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How to Increase Business Visibility With YouTube Videos?

Most people are under the false impression that YouTube is meant solely for the purposes of entertainment of teenagers. They could not be more wrong!

Today, YouTube has revolutionized the way we do business. YouTube logged a trillion hits in 2011, according to Nielson. Using the most powerful medium of video, businesses are able to market everything from therapy to cakes using YouTube. Doing business has never been the same as more and more companies are making use of YouTube in order to increase their visibility.

The carpet cleaning industry is no exception and it only makes sense to get onto the YouTube bandwagon as it can help you market your services effectively. Customers are no longer looking for carpet cleaners in the Yellow Pages alone. YouTube is the new, sophisticated marketing tool that works. It not only gives your business a personality, it also engages viewers and showcases your strongest points.

Increasing business visibility using YouTube videos is not as hard as many may think it is. Some small business owners fear that an amateur video may give their company a bad name. Small businesses simply cannot afford to hire professional video makers as their budgets are limited. However, this is the last thing to worry about. There are online tools available that make video making simple and more importantly, customers are more interested in seeing the “human” side of your company in today’s fast track world and not sophisticated videos that cost a bucket of money!

YouTube Video Content For Your Carpet Cleaning Business 

  • It is essential to make an interesting video that is short and precise. You could include customer testimonials, before and after images as well as talk about the things that make you stand apart from the other carpet cleaners (bundled services for instance).
  • Videos have the added advantage of making the customer feel like they are not being cheated. A great testimonial or effective demonstration can make the customer buy your services instantly. Enlightening customers about the kind of equipment and high quality products used by your company is also a good idea.
  • Customers are interested in the personality of your organization so a video highlighting the personal connections and rapport you have with customers is always a great idea.

In sum, it would be foolish to not make use of a useful, effective and relatively economical tool such as YouTube to market your business. Keep it short and simple with marketing message coming through clearly and you cannot go wrong. So she’d all your YouTube inhibitions and start making a great video ad for your carpet cleaning business.

With 800 million viewers a month, YouTube Video Markeitng is definitely worth a try!

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