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How To Remove Dye Stains & Spots Effectively?

Coloured food dye stains are one of the worst nightmares for a carpet cleaning company because they’re not very easy to clean especially if they are all died in! But, luckily, 3 simple steps exist to remove dye stains and spots effectively. What really matters is the dye stain remover you use.

Removing Dye Stains – The 3 Step Guide

These steps will provide you with the ABCs of cleaning dye stains and spots:


Step 1 – Clean and flush the affected area to remove any solutions remaining from previous cleaning attempts.  Important to dry very well to remove any remaining moisture from the pores and dye site of the fiber. We are trying to get the Red Vanish into these areas for the best results.

Apply Red Vanish Stain remover by PowerClean Industries undiluted to the stain. Agitate or tamp in slightly.

Step 2 – This next step can be done in either of two different methods.

[1] Heat Transfer with a steam iron.

[2] Apply Red Vanish and walk. This is the slower of the two methods, but the safest method and can only be done on synthetic fibers only.

The Red Vanish Stain Remover can be used with or without heat, although it is advised that it be used without heat. Heating may speed up the cleaning process but there is also a risk of colour loss to the carpet if too much heat is applied.  The most effective iron to use is one that has the maximum amount of steam outlets in the base plate. The iron must have a non-Teflon base. Using the heat through a household iron set at the lowest temperature. Fold a wet towel over once to give double layer.

Apply Red Vanish to the affected area and tamp in. Put a wet towel on the area and places the iron on the towel for 10-20 sec. Lift the towel to observe the colour transfer to the towel. Turn the towel to allow a clean section of towel to place over the area where Red Vanish was applied to the stain. Again place steam iron over the affected area for a maximum 15 seconds.

Check again for colour transfer to towel. If some colour still remains in fiber than repeat the process of turning the towel  and applying a fresh clean section of the wet towel to the affected area. Once again place the steam iron on the wet towel and steam for 15 seconds. If after the third steaming the staining has not been completely removed, re-apply some extra Red Vanish and repeat the steaming process above. Usually though after the third steaming the staining would be removed. If bleaching occurs, stop the process.

The other method to use Red Vanish on synthetics is the spray and walk method.

After completion of the cleaning the carpet in the room where the staining is, apply Red Vanish to stained area and lightly tamp in

Apply enough Red Vanish to the stained area so that the Red Vanish will remain damp for 8 to 12 hours. We do not want the treated area to dry out to quickly, but require the longer dwell time to allow the Red Vanish to work.

Cover the area with clear plastic to stop it drying out too quickly.

Place a chair over the treated area and advise the customer to keep pets and children off that area. It would be advisable to place plastic tabs under the chair legs to prevent any rust of fugitive wood staining from being transferred from the chair legs to the damp freshly cleaned carpet.


Apply Red Vanish for Wool stain remover by PowerClean Industries undiluted to the stain. Tamp in the Red Vanish for Wool.

Before applying Red Vanish for Wool, make sure that your hot water extractor is ready and running. After applying the Red Vanish for Wool, observe the reaction on the treated area. When you observe the colour changing or turning to a yellow colour, start flushing. The flushing accomplishes two things. Firstly, it removes the Red Vanish for Wool thus stops the process. Secondly, it removes the colour that has been loosened by means of flushing out. Wool is much more sensitive and as such the Red Vanish for Wool has to be flushed out to alleviate any possibility of bleaching.

Do not apply heat with iron as we do with synthetic fibers.

Removing Extremely Difficult Acid Side Dye Stains:

To remove extremely difficult stains, use the procedure given below:

Step 1 – Remove any other chemical applied on the stain area and make sure it is properly dried with a clean white towel. Keep wearing protective gloves and goggles all the time.

Step 2 – Mix equal amounts of Problem-B-Gone part one and part two in a clean container.

Step 3 – After 10 minutes, apply the mixture on the stain.

Step 4 – Agitate with a blunt object such as a bone scraper.

Step 5 – If you are using with heat, put a low temperature heat iron on the wet towel placed on the stain.

Removing Rust Stains:

If you want to remove rust stains, follow the guide given below:

Step 1 – Apply Vac-Away Rust Assassin by PowerClean industries to rust spots.

Step 2 – Use a bone scraper to agitate the area gently.

Step 3 – Give time FOR the chemical to do its JOB. [TIME IS THE IMPORTANT ITEM, ALLOW 10 MINS MINIMUM.]

Step 4 – Wear rubber gloves and dry the area with a clean absorbent towel.

Step 5 – Rinse with water or a mild detergent solution.

Equipment Required:

1. Red Vanish Stain Remover

Description: Stain Remover

Purpose: Removes red food, dye, coffee, wine, blood, urine, vomit stains etc

2. Problem-B-Gone part one and two stain Remover

Description: Removes tough stains with the mixture of these two chemicals

Purpose: Removes stains such as coffee, tea, mustard, wine, vomit, urine, juice, red children’s drinks, cough syrup, etc.

3. Force High Pressure Portable

Description: Portable Extractor

Purpose: It can be used as a hot water extractor or a high-pressure cleaner

4. Rust Assassin

Description: Rust stains remover

Purpose: Effective rust remover for Carpet and Upholstery

5. Steam Iron, non-Teflon base.

6. Tamping Brush.

7. White towel.

8. Bone Scraper.

Precaution: Make sure you check every chemical on a small area of carpet before starting your carpet cleaning job.

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