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How Can Fibre Protector Benefit Your Cleaning Job & Your Clients?

Are you satisfied by just cleaning the client’s carpet? Have you thought about offering other services that could assist them, and help your bottom line too?  One solution is to offer an effective carpet and fibre protector for carpets and upholstery.

Why Fibre Protectors?

Carpet-cleaningIn any professional environment, one word cannot be ignored and that is “maintenance”. After cleaning carpets and upholstery properly, it should be customary to ask your clients if they require or are interested in fabric protectors to give their carpets and upholstery the long lasting ‘clean’ effect. It will not only assist carpets to be cleaned to a higher final standard, but also ensure that carpets do not get dirty as soon as it catches and soils.

How Fibre Protectors Work?

Surface Tension – The unique chemical structure of PowerClean’s Fibre Protectors, creates increased surface tension at the surface of the fibre. Any liquid that spills will have a difficult time penetrating the surface of the fibre. Most spills simply bead up on the carpet or fabric, staying in the surface. If spills can’t penetrate the surface it can’t cause a stain and it is easy to clean up, for the customers or for you.

Coating Action – PowerClean’s Protectors have unparalleled penetrating action, allowing them to coat the entire fibre. This coating action is the second level of defence against spills and soils. Sometimes when a spill happens from high above the carpet or is forced past the surface by pressure such as walking on it, the liquid can overcome the surface tension and move towards the base of the carpet. The carpet is still protected however. The coat of Protector won’t allow the spill to penetrate into the fibre itself. Clean up is still a very simple.

Fibre Protectors – Enhancing the life of the Carpets and Upholstery

One thing which fibre protectors are famous for are the effect it has on the life of carpets. Fibre protectors increase the life of the carpets and make them immune to dirt and soil. Other benefits why your company should use fabric protectors are stated as follows:

1. Cleaner and New Look

Fibre protectors protect carpets from soils, oil and dirt hence giving it a new and cleaner appearance. Fabric protectors aid in releasing abrasive soils which damage fibres enabling them to be effectively vacuumed from your carpet. This means carpets and upholstery will not have to be replaced before they should and that’s another reason why fabric protection will save your clients money in the long run.

2. Easier Cleaning

When fibre protectors are applied properly on carpets, vacuuming becomes much easier and faster saving your client’s (and ours as cleaners) time and energy because the soils can’t penetrate or bond to the fibre, thus giving the carpet that ‘new’ look for longer. Carpet wear is also greatly reduced because of the sheer amount of soils that are continually removed because vacuuming is now easier.

3. Safe and Healthy Cleaning

Microfilms in fibre protectors remove dust mites and allergens hence creating a safe and healthy environment for your clients and their families

4. Not Prone to Allergies

Microfilm used in fibre protectors are proven to be non allergic to humans and pets alike.

5. Window of Opportunity

Fibre protectors will give your clients the ‘window of opportunity’ to clean up spills before the become stains.

Fibre Protectors – Cleaning the Professional Way

Proficient cleaning companies are now more inclined towards using fibre protectors than they used to be. The reasons for that can be stated in the following points:

Large Investments

Companies like 3M and DuPoint which are huge multinational conglomerates have already invested millions of dollars for advertising fibre protectors which is evident proof that fibre protectors are a must to have for any established cleaning firm.

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

Eminent companies all around the globe consider fibre protection as part of cleaning carpets. Hence your company should not be lethargic in joining this league of thriving companies.

Customer Satisfaction

There’s nothing more important in any company than customer satisfaction. If your clients are told about the benefits of fibre protection, they would feel being taken care of and will look at your company in high regard.

Profit Based Work

Fibre protectors also make way towards more profitable cleaning assignments than you would’ve thought of otherwise. It is a profit oriented service because it will not take much time and is as easy to do as possible. Let’s take a look at how much you can earn.

1. Carpet Fibre Protection Earnings Example

Product Name: Rhino Shield Gold – which is supplied by PowerClean Industries Australia.

Job Description: Apply protector after cleaning (damp carpet) on a residential carpet .

Product Cost: $ 175 for 3.78 litres (1 Gallon)

Average Sell Price of Protector: $3-$6 per sqr mtr

rhino-shieldOn Damp Carpet we would mix 1 part Rhino Shield with 8 parts of water. Each concentrated litre of Rhino Shield (when diluted with 8 litres of water) will cover 88 m2 on residential carpet (or 177 m2 on commercial carpet). In total, on residential carpet the entire bottle when diluted should cover approximately 334 m2.

So if you purchased Rhino Shield Gold for $ 175 inc GST, and you charged your carpet protection out at lets say $ 4.00 per square metre and that one bottle will do 334 square metres of carpet will return you a profit of $1,161 When you are simply spraying the product (Rhino Shield Gold) onto the carpet and grooming into the fibre, this profit figure looks even more attractive to us as carpet cleaners!

In Summary

Fibre protectors should be a must-have for any flourishing carpet cleaning company. It will further improve your ‘Happy Customers’ policy and will bring more business for you and if you’re looking for great fibre protectors, be sure to check out our full range of Protectors which are proven to have exceptional soil, water, oil and alcohol repellency which makes you look like hero to your clients, and also a hero to your bank balance as well.

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