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What Does It Take To Rank On The Top Of Google?

page-rankGoogle is the universal word for search all around the world. While your company may be A grade, if it doesn’t comply with the online world, then it’s close to impossible that it will bring more clients than is required to boost sales. To ensure that your website is properly ranked on Google, you have to use some tricks to make it as relevant to user’s search as ever.

Today, Internet is the cheapest and most favorable form of advertising for any product or service. Needless to say, the companies who will supersede others in ranking themselves on top of Google will succeed in generating the maximum revenue and profit as well.

Let us investigate some of the most popular Internet Advertising Tools:

SEO is basically the method of organizing the content and layout on the web page or website in a way to make information related to pertinent keywords easily accessible by search engines and ranked high on searches. If your website meets search results criteria, it will appear on the Google Search Engine Result Pages.

Search Results Criteria

Google places importance to websites on certain criteria. It is very important that your website meets this criterion. The salient features on which this criterion is based are:

1. Google Places

google_placesGoogle gives a lot of importance on companies which are mapped on Google places because it gives a credible evidence of a company working. So, it’s absolutely essential that your firm is properly mapped on Google places.



2. Optimizing Keywords On Your Website

Set accurate and proper keywords on your website which are picked by Google when looking for relevant results. Make sure the keywords are in accordance with what services you’re offering and what people are most likely to query on Google for looking for these services.

3. Back linking your Website

Back linking or incoming links to your website can also be a good strategy to top the Google rank. One way to do this is to buy 1000 back links for $75 but that isn’t very effective. This is also done by commenting on do-follow blogs of relevant topics. There are plenty of article directories where you can get quality back links from.

4. Quality Content

The content on your website must be perfect and should suit the user’s needs, it should be optimized with proper details to make sure that the user can found all information related to the service he wants to buy.

5. Media Advertising


Submit less text and more media to advertise your website; this includes uploading videos on YouTube, pictures, pdfs, blogs and other media

6. Social Media Advertising

Without advertising on social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc, you cannot even imagine success! Make pages to endorse your products and services on these sites.

You can’t achieve the best Internet marketing and rank #1 on Google overnight but its way cheaper than print media marketing. Online marketing may sound time consuming but if it is done right, it will guarantee you customers every day and will become a source of growth for your business.

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