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How To Get More Water Damage Restoration Jobs?

waterdamage2The water damage market is a tough nut to crack. Getting more water damage restoration jobs can be challenging what with old, seasoned players in the market and reluctant customers who fear poorly done jobs by people they have never worked with before. Plus it’s a lucrative business and everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Suppose you have your handful of loyal customers that you can rely on to contact you in case of a water damage problem, but what about getting more jobs from different clients?

Here are a few tips on how to get more water damage restoration jobs:

Tip#1: Referrals! The most convenient and practical strategy to use in order to get more water damage restoration jobs is to get referrals from those in the business. Expanding your referral network can help you score more jobs and is also overall healthy for your business. Janitorial services and real estate agents along with property managers can give you referrals easily, the tough bit is to get them to do so. If you persist and maintain contact with these seasoned professionals of the water damage business, you will be well on your way to getting more jobs.

Tip#2: Inarguablym no one sees a flooded house more than a plumber does – they are the first ones on the scene. Therefore getting referrals from plumbers is another way to get more water damage restoration jobs. Having said that, the one thing plumbers do not want are disgruntled customers so do ensure you provide a hassle-free, trauma-free experience to the customer in order to continue getting more referrals.

Tip#3: A vital contact person to keep in constant contact with in the field of Water Damage restoration is the Insurance Adjuster. If one wants more jobs, it is the Insurance Adjusters who can get these for the simple reason that the insurance companies get the first call when water damage occurs. Following this, the insurance adjusters handle the situation and play the critical role of assigning the job to their preferred water damage restoration firms. Thus it is a great idea to be in that crucial “preferred” water damage restoration firms list of insurance companies!

Tip#4: Another trick of the trade in the water damage restoration business is to keep in close contact with the stakeholders – or those who can refer you. Weekly visits to the agents and adjusters can greatly help you get more referrals. However, do ensure that you do not cross the line between ‘eager’ and ‘annoying’ by bringing something along or giving new information on brochures etc. Ensure your name is always in front of them so that you are the first water damage go-to person they think of.

Tip#5: It also helps greatly to have a smooth process as far as dealing with traumatized home owners goes. A detailed form can be prepared for the homeowner to fill which can help them feel more at ease as they know you are in charge and knowledgeable plus it will give more structure to your initial meeting where they home owners are obviously distressed due to the chaos of water damage surrounding them.

Water Damage Restoration Jobs are not hard to find as long as you know exactly where to look for and what you need to do! For more details, follow us on facebook and stay tuned to more of our tips and tricks of the business.

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