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How To Increase Profit On Carpet Cleaning Jobs?

Advertisements attempt to entice consumers with discounts at least as often as they emphasize the quality of their product. But what does it mean to your company to offer a discount? Will discounts bring in business, or harm your profits?

sale_discountDiscounts are often treated as insignificant and are ignored as if the money essentially given away to customers was merely imaginary. Literally speaking, every discount is a direct loss to the owner’s profit and there should be a substantial reason for each discount to justify that loss.

The Good – Discounts Act As Incentives To Get New & Existing Clients!

  • Discounts offered to new customers can be effective as incentives to encourage shoppers to try your company. When comparing companies, if all else seems equal, a shopper will often choose a company that offers a better special.
  • Package pricing helps persuade consumers to request services they might not have asked for otherwise. Offering a lower price for a batch of services can give the impression that an additional service is almost free, making it hard to resist.
  • Offering a significantly reduced price on high profit margin services, such as carpet protector, can also look compelling to the customer. Because of the large profit margin, there can still be plenty of profit left in the sale for the company.
  • You can incentivize clients to move their annual cleaning to your seasonal slow periods by offering discounts for that time of year. All friends and family who receive special rates should also be limited to use them only in these slow times.
  • Referral reward programs, which are a form of discount, can encourage growth and strengthen loyalty. Some companies also benefit from offering maintenance programs that reward customers for frequent use of services.

The Bad – Can Reduce Overall Productivity & Profitability!

While discounts can benefit your business when used properly, beware of offering bad discounts that can hurt the profitability of your company.

It is common for companies to offer discounts that make the job unprofitable. When the total cost of advertising, discounts and the cost of doing business are more than the amount earned from the job, you are losing money. This frequently occurs when owners do not pay close attention to their return on investment (ROI).

Many companies are unaware that they have trained their customers to depend on discounts. If you regularly offer discounts, customers can feel like they are being ripped off when they pay the full price.

Overuse of discounts tends to have a negative effect on consumers’ perceived value of the company. Too many discounts can give the impression of a low value service.

The Ugly – Some Discounts Are Harmful To The Success Of Your Business.

Some companies become victim of marketing and advertising sales people promoting unprofitable discount campaigns. They claim there is some huge lifetime value for customers that justify your loss now. The problem is that most of the consumers who respond to discount advertising will never repeat.

Working at a loss now is rarely justified by the hope that you will make it up sometime in the future.

Want To Gain Profits? Develop A Good Strategy


Discounts — if used properly — can be a beneficial tool for growing your company and making greater profits. If used poorly, they can work against you. So, you need to develop a strategy. You should know specifically what you expect to receive each time you sacrifice your profits to give a discount.

Pay close attention to how much money you spend on discounts. This is real money that could have gone into your wallet. If you fail to track these amounts, you are letting good money slip through your fingers!

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