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Australia-wide Sapphire Scientific Service Network Delivers!

Power Clean Industries is proud to offer a comprehensive nationwide Service and Technical Support network for your carpet cleaning equipment & hard surface cleaning equipment needs.

Our committed Australia-wide dealers and service agents are able to provide equipment installation, service and repair, planned maintenance and technical support.

WA Dealer, WA Cleaning Equipment & Repair (WACER) has just completed this Sapphire Scientific 370 truckmount installation for a first time truck mounted carpet cleaning machine owner.

Rodolfa - Klass A Carpet Cleaning Rodolfa - Klass A Carpet Cleaning

WACER were able to assist the customer through the complete purchasing process.   Their extensive knowledge of the equipment, gained through their service based business background,  allowed them to evaluate the client’s needs and assist in selecting the right equipment for their business.

They were able to refer the client to other professionals in the industry who have chosen a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to get feedback from those in the field.  Overwhelmingly the Sapphire Scientific truckmount came back as the No 1 choose.  Customers continually comment on its reliability and performance.  They were also extremely happy with the small footprint of the console.

Of course with the team at WACER as the WA service agents, the client also felt confident that should there be a breakdown, the friendly and experienced team, would get him back on the road in the minimal amount of time.  WACER are renowned for their outstanding customer service.

Rodolfa from Klass A Carpet Cleaning chose the Sapphire Scientific 370 and installed by WACER and we welcome him to the Sapphire Scientific truckmount family!