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How to Get Rid Of Problems During Carpet Cleaning Jobs?

The demand for systematic and modern carpet cleaning has become a great demand. All businesses involved in carpet cleaning have adopted modern techniques to optimize cleaning of a variety of carpets. A good amount of investments are also ear marked for troubleshooting in the carpet cleaning processes. This not only helps improve the processes but also to devise better methods.

  • Concrobium Mold Control 1 Gal Jug websiteMoulds: If your carpet cleaning job involves moulds, you need to first clean up the mould and fix the moisture problem. Mould growth can be removed from hard surfaces with commercial products like Concrobium, a mould control product that has shown results in mould reduction. When cleaned by a professional cleaner with the right machinery, there will be no issue with overwetting and moulds.
  • croppedimage156150-Powerclean-De-BrownBrowning: Another problem faced by carpet cleaners is browning. This happens due to the discoloration of the material due to harsh and frequent cleaning. A solution to this problem is the use of fast drying methods during cleaning. Besides this, the use of browning removal chemicals (like our De-Brown)  has also proven useful to prevent browning.
  • powercleanStiffness: The excessive use of chemical and the use of hard water are the main cause for stiffness of carpets. In most cases, using an acid rinse (like our product Clean Rinse) can reverse this problem. One this is done, the carpet stiffness is corrected.
  • Shrinkage: One of the most common issues with carpet cleaning is shrinkage. Excess moisture causes the inter-woven fabric to bind closer together and cause shrinkage. In order to circumvent this problem, standard stretching techniques are employed. This helps restore the normal size and shape of the carpet. Care must be taken to prevent any stretching before the carpet is completely dry.
  • Other Problems: If soil is not removed completely, this creates several problems. This mainly happens due to improper use of chemicals, malfunctioning of the cleaning equipment, incorrect choice of cleaning process for the soil conditions and lack of proper workmanship. To solve this problem, the above mentioned problems should be corrected.

If you are looking for help with any of the above carpet cleaning problems, do not hesitate to contact us.

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