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How to Use Twitter to Stay In Front of Your Prospective Clients?

twittermarketingWith over 500M registered users, Twitter has become a very important marketing tool for cleaning businesses. There are many great ways to use twitter for marketing your products and services.

Stay ahead of your competitors

The best part about twitter marketing is the “instant” interaction with the prospective clients, which makes it an ideal medium for breaking news on new features and products that you introduce for your cleaning jobs.

You can share latest cleaning products and make new announcements on Twitter, and the beauty of it all is that you receive the response to your endeavours in the form of instant feedback; this is very helpful in formulating your future marketing strategy, improving your business visibility, and emphasizing social networking for your marketing approach.

Use Twitter to Link Your Content

One of the best ways to use twitter is by providing links to your onsite content that may be useful for the clients. Linking the services on offer by you makes it easier for the potential clients to assess them and maybe adopt them. You can also paste your twitter feed on your blogs and sites and increase your twitter following.

Another good thing is your Twitter page appears in Google searches and back linking definitely helps to generate new clients for your services.

The Best Ways to make use of Twitter for your Business

In order to make the best use of twitter for your business promotion you must follow the guidelines formulated by the experts of the field that guarantee successful outcomes through the proper use of this application. Some of these guidelines are:

Step-1: Make an impressive Twitter Profile

The first thing most twitter users check before following the tweets is the Profile, the background image and the theme of the profile. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that you have an impressive profile to show, in order to convince people to start following you and believe in your tweets.

Step-2: Take out proper time to make your presence felt on twitter

The more actively you engage yourself and others on twitter will ultimately decide your businesses’ fate through this medium. Personalized responses to queries, interesting and informative tweets, and the frequency of your posts, all are major contributors to the success or otherwise on Twitter; therefore, make sure that you spare enough time for tweeting on regular basis.

Step-3: Think of Twitter as a Sign Board for your Cleaning Business

Twitter is an ever present ad space for your business and you should take it as such. You should take Twitter as an advertising medium and keep adding valuable content for the promotion of your business. Like for example:

  • a book store or a library can announce new publications arrivals
  • a ferry or commuter service can announce new services, delays or other related announcements
  • a restaurant can announce special deals, packages, days specials, or even introduction of new dishes
Good Tips For Twitter Marketing

Twitter offers endless opportunities for your business promotion and the best part is that most of these possibilities are still evolving. Thus, there is a great scope for innovation and imagination in its use. Use Twitter wisely and you can be sure to stay ahead of your prospective clients!

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