-with-thesisOne of the most effective yet free tools to track the traffic to your site is Google Analytics. Facebook insights and WordPress statistics are also useful traffic trackers for use on Facebook pages and WordPress blogs respectively. There are hundreds of other free and paid tools and applications that have been specifically designed to help you track traffic, and you can choose any that you think suits your needs. However, experts advise website owners to use at least a pair of such tools all the times and keep comparing both results to rule out any flaw or mistake.

Watch How the Traffic Is Reaching You

It is important to stay abreast with the general trends and keep adapting to the emerging situations. You must know what is driving the traffic to you, what pages on your site are being viewed, and how much time each person is spending on your website. The keywords that are working for you and the topics that are more popular should also be sorted out. Use this information to build more traffic to your site by adding to the popular content and relegating the not so popular content and links.

How to Convert Hits into Leads

You must be able to distinguish between mere hits and the quality traffic that can potentially turn into leads and earn some dough for you. Try to improve the pages, which in your view are being neglected by users but have the capacity to generate income. If more traffic is viewing pages that have no business value, try thinking of innovative ways to put sales links on those pages; you may want to shift your marketing focus to popular pages on your site. You may even want to add new content that is more popular.

Use the Proper Keywords to Ensure Targeted Flow to Your Site and Increase Sales

More traffic is no use if the potential clients that you are looking for are not amongst the visitors to your site. Keywords are the best way to ensure that the targeted traffic makes its way to your site, thus increasing the chances of more sales. If the customers who are looking for your products on the internet cannot find you through the search engines, the hope of a profitable trade is lost. Make sure that properly targeted keywords are used in your content so that more people interested in your niche make it to your site.

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