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Referral Marketing: How to Get High Paying Clients Without Spending A Dime?

referralDo you want to use a marketing system that generates new leads every month? In spite of spending thousands on advertising, is your business still not giving the returns you thought it would? Then it is time to shift to referral marketing!

Referral Marketing – The Marketing of the future

Usually called ‘the word of the mouth’ marketing, referral marketing is about building numerous sources that will refer various clients for your business. Why is it so lucrative? This is because Referral Marketing promises a 4 to 1 profit, which means that if you spend $1000 in referral marketing, you will get $4000 in return.

The Key Points For Referral Marketing:

1. The trust of the referral: This is a very important part of referral marketing, once the referral source trusts you and you gain their confidence, they will keep on referring you unless you destroy your image in front of them.

2. Offering a Financial Reward: This is a good strategy to encourage your referral source to refer your firm to their network! A proper reward referral program would be:

  • Offering 10% referral fee to anyone who brings a new client
  • Giving a 10% of the amount the new client spent in buying your services to the referral source. Don’t give cash, instead give them a referral certificate to get their money within a year.
  • Giving a choice to the referral source of redeeming cash or your cleaning services in return for the client they referred to.

3. Tracking Referrals: You can track referrals manually in a referral record file or so or you can use the computerized software Camelot to record these referrals.

Referral Reward Program – The Essence of Referral Marketing

The referral reward program is the essence of referral marketing, here are some points you can follow to make their program more effective.

  • Always send the referral reward letter to the clients with 3 free trial offer cards for their motivation
  • A thank you letter should be sent to each client after completion of a cleaning job along with 3 free trial offer cards for them to pass to their friends, neighbors and coworkers.
  • Explain to the client the referral program on the job site while leaving a referral program letter for clients behind.
  • Advertise in a consumer booklet and if your firm has a consumer booklet, include the referral program in it.
  • Advertise in a newsletter or magazine.
  • Print on everything and almost everywhere about your referral program.
  • Talk about it in your on-hold message
  • Add it on your website
  • Sign each email to your clients mentioning your referral program

Referral marketing is helping professional cleaning companies all around the country to boost their sales and improve their customer relationship. It’s your turn now to stop spending time and money on traditional marketing and shift your focus to referral marketing.


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