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Managing Your PPC Advertising For Maximum ROI

google-ppcPay per Click or PPC is a much more systematic form of advertising as it measurable and quantifiable. The PPC campaign can be continuously monitored giving it the winning edge over traditional and ambiguous form of advertising which has no concrete figures to state its claims.

Pay per Click works in a slightly different manner. You need to insert keyword targeted advertisements which are displayed on the search engines when someone searches for the relevant keyword. If at all, someone clicks on your advertisement, you need to pay the search engine for that click. Google, Yahoo, and MSN active search engines which allow PPC campaigns.

The best part of the PPC campaign lies in its ability monitor and alter the campaigns in tune with market dynamics. Through this feature you can keep track on each and every bid and also on the ROI, benefits offered by PPC advertising are.

So, here are the top 5 ways to manage your ads and maximise your ROI:

1.   Breathe… DON’T RUSH THIS.  If your manager has given you 2 hours to do this job, tell him/her that you will need more time.  Setting up a paid search campaign requires planning, thought, analysis and creativity, none of which you can rush.

2.   Prepare… USE FREE TOOLS. Use the Google AdWords keyword tool to find search terms for your campaign.  Not only is it free, but you will have a vast amount of Australia data (search volumes, advertising competition, etc) which is often missing in other paid-for tools.

3.   Target… KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. If you service a specific geographical audience, take full advantage of it!  Ensure that there are location variations of all important terms within your campaign. The concatenate function in excel is excellent for creating these location variant keywords.

4.   Categorize… MAKE AD GROUPS. When you are happy with your list of keywords, it is then time to categorise them into tightly themed ad groups.  Try and divide search terms into as small and specific ad groups as possible, with around 2-10 keywords per group.  This will ensure that advert copy written for each ad group is highly specific and relevant to each search term.

5.   Optimize… MAKE GOOD ADS. Try and make the advert descriptions as appealing as possible.  Wherever you have a core USP that sets you apart from your competitors, try to use it in ad copy (where it is applicable to the search terms in that ad group).

Last, but not the least, use ‘calls to action!’ Where possible try include a call to action phrase in your advert such as “order online now”

PPC/Google Adwords can significantly impact your business ROI. Make sure you are making every effort to minimize your Ad expenses by optimizing your ads regularly.

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