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How To Get More Water Damage Restoration Jobs?

waterdamage2There is no question the water damage market and especially the residential sector has gotten more competitive in recent years.  Why?  Very simple. In most areas of the country the entry level is low and the potential profits are big!

There are primarily 3 categories of Water Damage Restoration Jobs:

Category 1: Category one, or clean-water floods originate from sources that do not contain harmful bacteria or pathogens that pose a substantial threat to humans. These sources may be from broken pipes or appliances, falling rain or melting snow, or sink or tub overflows that do not hold contaminants. It is important to remove the water as quickly as possible.

Category 2: Category 2, or gray water floods, originate from sources that contain a significant level of contamination and have the potential to cause illness to humans. These sources may be from overflows from dishwashers, washing machines, toilets or seepage from aquariums or waterbeds. It is important to remove the water as quickly as possible. Gray water that remains untreated several days may escalate to a category 3 (black water) flood.

Category 3: A Category 3 (black) water intrusion contains pathogenic agents and is grossly unsanitary. These are typically from rising water such as river flooding or sewage back-flows but can come from other sources such as a Category 2 water loss that has not been addressed promptly. Toilet back-flows that originate from beyond the toilet trap are considered black water contamination regardless of visible content, color or odor. Training for technicians performing gray or black water restoration should include microbiology, biocide use, psychrometry, and use of health and safety equipment.

Getting more Referrals

One thing would be to widen your referral network to other sources- property managers, real estate agents, contractors in general, janitorial services, etc.  Of course, the very best “referral network” is still the local insurance agent. Follow these (very simplified) steps:

  • Dress up, put your shoulders back and your chin up and walk through their door!
  • Hand the receptionist your card and ask to see the agent.  If he/she isn’t in ask about their schedule and leave them a copy of that fancy brochure.
  • Go back.
  • When you do finally get to see the agent keep it short and give them three reasons why they should refer you on their next emergency loss.
  • After you leave write them a brief note thanking them for the conversation and include four or five business cards.  Mention that you’ll stop by next month.
  • Do so and never stop.  Move on to the next agent on your route.
  • Make at least 20 new contacts a week.  The work will come IF (here comes my favourite phrase) you “have the fire in your belly”!

However, don’t underestimate the potential technical and legal liabilities of water damage restoration.  Make sure you address all aspects of water damage restoration job before you take it on.

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