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How To Cleaning Tile and Grout Effectively?

tilegroutProfessional cleaning companies know how important it is to do their job without leaving a trace of dirt, especially when comes to cleaning tile and grout.

Cleaning Tile and Grout – No Problem at All!

The good news is, cleaning tile and grout is just as rewarding as cleaning carpets. But the thing is – you need to understand what’s important for tile and grout cleaning to be effective. So, if you want spotless tiles and grout cleaning and want to keep your clients happy, here are a few things you must know:

Tile and Grout Cleaning Machines

First, let’s talk about the tools to use when cleaning tiles and grout. It is always advisable to pick the most advanced and powerful tools that make you work lesser and give quality cleaning. One such product is the Turbo Hybrid. The biggest benefit of the Turbo Hybrid is its weight; it’s extremely light and therefore easy to manoeuvre around the floor wherever you go. The Gekko tile and grout cleaning machine is meant for even smaller places where the turbo hybrid can’t go.

Cleaning Chemicals for Tile and Grout

While there are a variety of tile and grout cleaning chemicals available in the market, there are only a few that are most effective for really removing the grease and oils from tiles and grout lines. Most cleaning professionals use PowerClean’s TileClenz, (alkaline tile cleaning detergent) which has proven to be a very efficient.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while cleaning tile floors:

1.   Cleaning technique differs with the type of tile on the floor

When you get a tile cleaning job, the first thing you need to do is to find out what tile are you up against! This is an important process of determining what techniques you are going to use to clean the tile.

If you have a Saltillo, terra cotta or marble tile, it is advisable to get a proper training or contact the experienced team at PowerClean for these floor types as they can be little tricky. Some of these products may have a sealer or coating applied to prevent stains from penetrating the porous surface and you will have to remove them with a product like TileClenz Ultra which is radical super strength industrial grade stripper.

For a terrazzo tile, you can clean using the Viper Venom chemical with a Turbo Jet. For all other types of tiles, ceramic, glazed or unglazed porcelain and Italian quarry, the Gekko is the most preferable one.

2.   Check the previous scratches on the floor

 Make sure you check if there are any scratches or broken tiles on the floor before starting your job so that you can inform your client in advance to avoid creating misconceptions. A pre-inspection can save you a lot of hassles as you evaluate the condition of the floor and determine the required cleaning technique.

3.   Determine the chemical type based on the type of Grout Lines

As you examine the condition of grout, check out its hardness and look for the level of the soiling and assess if it’s easy or hard to remove. This will help you determine which cleaners to use. Using the right chemical substance for cleaning grout is critical for an effective job completion. One of the best

4.   Don’t let the white chalky efflorescence get in your way!

Look for this white chalky substance on the grout lines. There are two ways to remove this dirt out of your floor:

a)   Dry Them Up And Remove Them

Let the grout lines dry up until they come together on the surface of the tile. Then use an abrasive green pad or stiff wire brush to remove these off the surface.

b)   Using Replenish Ultra

Another way to clean both the tiles and grout lines (on a non acid sensitive floors) is to spray Replenish Ultra to the tiles, agitate and then extract.

Cleaning tile and grout may seem a hard nut to crack but if you follow the above guidelines, you’ll get done with this messy job in absolutely no time. But just remember, your motive is not just to clean, but to clean impressively and spotlessly!

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