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Top 5 Features Of A Cleaning Website

websiteFor any cleaning professional, who wants to get more business through the internet, the main challenge is to get the carpet cleaning business website.

You need to have the right elements on your cleaning website that will capture your leads and convert them into long term clients.

Here are the top 5 features that you can’t miss on your cleaning website:

1.   PHONE NUMBER: It is pretty obvious that you need to show how your customers can contact you. Your customers do not have the time to dig around so your PHONE NUMBER should be “loud and clear” and not “hidden” down in the footer or “floating” lost in the middle of the page.

Don’t make it hard, for your customer to find your phone number on your website.  Display it on your header in a big easy to read font AND put it on every page. Also, don’t use an 800 number for your contact phone.  Even if it costs more, a local number reassures web prospects that you are a local company.

2.   CONTACT US FORM: Since your web prospects started their search online, it is very possible that they will be more comfortable keeping the entire transaction on the Internet. A “contact me by e-mail/phone” form gives you permission to reach out to your prospect. Another idea is to use a simple “Estimate Request” form to each page versus just having one on the “Contact Us” page.

Don’t “force” your Internet prospect to give you their phone number in the contact form.  Offer them that option but they may want to continue your “courtship” by e-mail that should be fine too. Remember, they are the boss!

3.   VIDEOS: Since carpet cleaning is an intangible service your web prospect has a hard time seeing why you are different from the competition. Video testimonials and demonstrations go a long way in showing your skills gaining credibility in your potential customer’s eyes. Video is so much more believable than a written testimonial.

Use videos throughout your website. For example, insert videos showing each step in your cleaning process as your voice-over explains what you are doing. This is a great way to actually SHOW people why you are different and the results they can expect when they hire you.

4. SITE NAVIGATION: Your typical Internet user is not patient and if they can’t find what they are looking for in a few seconds they’ll just hit the back button and move on to the next site. So, make sure your website is “easy and simple”.

To track your navigation progress, install an “analytics application” for your site and monitor the “Bounce Rate”. This figure tells you the percentage of your visitors that look at any ONE page on your website and then “bounce away” by clicking away to another website.

5.   PERSONAL STORY: Too many smaller carpet cleaners make a big mistake when they copy the “big dogs” by emulating their inevitably anonymous websites. Use your “About Us” section to really “tell your story.” Let your prospects know who they will be doing business with.

If you are an owner, share a talk about why you love doing what you do. Include photos and a brief bio on your family.  If you have employees, let each tech have his/her own section to fill out with personal information and photos.

It’s about time you utilize the internet to get more business, and there is nothing better than having a professional cleaning business website! Make sure your website presents your business and your skills the way you want your clients to know you!

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