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The Real “Secret” to Marketing Your Cleaning Business

professional-carpet-cleanerIt is no secret we are all fighting a “tough economy” right now. BUT you carry your future in your own hands.

Here is the Real Secret for Success in marketing your cleaning business:

One of the most important things for cleaning marketers to remember when building a website is that you are a complete “stranger” to most visitors. They don’t know you. In fact, sophisticated consumers have caught on that even established brand-name cleaners don’t necessarily offer the same quality service from one community to another.

Even the most alluring offer you dangle in front of visitors isn’t going to get your telephone to ring if they don’t trust you. And, if that killer offer does produce a call, you may have to invest valuable telephone time establishing your credibility.

Consequently, you may be thinking that it was actually a good thing that about 20 percent of that carpet cleaner’s visitors moved on to his About Us and Testimonials pages. Right?

Not necessarily. While it’s true that hiring a maid service may be a long-term marriage and warrant extra research on the part of a homeowner, carpet cleaning and emergency restoration services are more like one-night stands.

Use Marketing To Establish Your Credibility Over The Internet

As a carpet cleaning business, it’s vital that you almost instantly establish credibility.

Asking visitors to click onto your About Us or Testimonials page may be all the extra effort it takes for a prospect to move on to the next cleaner’s website. Yes, people are that fickle and impatient, especially on the Internet. Their trigger finger is always hovering near that mouse button.

And consider this: While nationally about five to 10 percent of visitors to a website will follow up with a telephone call, I’ve seen some carpet cleaners consistently get 20 percent to even 40 percent and more click-to-call rates from one-page websites!

Here are the three main ingredients savvy cleaning marketers use to quickly cook up credibility on their landing page:

1.   Testimonials: It’s a no-brainer, but a lot of cleaners still don’t include them. Some innovative carpet cleaners actually make video recordings of customer testimonials and put them on their website via a YouTube link. Low production quality and real people stuttering around can actually enhance true-to-life credibility.

2.   Logo bugs: A fast way to let your visitors know you’re not a “fly-by-night” one-night stand is to include credibility bugs on the landing page. Logos from industry associations, your local Chamber of Commerce and the BNI are good choices. You might even turn your number of years in business into a little banner. Give it visual impact.

3.   Guarantees: Even more than just assuming the customer’s risk, the real power of a guarantee is that it communicates your own confidence in your services. If you believe that much in your quality, why shouldn’t they? You know all the usual guarantees: “You don’t pay if you’re not happy” or “If you’re not thrilled, we’ll do it over again.” As long as you assume the risk, most any guarantee will go a long way to help prospects feel more comfortable opening up their homes and wallets to you.

So, make sure you do everything it takes to establish your credibility to get more customers online.


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