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Creative Facebook Marketing Strategies for Carpet Cleaning Businesses

<Facebook-marketing-promotionOne may think that keeping up with people, posting ones birthday party’s photos and getting in touch with long lost buddies is all Facebook is good for. Think again. Facebook has ushered in an era of new marketing techniques and made it surprisingly cost effective for businesses to advertise their products and services. All one needs to be is tech savvy and quick thinking.

For a conventional industry such as carpet cleaning, Facebook may seem useless as a marketing tool, but the truth could not be more different. There are multiple creative marketing strategies that carpet cleaning businesses, just like all other businesses, can use in order to increase revenue. Here are a few:

Step1: Create a Facebook page

The first step to advertising your business is simply making a Facebook Organization page. This is relatively straightforward and requires no cash.

Step 2: Advertise your Facebook page

Making the organization page is easy. But what is the point of a Facebook page no one knows exists? Thus the next logical step is to let customers know you have a Facebook Page. Simply print the “Find us on Facebook” logo on all business communication sources. This includes everything your company prints such as brochures, invoices, post cleaning procedure lists, estimates etc.

Step 3: Networking

Make a list of all business contacts you want to connect with. These may include insurance adjusters, dry cleaners, plumbers, realtors, flooring retailers etc. Then ask these people to “like” your page. This way, every time you update your page with a status or other communication, they see it. (A note of caution here for those who like to make their political views heard: do not post non-business related updates!)

Step 4: Discounts and deals

You’ve done all the groundwork. You have a smashing Facebook page which all the stakeholders of the carpet cleaning industry are aware of. Next? Facebook’s instantaneous communication advantage means you can post deals and discount announcements in a matter of minutes. Say, you have too many cancellations for the next day – post a discounted deal on carpet cleaning on your Facebook page and chances are, if you’ve announced a good deal, the customers will line up!

Step 5: Keep existing clients informed

Facebook has the added advantage of making education sound like fun. One of the ways to increase revenue is to have your existing clientele use your services more frequently. By posting educational information about your services, for instance, how cleaner carpets last longer, you can educate your clients and simultaneously create demand for your services. You can also post photos and videos of your services that are interesting and out-of-the-box.

Last Step: Update regularly!

Finally, keep your updates regular. Facebook is not meant for those who cannot regularly log in and update their page. In order to maximize Facebook’s marketing results, you must post regular updates – perhaps even on a daily basis – that inform and enlighten your consumers.

The strategies given above are merely the starting point of how Facebook can be used to market your carpet cleaning company. Once you get the hang of it, maintaining your company’s Facebook page can be both fun and yield more profits. In this day and age of constantly changing technology and tech savvy customers, using Facebook for marketing your carpet cleaning business is not only cost effective, it is smart!

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