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Legend Brands are always striving to innovate and improve technology, performance and user experience.  The Velo airmover brings better drying results, better portability, safety and sound levels!

Earlier this month Legend Brand engineers did controlled performance testing of the Dri-eaz Velo airmover – putting it head to head with the Phoenix AirMax. Click on this link to see the impressive drying results.

Performance however is only the beginning of Dri-eaz’s commitment to their product – the Velo airmover features portability, safety and sound levels which make a big difference in usability and satisfaction over time.

Check out the video link to see how the Dri-eaz Velo Airmover compared against its nearest competitor.

Here’s a summary of the test results:

  • Sound tests of the Dri-Eaz Velo vs. Phoenix AirMax show that the Velo has a lower decibel level and sounds quieter.   As a restoration professional, you will have experienced the irritation homeowners frequently experience by higher-pitched fan noise (as with the AirMax) and turn off the airmovers, extending the drying process.
  • The Dri-eaz Velo air mover is also more portable for hand-carrying – a technician can easily carry two in one hand – which isn’t possible with the AirMax. There are many situations where airmovers cannot be transported on a handtruck, and when that’s the case, the Velo is the best choice since technicians can carry up to 4 per trip – no issue!
  • Both the inlet and outlet grills of AirMax units allowed fingers to be inserted far enough to touch and even move impeller blades!  This should be of significant concern to restoration companies that bear the safety liability for the equipment they use on jobs.
  • Engineers tested both units for safety based on requirements for ETL certification to UL and CSA standards. Engineers noted that the outlet grill of the AirMax was easily removed without tools, allowing unobstructed access to the impeller.
  • The Velo air mover was stable when operated vertically on a standard 10% tip test platform, but an AirMax flipped over while running in the same position. This required test for ETL certification exists to ensure that airmovers are stable when operated in all recommended positions. The Velo is stable in a vertical position no matter how it's oriented - the proof is in the video.

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