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Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Machine – the Sapphire Scientific 370 wins recognition!

The Sapphire Scientific 370 builds on its reputation as the No 1 selling truck mounted carpet cleaning machine in its class with recognition from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) being awarded the prestigious “GOLD SEAL OF APPROVAL”

Put under external testing the Sapphire 370 demonstrated it was a truckmount built for cleaning success.

As Ron Britton, Director of Cleaning Products at Legend Brands noted, "When looking for a superior truckmount, you want the best quality components with a high-performing heat source. Our patented heat exchange system not only heats water to an optimal temperature for cleaning, but also maintains a consistent temperature from start to finish. The 370 is proof that you don't have to spend a ton of money to get an exceptionally built, single wand truckmount and the CRI Gold Seal of Approval confirms that!"

What the CRI Seal of Approval Means

Attaining Gold Seal Approval gives confidence to end users that the Sapphire 370 is of the highest quality, has outstanding cleaning ability combined with low impact on carpets.

The truckmount has been tested for effectiveness without the use of chemicals to ensure that the deep cleaning extraction removes soil effectively without damage to the carpet.  Laboratory testing uses a method called XRF, which uses X Ray fluorescence to detect elements of each compound used to soil a controlled carpet and determine their concentration after a cleaning process.

CRI also notes that to qualify for the Seal, extractors must meet stringent standards in all three test categories:
* Amount of residual moisture removed from the carpet from a wet cleaning process
* Amount of soil removed from the carpet
* Impact of the equipment on carpet fibres and appearance

Features of the Sapphire Scientific 370 that make it the industry's top choice

Sapphire Scientific is renowned for innovative and the response to the release of the Sapphire Scientific 370 truckmount, when released in 2009 was unanimous.   It won over the marketplace by introducing a slimline footprint that was almost half the size of similar truckmounts while featuring all the power, advanced features and premium components of much larger units.   Its compact size and power countered the industry trend to build ever-larger truckmounts and anticipated the dramatic shift to smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.   The 370 has become an industry leader as a compact truckmount and a consistently preferred machine with cleaners who value its performance and compact size.

The CRI Gold Seal of Approval is one more way that Sapphire Scientific is being recognized for its ongoing commitment to produce great equipment that exceed customers' expectations.