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Everything You Need To Know About Carpet Browning

Carpet browning or the change of carpet color is one of the worst things that can happen to a carpet. And it gets even more evident on a light colored carpet! Carpet browning occurs because of certain cellulosic fibers originating from plants.

Carpet Browning – The Cause

So what does cause browning in carpets? It happens because of an oxidation reaction of a sugar called lignin. You must be aware that this sugar dissolves in water and cleaning solutions during drying. Over wetting, slow drying and the age of the fabric also contribute towards the likelihood of severe browning. High alkalinity is also the cause of carpet browning.

Preventing Carpet Browning

t-1638For upholstery: Always use a neutral or acid side cleaner when cleaning upholstery like FabriClenz by PowerClean Industries.

Step by Step Process Of Cleaning Upholstery Fabric:

Step 1: Mix 250ml FabriClenz with 4 Litres clean water. Apply this solution onto the fabric until it is wetted out.

Step 2: Rub the surface with a cotton bonnet like 17″ Fibre Plus Pads and then with Clean Cap. To avoid the browning off the surface without rewetting the entire fibre, use a powerful rotary machine.

Step 3: Dry the surface with Sahara-Pro 3/4-HP Air Mover

For carpet cleaning: Use good encapsulean products such as Clean Cap to avoid carpet browning.

Step by Step Process for Preventing Carpet Browning:

Step 1: Thoroughly vacuum the carpet properly.

Step 2: Use an acid rinse neutralizer like CleanRinse, dilute and apply on the carpet with overlapping strokes.

Step 3: Apply protector if desired.

Another Method to Prevent Carpet Browning

Step 1. Using a Pump-up Sprayer like 1lt Industrial Pump Sprayer for dilution, add 10-15 gms of BioClenz Ultra per litre of water.

Step 2. Prespray the BioClenz Ultra on the carpet not allowing it to dry.

Step 3. Agitate for 5-10 mins.

Step 4. Use CleanRinse to clean more effectively

Step 5. Dry the carpet with an air mover such as Sahara-Pro 3/4-HP Air Mover

In sum, Carpet Browning can be prevented if the right chemicals are used with proper directions.

Quick Snapshot of What You Need to Clean & Prevent Carpet Browing

Cleaning Agents Required:

1. FabriClenz

Type: Upholstery prespray

Highlights: outstanding grease cutting performance and stain removal ability

2. CleanCap

Type: Low moisture encapsulation cleaner

Highlights: effective anti-resoiling technology

3. CleanRinse

Type: Clean Rinse

Highlights: Unique polymer technology enhances suspended soil removal whilst providing excellent anti-resoiling action.

4. X-Tract

Type: Emulsifier/neutralizer

Highlights: cuts through the toughest of soils

Required Accessories:

1. 17″ Fibre Plus Pads

Type: Absorption and cleaning pad

Highlights: Uses less solution to get the job done

2. Sahara-Pro 3/4-HP Air Mover

Type: High volume blower

Description: Dries carpet faster than any other product in the market.

3. Orbis Duo Scrubber

Type: encapsulation rotary machine

Highlights: ease of use with the lowest possible initial and lifetime costs

4. Foam Nozzle for 1Lt Pump Sprayer

Type: Pump Sprayer

Highlights: Turns liquid into a foam

5. 1lt Industrial Pump Sprayer

Type: Pump Sprayer

Highlights: High quality sprayer made in Germany

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