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How To Rank Your Carpet Cleaning Website On Google’s Local Listing?

google-placesGoogle Local Listings have become more important ever since Google started displaying results based on where you are located. They can get your exact location by your IP address and display search results based on your location.

That is why, Google Local Listing has become very important for many businesses that are trying to reach out to their local audiences. This is especially true for service businesses such as carpet cleaning. A lot of carpet cleaning customers don’t even make it to the organic listings. They just use the local listings as they would a phonebook and pick a company from there. Usually starting at the top and just working down the page until someone answers the phone. You’d be surprised how many carpet cleaners don’t answer their phone!

Many companies think that their SEO job ends at optimizing their website and optimizing their Google search engine ranking. The only problem is that optimizing your website and optimizing your Google Local Listing are two completely different monsters.

There are many guides online on how to claim and optimize your listing if you haven’t already done so.

The following are just a few quick and simple tips on how to get citations for your Google local listing. Consider citations as “votes” to your listing in Google’s eyes. So the more “votes” you have, the more likely you will appear near the top.

To find out where Google is getting their citations from just do a search for carpet cleaning in your area. Click on the number of reviews or if they don’t have any click on more.

Go through all the businesses that are ranked near the top in your local area and find out where Google is finding their citations. If it’s a directory of some sort, try to get your business listed for free.

Repeat this process a couple of times by doing searches for other business types. Sometimes you’ll find other directories that have authority in your local area. Google treats every area differently so I can’t just give you a list of places because my list might not work for your area.

There are other factors to obtaining a high ranking but this along with a good number of reviews (sometimes 5 is enough) are the two main things I’ve noticed after testing and obtaining high rankings in different areas. Most directories have the option for you to list your business for free so do not miss out on this opportunity to use Google Local Listing for your carpet cleaning business.

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