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Carpet Cleaning Equipment – Making the right decisions!

Making the right decisions on the carpet cleaning equipment you purchase when setting up a new business is essential to your business success.

Today we had a customer visit our showroom who really highlighted how a business can grow and prosper within as little as a year.

Just over a year ago he came to us looking at starting a new carpet cleaning business and was deciding on whether to purchase a second hand truck mounted carpet cleaning machine or a portable extractor.   Based on his initial budget and combined with the fact that he had no previous experience in carpet cleaning,  the first decision made was to purchase carpet cleaning equipment that would provide him the best possible machine but at entry level into the industry.

He purchased a Power Clean Floormaster Portable extractor.  This upgraded portable machine was released by Mytee Products in 2014 and is ideal for carpet cleaning as well as upholstery cleaning.  Carpet Cleaners using the machine have given it excellent reviews based on the performance and versatility of the machine.

It comes with 2 x 3 stage vac motors, automatic fill and automatic empty,  features an external metered chemical injection, oil free pressure pump technology and many user friendly features including a wash down hose which is unique to the Floormaster.


Purchasing a portable extractor over a truckmounted carpet cleaning machine provided him with the financial capacity to invest in the most important asset of the new business – himself!!

He attended both IICRC courses as well as other industry training courses, which provided knowledge and practical experience.   This decision proved invaluable and allowed him to have the confidence to deal with customer queries and tackle carpet cleaning jobs from small to the larger commercial cleans.

A year later his business has grown organically and he is now ready to expand his business and is looking to be more competitive in the industry by offering a wider range of services.

The options available are wide and varied but before making any decision on which to add to his business he understands the importance of having a business plan.  This is vital to ensure that the business goals are clear and focused.    There are numerous websites that can assist you in developing and documenting your business plan here are a few:

Services that our customer considered adding on include:  tile & grout cleaning, restoration, airconditioning cleaning, external high pressure cleaning, shower & window cleaning

Based on his long term vision of moving into a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine, he has chosen to add on tile & grout cleaning by purchasing additional cleaning equipment that can be retrofit to the Floormaster Portable carpet cleaning machine.

For a relatively small capital outlay he is ready to offer his customers even better service!  To find out more on the range of carpet cleaning equipment available visit our website or give us a call 1300 276 937 to assist with your decision making when buying new carpet cleaning equipment.