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Hydroforce Injection Sprayer Can Make You Money

For a professional cleaning company, it is a matter of cost vs. chemicals, right?

Maintaining a good balance between the two is always a challenge because proper cleaning requires good amount of chemicals but using large quantities of chemicals can come out to be quite costly for regular cleaning jobs. In fact, when more quantities of chemicals are used, the profit margins are automatically reduced.

What can you do to save money on chemicals?

You need an effective way of using chemicals and reducing wastage. By using just the optimum quantity of chemicals for your cleaning jobs, you can save a lot of money.

How can you reduce wastage of chemicals?

Hydroforce Injection Sprayer is budget-friendly cleaning equipment for any cleaning company who wants to cut down costs on buying large quantities of chemicals.

Often manual application of chemicals leads to wastage due to uneven chemical protectors on carpets.

Hydroforce Injection Sprayer allows cleaners to quickly and evenly apply pre-spray protectors or other chemicals on carpets over large areas effectively.

Hydroforce Injection Sprayer – The Revolutionary Way to Spray

  • Hydroforce Injection Sprayer is unique and simple to use because it makes complex function such as setting dilution ratios easy by simply turning a knob.
  • The best part is that it can be used at high pressures such as 1000 PSI as well as low pressures such as 50 PSI.
  • Hydroforce Injection Sprayer guarantees productivity and efficiency not seen in other products of the type.

Why Use Hydroforce Injection Sprayer?

There are some investments which benefit your company the most. Hydroforce Injection Sprayer is one such investment. Here are the reasons why your firm should use this cleaning equipment:

1.   Saves Time

Hydroforce Injection Sprayer saves your time, energy while increasing your speed and efficiency. It will also cost you low on your labour costs as it will save hours taken to manually spray chemicals.

2.   Effective Cleaning Method

Chemicals applied under pressure using a Hydroforce Injection Sprayer will penetrate in the carpet more than any other device and hence eradicate soil and dirt from the carpet and upholstery for good!

3.   No More Wasting Chemicals

Hydroforce Injection Sprayer will apply the exact amount of chemical you wish to apply and thus prevent wastage of expensive and valuable chemicals saving loads of dollars. You can increase the amount of chemical being sprayed on areas with more filth by using its knob which further makes it more desirable!

4.   As Easy As Possible

Quite contrary to its name, Hydroforce Injection Sprayer is very easy to use and requires no technical hassle such as electric cords or pumping.

5.   Popular Tool

Over 20,000 professional cleaning companies all around the world use Hydroforce Injection Sprayer. Your firm shouldn’t be left behind in joining this crew of cleaning elites.

6.   Proven Durable Technique

Hydroforce Injection Sprayer is the most durable and trusted technique to spray chemicals according to research for over 30 years

7.   Affordable

Hydroforce Injection Sprayer won’t even cost your firm more than $300 – $400 and you will find out that is a worthy investment.

Hydroforce Injection Sprayer is a pioneering cleaning equipment that can be purchased at an affordable rate, which will not only benefit your company but will also help your business, both in terms of profit and giving your customers value added service saving their time and yours as well.

Using cleaning equipment like Hydroforce will also make your employees do more jobs than usual as the time required to spray chemicals manually will be reduced. Most importantly, lesser the amount of chemicals that penetrate in the air, the better it is for the environment. So, it’s an all rounder product.

If you’re looking into some great Hydroforce Injection Sprayer, be sure to check out our range of cleaning equipment. Our Inline Hydroforce Injection Sprayer is designed to meet the needs of all professional carpet cleaning companies plus gives additional advantage of using the best-in-class cleaning equipment for your cleaning business.

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