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Facebook Advertising For Carpet Cleaners

facebookCurrently Facebook boasts somewhere in excess of 400 million users and growing. More than 50% of all users log into this service every day and about 25% Facebook users engage with Facebook on other websites each month.

You’ve probably heard this by now, but if Facebook was a country it would be the third largest in the world behind China and India only. So, there’s a pretty good chance that some members of your cleaning carpet customers reside in and visit the Facebook land, but the trick is to find them and connect with them.

Facebook Advertising – A Good Way To Reach Out To Your Customers

Facebook is taking a lot of advertising market share from other online advertisers, such as Yahoo, AOL, and Google. Today, more and more businesses are putting their advertising dollars into Facebook instead of other sites. Why?

Facebook Advertising allows you to place small display type ads in the right sidebar of Facebook pages and profiles. When a user enters Facebook, he is able to see these ads on his page. If he is really interested, he might just go ahead and click your ad. In any case, your ads increase visibility of your cleaning business on Facebook. So, there you have it – Facebook ads help you stay in front of your prospect. But what really sets it apart from other online advertisers?

  • Target: One of the best things about Facebook advertising is the ability select who sees your ad using a number of variables, including keywords. You can target by geography, age, gender, education, relationship status, workplace and keywords. So, your ads display only in front of your target audience which minimizes your expense and increases probability of getting a good lead.
  • Attract: When creating Facebook ads, you need to decide whether you want people to be directed to your own web page or something on Facebook like a Page, Application, Group or Event. Facebook provides the Ad Manager to make it easy to set up and manage your ads. You can also use Ad Manager to optimize your ad for best performance, improve your targeting, and set your bids and budgets!
  • Engage: Facebook ads are a good tool to promote events or get new fans to the pages. From an engagement standpoint, think in terms of using the ads to promote content and value and not so much to sell something. The most successful use of ads on social networks is to create deeper engagement so you have the ability to sell once trust is built. Think about putting white papers on your Fan Pages and promoting that content or creating a free event, like a webinar, and advertising that event.
  • Budget: Facebook advertising works a bit like AdWords in that you bid for keywords and compete to get your ads shown. How effective you are at this depends upon the competitiveness of your keywords. You can choose between a cost per click (CPC) model where you pay only for clicks or a cost per thousand (CPM) model where you pay per 1000 ad views. To start your campaign you must determine a bid per click and daily budget.
  • Test: All successful advertisers are constantly tracking their results and quickly making changes if necessary. Take a look at how your ads are performing. What is your click-through rate? Are people buying once they have clicked? Checking the click through rate is to make sure that you are making money with the ad and that it is performing well. There is no specific CTR to shoot for. It’s more to see if the tweaks you make to the ad increase or decrease the click through rate.
  • Analyse: A great feature of Facebook Ad Manager is the included conversion tracking feature. You’ll be able to see what happens on your website after someone has clicked through to your landing page. This will help you to optimize and tweak your campaigns so they are as effective as possible. Obviously, the more conversions (as in either phone calls or on-line booking) you are getting, the better!

Social media has changed the face of advertising for everyone. It’s not enough to just throw a banner ad up these days. You’ve got to get in front of the conversation and you need to get people to become engaged with your brand.

You can measure success of your Facebook ads in terms of brand awareness, message awareness, and purchase intent. Get people interested in what you have to say, use social ads, and do what you can to spread the word about your cleaning business!

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