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Principles of Marketing For Cleaning Businesses

seoOnce you’ve launched your cleaning business, you will need to focus your efforts on finding customers.

There are a number of ways to do this. Some will require more of your marketing budget than others. Most will require an investment of your time, but once your reputation has been established, your business should continue to grow due to referrals from satisfied customers and you will need to spend less time and money on marketing.

It’s important to have a good cleaning business website. However, simply having a website isn’t good enough. Years ago, it was easy to rank in Google and book jobs from the internet – all you needed to do was mention your city a couple times and you’d be in the top of the search. But not anymore!

Here are the 5 principles for marketing your cleaning business online:

#1: Begin With The End In Mind

Internet marketing can be overwhelming. You have too many options and too many things to do. Too many cleaners stumble through life flitting from one business model to another. The best way to marketing your business website online is to take one step at a time and integrate your marketing efforts to gauge the big picture. Social media, search engines and your website together make what is known as a good marketing plan!

#2: Internal Optimization By Setting Your Keywords

Even with the Panda and Penguin updates by Google, you need to first internally optimize your website. This shows search engines what your site is about. While the meta-tags are no more in use by search algorithms, you need to make sure that your content is well optimized. Without internal optimization, your site will never get ranked well in the best searches. Keywords are set in the HTML of the title tags, H1 headers, and strategically throughout the body copy. In many cases, this alone will create a huge influx of search traffic and get your site a better ranking.

#3: Incoming Links Pointed to Your Website

This is by far the hardest to manage. In fact, this is where most of the work takes place. Articles, directories, link exchanges, and one-way links are given to the site. This combined effort tells search engines that your website has value and should be ranked in their searches. The more incoming link you have, the better you would rank on search engines. However, the quality of back links is also important. You do not want to link to bad or black hat sites. So, make sure you are checking the quality of every back link you get on your website.

#4: Get Exposure On Social Networking Sites

Even though a cleaning business is not operated on the internet, advertising online is essential to growing your income. Social media have proven to be a great way to connect with your potential clients. Not only do you need to be there, you need to be social too. You need to share your business, your products and your services with your prospects on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more. Greater exposure leads to increased company recognition, and before you know it, a lot of people will know about your cleaning service.

#5: Get Your Business On Mobile

Mobile local marketing is also changing the way consumers find, what they are looking for nearby. The number of users of smartphones continues to grow month after month. You can get a mobile version of a business website so your customers can check your services and call you instantly.


Cleaning companies are getting competitive with SEO and even hiring SEO companies to outrank their competition. But, with a few tricks and tips from someone who has been ranking cleaning websites for years you too can come out on top!

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