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What Are The 5 Main Problems In Carpet Fabric Cleaning?

carpet-cleaning-in-deptfordAre you facing problems in cleaning the different kinds of carpet fabrics? All professional cleaners encounter some or the other problems and this part of the carpet cleaning business. Dealing with these problems, however, is very crucial and at Powerclean, we provide you the tools to do just that.

Here are the 5 main problems that cleaners come across most frequently:

Mildew and Dry Rot: Mildew is not a major problem in its early stages, but once it gets the warm, moist, dark setting it thrives in, it becomes an issue. Its grayish, green spots are instantly recognizable and need to be taken care of immediately. Dry rot is the damage caused by mildew. Dry rot is problematic because it deteriorate the carpet’s fibres and in more extreme cases, make them disintegrate. Though the effects of dry rot are irreversible, mildew can be controlled by treating with certain chemical solutions.

Carpet Stiffness After Cleaning: Due to overusing chemicals, inferior water quality or more commonly, not fully extracting residue left after the cleaning process, carpets can become stiff. This is always dissatisfactory to the consumer and must be eradicated. Vacuuming the area usually helps and in more extreme cases, re-cleaning the area can solve your stiffness problem.

Delamination: A common problem resulting from improper application of the latex adhesive is delamination, or the process whereby the carpet and its backing separate. Delamination must be controlled as it can cause the carpet to wrinkle or disintegrate. Other causes of delamination can be the movement of heavy equipment, spilling of fuel and misapplication of seam sealer.

Odour following the cleaning process: Inactive odours that are “resting” can be activated after a carpet has been cleaned. This is caused by the moisture and increased humidity that are part of carpet cleaning. Though these odours may go away after the carpet dries, they still remain dormant. Therefore a cleaning solution that tackles odours can be applied.

Shrinkage and Expansion: Carpet shrinkage and expansion can occur as a consequence of changes in moisture content. When carpets are wet excessively during cleaning shrinkage can occur. Drastic changes in heat and humidity can also cause expansion. Shrinkage occurs when dampness is removed from a carpet, or when a carpet is vulnerable to high temperature, causing the backings to shrivel. After a carpet has dried completely, power stretching techniques can be applied to stretch it. It is also important to show the client any shrinkage or expansion present prior to cleaning.

So, if you are facing any of these problems or any other, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you with the best available solution for you.

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