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Switching To Enzymes for Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning detergents were once known to be the best solution to all cleaning issues such as grease, soil, odour problems, etc. but they’re old story now.

However, today, the new and definitely more reliable solution for your cleaning jobs is enzyme based solutions. Enzyme digesters are gaining popularity and are viewed by some as a possible replacement for other types of formulations in certain cleaning situations. Enzyme digesters work by eating (digesting) protein matter in organic soil or waste. Their enzymes are especially effective in controlling odours caused by a build-up of organic soils in restrooms, plumbing, carpets and floors.

What Are Enzyme Based Cleaning Solutions?

Basically, enzymes are proteins produced by living organisms such as plants, animals and bacteria and are used to digest waste. When added to organic material like dirt, grease and oil, they immediately go to work breaking down the organic material within these substances. The four basic enzymatic systems are those that break down fats and greases (lipase); proteins (protease); cellulose such as wood, cotton and paper (cellulose); and carbohydrates and starches (amylase).

Enzymes are sometimes misunderstood as living organisms and hence are considered a threat to nature. This isn’t true as enzymes themselves act as catalysts in many natural chemical reactions. Enzymes can therefore be called as Mother Nature’s ingredient for breaking the roots of dirt and soil.

How Do Enzymes Work?

Dirt has layers of fine film composed of “substrate” such as grease, oils, fats, bacteria, germs, dust mites, non-organic material and organic microorganisms. These films are bonded to each other and to the surface by amino and fatty acids (organic acids composed of proteins, fats or fatty oils). Most cleaners emulsify some of these dirt films but may not break down the lower levels held together by amino and fatty acids. Usually the top layers of the films are removed but some of the lower levels are left to collect bacteria. As a result, re-soiling can occur much faster.

When activated, enzymes attack or digest the amino and fatty acids that bond the films of dirt together. They also emulsify them so they can be completely removed from the surface. Researchers believe that in the activation process, when the substrate and enzymes come in contact with each other, the enzymes physically curl and twist—in what is called a “conformational change.” This physical change initiates the contact between the enzyme and substrate which is necessary to “catalyse” the reaction.

Why Enzyme Based Solutions?

Enzymes are economical and safe to use within a wide work-use area. They can be injected directly into mattresses to reduce urine smells or poured into kitchen or restroom drains to unclog grease or hair deposits. In addition, they make the cleaning job very easy mainly because:

  • The most amazing power of enzymes is that they break down large water insoluble soils into much smaller water soluble soils.
  • Enzymes do not ruin the original colour and fabric of a carpet.
  • A very small quantity of these enzymes do the same work as large quantities of detergents may do. This means cleaning companies have to purchase half the amount of detergents for cleaning which makes enzymes more cost effective than other detergents.
  • Enzymes have no problems in carrying out their action in low temperatures which may cause several issues for other chemicals.
  • Enzymes are 100% environmentally friendly substances which is an added advantage.
  • Enzymes are cheaper and better than other chemicals in the market.
  • Enzymes are non toxic, hypoallergenic, health and family safe then other chemicals which may cause health problems. They release no harmful gases at all.
  • Enzymes have no side effects and no warning issues attached with them.

Using Enzyme based Cleaning Products

Enzyme based solutions are fantastic for spot removal especially spots like blood, oil, grease etc. The best part of enzyme based solutions like Heavy Duty Protein Spotter and BioClenz Ultra is that they are incredible at removing tough spots which may be difficult to completely remove through detergents.

  • t-1625HD Protein Spotter is a radical strength protein and blood removal formulation which also produces outstanding results on cleaning tough soiling from nylon carpeting. It combines powerful protein dissolving chemistry with super wetting and penetrating technology for bursting through protein soils and releasing them from fibres and hard surfaces. In sum, HD Protein Spotter not only provides a tough solution for a tough problem, but also uses modern innovative technology to ensure that every dollar spent is producing maximum results.
  • t-1622BioClenz Ultra is a super concentrated pre-spray powder with powerful enzyme cleaning action for tackling tough organic and greasy soiling. It employs a well buffered alkaline salt blend combined with powerful solvents, surfactants, emulsifiers and sophisticated enzymes to break through tough soil build-ups. It is ideal for use where heavy grime constantly presents itself such as restaurant cleaning, high traffic passage ways in shopping centres, hospitals, schools and government buildings and offices in industrial buildings.

Although enzymes don’t act as fast as acids but they’re definitely better for professional cleaning jobs. You may have to give enzyme some time to complete its cleaning action but once the job is complete, you will see the difference. As they say, slow and steady wins the race icon_smile

So next time you start your cleaning contract, remember to replace old detergents with enzyme based products for better cleaning results!

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