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How Can Client Newsletters Help Your Business?

You won’t find too much disagreement about the value of sending out a client newsletter.

Countless professional cleaners and business owners would testify the importance, the effectiveness and the return on investment of sending out a periodic newsletter to their customer base.

But, what you will find some pretty serious disagreement about is “what should be in your client newsletter?”

Key #1: Client Newsletter Should Be Readable…

Often professionals will argue that client newsletters should be very “readable;” and that they should include articles, inserts, and topics that would interest the recipient that have nothing to do with cleaning and restoration.

For most professional carpet cleaners, the newsletters are actually sent to residential customers that are mostly female, this would indicate that the newsletter should include things that interest them other than cleaning and restoration related topics. But does that really work for your business?

Professional cleaners should ensure that around 30-40% of the newsletter content should be focused on cleaning topics. The other 60-70% should be focused on readable topics of interest to the homeowner. Some examples of this include recipes, humour, human interest stories, amazing feats, and parenting topics.

Key #2: Client Newsletter Should Be Focused…

Many professionals believe that a client newsletter should remain focused on cleaning and restoration related topics. Usually customers really don’t want “fluff” out of a newsletter coming from a cleaning and restoration company. Customers need a newsletter that contains practical information that relates to the maintenance of their home makes more sales and is more effective.

Here are a few ways to improve ROI through client newsletters:

  • When you send a client newsletter on a regular basis, you can make sure that you are in front of your client. In addition, you can expect a % of your readers to convert into potential leads. The return on investment is consistently high.
  • By making your referral rewards program a significant part of your newsletter, you can drive interest of those passive readers who would otherwise not care about your products so much.
  • By including testimonials from your clients, you are sharing exactly what people want to read about you. The comments are helpful to gauge your performance with other customers and this is what can develop your client’s interest in your services.
  • By making your newsletter to be an overall education based marketing program, you can share some useful information with your clients so they can start trusting you.

The bottom line is – your newsletter should help be a part of what solidifies your company as “the experts” in the recipients’ minds.

So, what are you waiting for? Consider sending out client newsletter every month and demonstrate your company’s commitment to providing the best to your customers.

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