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What Are The Benefits Of Encapsulation Cleaning?

Over the past decade, the encapsulation cleaning process has created a lot discussion and excitement in our carpet cleaning industry.

fi-encap-cleaningAnd you may have asked yourself – how does encapsulation technology affect me?  Can my business benefit from this emerging technology? What problems can it solve for my company? Will it help me become more profitable? In this blog, we will discuss about how encapsulation is changing the way commercial carpets are maintained.

If you have not yet become acquainted with the benefits of encapsulation cleaning, what are you waiting for? You may be missing out on a development that can help you clean more efficiently and maximize your bottom line.

What is Encapsulation?

Encapsulation is half way between the hot water extraction (HWE) technique that is so popular, and dry cleaning. It is a considered as a very low moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning method that allows carpet fibers to dry to their natural state in very short period of time. The key to low-moisture carpet cleaning is to reduce the freestanding moisture in the carpet, enhancing the carpet’s ability to dry very evenly and very quickly, eliminating large spots created by pooled moisture and other problems associated with excess moisture.

So, the best feature of encapsulation is the fact that the carpet dries quickly. Even if you are pressed for time, you can take advantage of this commercial cleaning technique that can help you wrap up your job quickly.

How Does Encapsulation Work?

Encapsulation carpet cleaning technique involves pre vacuuming the carpet, to remove any dirt and debris, then spraying or feeding a superior encapsulation solution over the carpet (or upholstery), then agitated with a <encapsDirt does not stick to crystalline residue left behind on carpet cleaned with encapsulating cleaning chemicals.

You can use professional encapsulating cleaning solutions that are available on the market now, with price ranging from $69 to $122 for 5 litre sizes.

Encapsulation cleaning is a dry carpet cleaning form that has gained loyal followers in Australia and New Zealand. There are myriads of carpet cleaners that are providing this technique in addition to using their existing carpet cleaning equipment such as portables and/or truckmounts machines to handle the job.

encap2One of the leading suppliers of Encapsulation equipment and chemicals is Power Clean Industries Australia which provides Orbot range of machines. With the attachment of additional items, this machine can be used on a wide variety of floors such as concrete, vinyl, stone, tile and grout, wood and brick. This machine is a powerful cleaner on carpets, with the cleaning production rate of  up to 300 square meters per hour when doing the encapsulation technique.  Another benefit is that is cleans the carpet fibre from all sides due to its oscillating nature. You can also pick from the excellent array of cleaning liquids such as Encap Green, CleanCap and of course, the chemical that started it all here in Australia, the very popular Releasit DS. The agitation pads choosen by most professional cleaners are the FibrePlus Pads and the best bonnets HOS Agi-pads amongst others.

How Is Encapsulation Better & Effective Method of Carpet Cleaning?

Encapsulation cleaning liquid locks and crystallizes the dirt and prevents it form sticking together. This technique is quick with high productivity. There is no soil attracting residue, and the quick dry method makes the carpet usable within a very short period of time. A very thin layer of polymeric layer is left behind, and that protects your carpet from getting soiled again for some time and your clients carpet is protected.  However, regular vacuuming is required to keep the carpet looking fresh. With each vacuuming session, carpet appears more fresh and clean.

How Encapsulation Works Well With Other Cleaning Techniques?

Encapsulation technique can also be used to augment another cleaning technique, like the hot water extraction. On spots that are very dirty, encapsulation cleaning liquid can be sprayed and agitated in to release the dirt and then it can be easily extracted with your truckmount or portable carpet cleaning machine.


The encapsulation cleaning solution can be applied to upholstery and fabrics and then a scrubbing machine like the Orbot Micro scrubber can be used to agitate it in. The provides extraordinary results and also saves a lot manual labour compared to using your standard upholstery tool If you are a cleaning service provider, you should be able to explain clearly what encapsulation is, and how exactly it can benefit your clients and explain the many benefits such as quick dry times, quiet machine operation and long periods between cleaning intervals due to leaving no sticky residues.

For more information, please feel free to download our information sheet on Encapsulation info sheet.

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