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How To Engage Customer With A Customer Comment Form?


You finish yet another restoration job and you get on with the next. But a few years down the road, you realize that one customer (who you worked for two years ago), never called you back.

Perhaps dissatisfied by a tiny error you overlooked? You’ll never know! Unless of course, you ensure that all your customers fill out the rather handy and extremely useful Customer Comment Form.

That’s why, you make a Comment Form and type it up with your company’s letterhead. What’s next?

Engage the Customer With A Customer Comment/Feedback Form

Engaging the customer with a Comment Form may seem tricky but it is also very useful for your business thus the next crucial step is to engage the customer with the Customer Comment Form.

Make It Easy For Your Customer To Submit A Comment

It is a great idea to include a stamped return envelope with the comment form. A lot of customers are inclined to throw away the comment form however, when they see that the cleaner has made an effort to include a stamp (not just a prepaid post office permit), they feel that the cleaner genuinely wants to hear from them thus they will be motivated to send the comment form back. Plus no one wants to waste a stamp! Another thing you can do is email it – or better yet, do both. It is after all, hard to get feedback from homeowners after the work is complete, so all efforts should be made to get it.

What To Ask In A Customer Comment Form?

The questions on the comment form should be both short for the customer to answer and useful for you. Customers do not like to answer numerous, long winding questions, and so be sure to include only vital questions that require precise answers that will not take long to jot down.

Make It Quick To Fill In

Another great idea is to include questions on the form that give the customer the option to either, write details – or simply answer “yes” or “no”. Certain customers may want to give you very specific feedback that will help you in tremendously while others do not have the time or the inclination to sit and write down an essay. So, have something for everyone and give space along with a “yes” or “no” option.

Send To Everyone You Have Worked For

Be sure to send these comment forms to both the adjustor and the agent. These comment forms (when positive feedback is given, of course!) act as great ads for your business and all adjustors love a cleaner that homeowners laud.

Online Customer Comment Forms have become the need of the hour. With most customers being technologically savvy, it is crucial and necessary even, to give them the option of filling a comment form online. This is quick and does not require any stamp or delivery!

Customer Comment Forms can do wonders for your business as they tell you exactly where faults lie. The trick; however is that the Customer Comment Form must engage your customer!

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