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Top Methods To Control Urine Odour

Urine in carpets is probably one of the more common issues faced on a daily basis for carpet cleaners. When faced with this issue it is advisable to clarify with the home owner as to what their expectations are in regards to the urine issue in their carpets. Is the home owner asking for the removal of the urine odor or is the removal of the stain for appearance reasons the most important thing to them?

The reason we ask this is because on certain wools, especially wool Berber if stained for concentrated yellow urine, it may never fully come out. The odor can be removed but the staining may never fully be removed. On most other carpets the staining can be removed relatively easy. So this needs to be explained to the home owner.

How we handle the different situations will vary. But basically it comes down to four situations.

Let me clarify.

[1] If there is a situation where there is a urine odor present but no staining.

[2] The urine odor is present and also staining. But the odor is not all that bad.

[3] The urine odor is severe and also staining.

[4] Urine odor is severe and but it is in a corner or against a wall.

Let look at the first situation.

Urine odor is present but no staining. This could be due to the fact that when the accident happened the home owner treated the area when it first occurred and as a result the stain did not have time to set. So the home owner removed the staining and maybe the odor from the carpet pile. But the reason that the odor is present is due to the fact that gravity pulled the urine through to the different layers of the carpet. This could include the primary backing, the latex and the secondary backing of the carpet and even into the underlay. To effectively remove the odor we need to find the source of the odor first. But how do we do that if there is no staining on the carpet fiber?

Well maybe you could locate the area with your nose, in other words smell. You could use a moisture meter, preferable it be a stand up version.  Or you could use Urine detection light.

The perfect way is to use a combination of the Urine Detection Light and the Moisture Meter. We say this because sometimes the Urine Detection Light can give false reading due to the presence of optical brighteners. If the home owner has done spotting in their homes using off the shelf spotters from the supermarket and they often have built into them optical brighteners.  Under the Urine Detection Lights these glow just like urine. If one of these areas that is identified as a “possible” urine affected area and you were to treat this area you would be wasting your time and solutions because it not a urine area, the light gave a false reading.

So here is the method to use: Using the Urine Detection Light first look for all the areas that glow.  Have in your hand white builder’s chalk and ring all the areas that glow with the chalk. Then go and probe these areas with the Moisture Detector. If the audible sound beeper goes off on the Moisture Detector with in the marked area that glowed under the presence of the Urine Detection Light, it is fairly good indicator that urine crystals are present. The Moisture Detector is activated by the presents of moisture. We find that east of the Great Divide in Australia due to high humidity even if the urine crystals are several years old they still suck in moisture from the atmosphere, not unlike the way the crystals that home owners put in their closets to remove moisture.

Treatment for light urine odor is to clean area first to remove contaminates and any cleaning solutions that may be present from previous cleaning attempts. Apply Odorcide at 1-16 dilution. Then dry suck out excess moisture. The brilliance with Odorcide is that it works at knocking out odors immediately. The only requirement is to apply enough to reach the source of the odor. If it reaches the source of the odor, the odor will be eliminated. This is a simple method.

Treatment for heavy urine odor is a little more involved. Two products required for this step is Urine Decon Ultra and Odorcide. The reason we are going to use the Urine Decon Ultra is that in severe cases there are just too much urine crystals even for Odorcide to overcome. In which case we use the Urine Decon Ultra, due to its acid side action. It has a pH 1-2. This literally emulsifies the urine  crystal so that it is now in a washable and flushable form. It also has double anti-microbial built into it.

Assuming that we have identified the sections of carpet affected with urine, the following steps will be employed on carpets with underlay: Open up access for the solutions to penetrate through the carpet layers and the underlay by pushing through with a sharp pointed object like a carpet awl. Then mix the Urine Decon Ultra at a 1-4 ratio in three liters of warm water . Proceed to pour this directly on to the affected area. Massage this into the carpet and allow 15/20 minutes dwell time. After correct dwell time extract excess liquid with a Spot Claw. When excess is removed proceed to flush all layers of carpet and underlay and flooring underneath underlay. The easiest and quickest method to accomplish this is to click into the end of your cleaning solution hose from your Truckmount or Portable hot water extractor a brass male ¼” quick connect. This makes an open flow of water from HWE unit without the pressure. This high volume almost zero pressure flow is ideal for the flushing out all the layers of the carpet, underlay and sub flooring in conjunction with the Spot claw.

Holding the open flow of water just above carpet, proceed to circle around the urine affected area. Start out from the Spot Claw about half a meter and circle around slowly at ever decreasing circle. Circle around at least four times. The process we are accomplishing here is to allow the solution to sink deep through the carpet and everything below it and then suck it back up thus doing a complete flush of contaminates. Once the flushing is complete, turn of solution flow and use the Spot Claw to dry, dry,dry. It is also important then to use the wand to dry the carpet nap as the wettest section after using a claw is the actual nap. Everything under is only now touch damp. Once the wand is used to dry the carpet nap we can leave it at that. The odor will be removed due to the flushing out of the contaminates that were causing the odor. The stain at this point will be either removed or be lighted quiet considerably. This is due to the acid side component acts as a great acid spotter. A light over spray on any remaining staining with OxySpot is normally all that is required. Do not wash out the OxySpot. It requires a dwell time as it works by oxidizing the remnants of the stain.

At this point we leave it and the homeowner would be more than happy.

t-1561But we suggest it be treated with Odorcide. This is step is purely psychological. Even though the job is successful, sometimes people think they can still smell an odor. Use Odorcide and that situation will never come up. Odorcide has a pleasant scent. Buit if you are going to do the Odorcide step, do not apply the OxySpot. Apply the OxySpot after the Odorcide treatment.

The way to apply the Odorcide is as follows:

Mix the Odorcide 1-16. Flood apply to the area treated already. Massage into fiber with your wand. Then using the Spot Claw extract only. Remember when using the Spot Claw for sub surface extraction, everything under the nap is only touch damp.But the dampness is Odorcide which is good. Then once again as with every Spot Claw use, use the wand to dry the nap. JOB DONE.


Each urine affected section that is to be treated with the full subsurface application and flushing is normally charged out at $95.00 each area.

Of course if only treating with Odorcide cost is very little in comparison.

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