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Finding the right Carpet Cleaning Machine for your Company

Finding the Right Machines for Your Niche Carpet Cleaning Service

We know that you love what you do, but you will need more than just a passion for cleaning to keep up with growing competition in the carpet cleaning sector. You will need the right carpet cleaning machine! Here is a look at some popular carpet cleaning niche categories and some examples of carpet cleaning machines that work best in those areas.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Machines

Tough economic times equate to busy households that strive to make their investments last. Many consumers understand that keeping their carpets clean can extend the life of their flooring as well as promote a healthier living environment for their families. Time constraints and concerns about damaging their carpets lead them to professional carpet cleaning services like yours. Since residential customers usually have their carpets cleaned less often than businesses, you have a very narrow window of opportunity to make a great impression on them. This is important to consider when you want to grow your business through repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising.

Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning Machines

The type of carpet cleaning machines that you should evaluate for residential carpet cleaning are truck-mounted steam cleaners. Truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines eliminate the need for transporting machinery and cleaning solutions into homes for cleaning. These machines offer a considerable amount more power than a portable carpet cleaning extractor as well as hotter water, vacuum and suction, ensuring that the carpets are left dry. Since most homes consist of only two stories, truck-mounted machines usually offer the fastest, most effective and convenient cleaning for residential property.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines

There is a high demand for professional carpet cleaning in commercial environments such as:

  • Restaurant Carpets
  • Carpets in Malls and Retail Shops
  • Carpets in Hospitals
  • Church Carpets
  • Hotel Carpets

Your business clients that operate hotels, restaurants or retail stores will likely want you to clean their carpets several times a week and deep clean them periodically. For frequent carpet cleaning, you need carpet cleaning machines that offer effective, fast-drying results like the ones found at Powerclean Industries. After all, most businesses cannot afford to turn away foot traffic while waiting for their carpets to dry.

Dry Cleaning Machines and Steam Cleaning Extractors

Dry cleaning carpet machines rely on powerful chemicals to break down dirt on carpet fibres combined with the orbital action of encapsulation machines. Dry cleaning uses less water than steam cleaning, and drying time is significantly reduced. According to carpet industry experts, dry cleaning doesn’t reach into the carpet’s padding like steam cleaning does. This method of carpet cleaning called encapsulation is excellent for maintenance cleaning. Steam cleaning extractors are still the go-to machines for deep cleaning sessions.


Carpet and Rug Stain Removal Services

Carpet cleaning experts who can effectively remove stains from carpets and rugs are hired all the time by residential as well as business customers. Whether its stains from wine spilled on a hotel lobby rug or discolouration from a greasy meatball that dropped at a home that hosted an AFL Grand Final party, you need to be prepared with the right carpet cleaning machine and techniques.

Rotary Scrubbers and Extractors

After spot treating stains with the appropriate chemicals, deep steam cleaning with a rotary scrubber or extraction carpet cleaning equipment can give floors a uniformly clean look. Powerclean Industries carries an extensive line up of these carpet cleaning machines featuring user friendly upright control handles and a cleaning base that rotates at varying speeds to break up dirt on carpets. Many rotary scrubbers and extraction machines can be used with truck-mounted and portable cleaning systems.

Carpet Restoration

When it makes good financial sense to restore instead of replace carpets and rugs, residential and business property owners call the experts to make their floors look like new again. Here are several instances where carpet restoration specialists are needed:

  • Natural disaster such as a flood
  • Man-made flood from leaking or burst pipes
  • Pet odours 
  • Party stains
  • Neglected antique

Truck-Mounted Steam Clean Extractors

For many carpet restoration jobs, you need a carpet cleaning machine that is a heavy-weight when it comes to power. You’ll need a truckmounted Carpet Cleaning machine, which has enough power to maintain high water temperatures for thorough cleaning as well as to extract excess water to prevent mould issues. Powerclean Industries offers high-powered, truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment that is designed to specifically for this task.