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Pitfalls in Buying A Carpet Cleaning Business

carpet-cleaning-company-for-sale-300x200As with any other business, one needs to be both prudent and smart when buying a carpet cleaning enterprise.  It may sound great to buy, instead of starting from scratch, a carpet cleaning business; however this endeavor is certainly not hassle free.

What’s more?

There are some serious pitfalls that you must definitely bear in mind when entering into such a venture.

1. Being fooled by the books

Whether it is the financial statements of a carpet cleaning business up for sale, or their claims about why they wish to sell their business, do not believe any of the information you are provided with, without doing some leg work or research. Companies may unwittingly give the wrong impression to an eager buyer and it is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure they aren’t taken for a ride.

2. Disgruntled employees/customers

Though it may sound ideal to purchase a readymade business that already has working employees and a customer base, things aren’t always what they seem. Make sure to observe the crew at work. Also, asking the existing customers some key questions such as how receptive they would be to a new owner, what changes they’d like to see etc would greatly help kick off a good customer-owner relationship. In a nutshell, do not take things at face value, investigate!

3. Business Plan and Finances

It is no secret that the most important aspect of any business is “planning” and “finance”. The carpet cleaning business is no exception. When buying a carpet cleaning business, make sure you have a solid business plan in place and have taken care of the financial sources that will nurture your enterprise. Moreover, this is not a one-time exercise; as you will need to keep changing your plan depending on trends and customer demands. Happy customers will ensure a steady income and in order to have happy customers, you need to plan.

 4. Pricing

The one key area most buyers of carpet cleaning businesses go wrong is with pricing. Make sure you price your services according to the costs associated. Most new carpet cleaning businesses are too anxious to get customers and end up pricing their services without due consideration. Depending on the vision you have for the business, various pricing strategies can be used such as room pricing, square footage pricing or package pricing.

Carpet cleaning is one of the more successful businesses to run and manage. These enterprises not only last longer than other business – in fact many are passed down from one generation to the next – but offer services that are always in demand by homeowners. If one is to buy a carpet cleaning business, one must talk to the seasoned entrepreneurs who have been in the industry for long and learn the tricks of the trade in order to avoid the many pitfalls associated with it.

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